Braiding License

Many of you have asked me about obtaining a braider’s license. A braiding license is different from a cosmetologist’s license. With a braiding license you are only allowed to braid/weave hair. A cosmetologist’s license allows you to use chemicals (i.e. relaxers, and coloring) along with braiding/weaving.

You are limited to what you can do with a braiding license however, if you are not interested in using chemicals then a hair braiders license will work great for you. To obtain your braider’s license you first you need to find out if a braiders license is required for the state that you live in. There are still some states out there who do not require you to have a license to braid and weave hair.

You can find out by contacting the Board for Barbers and Cosmetologists in your state. If you are interested in braiding professionally it is very important that you take the necessary actions to obtain your braiding license.

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  1. Dinasha Rollins says

    I would like to obtain my braiding license. I live in Dallas Texas, and I’m trying to obtain more information on how to get my license to work with my mother who own her own business. Thank you so much

  2. Sonya Pressley says

    I would love anything send on braiding hair cause I’m trying to get my braiding license an need to know how to sew in hair.

  3. Gekima says

    I would like to obtain my braiding license..I reside in Dallas, Texas and if you may have any information on how to recieve one, affordable, then I humbly appreciate it..and I have already started my own business.

  4. Samantha Magwood says

    I want to obtain my braiders license. I live in Walterboro, South Carolina and would like to get more information about getting them. Thanks!

  5. glorialovett says

    I want to obtain braiders license.

  6. michelle florvil says

    I am interested in obtainging my brading license so that I can open my own small business. do you have any advice that you can share with me about starting a business in hair

  7. Marquitta says

    I forgot to add that I live in washington dc

  8. Marquitta says

    I would like to know how can I obtain a brading license and how much will it cost. I have pics to show you of my work. feel free to contact me. thanks