If You Have EVER Worn A Lace Wig, You Need To Read This.

Over the past few weeks in the salon I’ve had a ton of consults and it seems that almost all the girls are having the same concern. They want to know how to get the edges of their hair to grow again.

But what you must know is almost each one these girls wore lace wigs!

And more importantly, none of them used any adhesives to attach the wig… they used either hair pins, or the comb attachments that are sewn into the wig.

So, if all of these ladies are wearing Lace Wigs with no adhesive, what’s causing the breakage?

The answer is simple. The hair is not being protected and depending on the type of lace being used, it could be strong enough to break the clients hair off around the edges and in the front near the fringe.

What’s the best way to combat this?

By simply wearing a wig cap or stocking cap prior to attaching the Lace Wig.

This will help protect the hair underneath the wig. It’s also important to ensure you’re shampooing and conditioning the hair on a regular basis.

Just doing these few things will help preserve the integrity of your hair if you’re wearing a Lace Wig with or without adhesives.

Also using Dr. Miracles Temple Balm is not a bad idea if you’re thinning in those areas. I used this product myself and it worked wonders for my hair.

Another favorite of mine is Nioxin. I’ve seen this product work for so many of my clients. It’s a great product that promotes growth for thinning.

This was just another tid bit of information to help you out!

I hope you enjoyed.

Be blessed!
Marquetta Breslin

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  1. Irenek2008 says

    like it i use nioxin too for thin hair and it works i have also tried the new grothentics synthetis .it works too.

  2. Lady O says

    I really appreciate you sharing this information. I just ordered my first full lace wig, and although I have no thinning. This is good to know. I have been reading up on lace wigs for a couple of months and have been growing my perm out for a couple of years. This will be very usefull.

  3. None says

    My story, for almost 5 years I was taking care of my hair myself, for that length of time my hair was full and healthy. About 6 months ago I began going to a ” stylist” ” beautician” because I wanted to try something new. So I allowed thus person to do my first sow in. Well I thought I was doing right going in every other week taking it down washing and re-styling my sow in. I really never looked at my own hair because I trusted this person was a professional and knew what was best for my hair care needs. Well this past Saturday I had my sister take out the sow in and she started crying as she in braided my once full thick hair. My hair is brittle, broken, edges are gone and extremely thin on top. I still have my shoulder length but I look like a frail chicken by the top of my head. I have resulted to adding tracks to the top of my hair to fill in my thinning areas please help I have lost hope and very frustrated.

  4. Dariamak2001 says

    thank you for what you are doing. God blesse you.

  5. Carolyn says

    my hair is thinning so thanks for the information I will buy and use the products.

  6. Chosentowin says

    A to the Men Tracyfredericks, I wear them with a cap and I wear my hair out daily, my hair means more to me then any wig weave ect.

  7. Tracyfredericks1 says

    Ladies, wearing a wig is not an excuse for us not to care for our hair. Please wash, condition  and trim your hair on a regular basis. I do because I want to make sure that my hair is as healthy as it can possibly be. I try to take care of my hair like I take care of my body and my face. They are all connected!

  8. Guest says

    I just checked my favorite wig. The wig does, in fact, have a lace top/closure/base. My hair is gone or thin at the top, front, and sides in the same areas of the wig’s base. You guessed it! It IS the friction from the rough lace.

    I wore this wig regularly when I didn’t feel like wearing my natural hair out. I’ve stopped wearing the wig regularly for about two months and my hair is growing back using Nioxin.

    I understand why women hate to wear a wig cap. They are so tight that I end up with a huge headache! I’ve tried satin caps but the wig would slide off and there isn’t a way to secure the wig.

    I gave up and just stopped wearing a wig. Maybe I will find some time to sew a piece of silk or a piece of fabric that I can stick a bobby pin through.

  9. Speshldark says

    I have never worn a lace wig but I have thinning which I believe is from both heredity combined with 25 years of braids. My mom’s hair began thinning  at about my age and all she ever did was shampoo, brush and put it up or plait it. Not much abuse for her. Mine has been fried, dyed and laid to the side.  :o)   But I am going to try these products.  I also bought your Afrigrowth,

    • Dbtaylor says

      I too suffer from very bad thinning on my crown area. I do wear a lace front perhaps every 6 months for about 2 weeks. My thinning is due to heredity. My mom is practically completely bald and only had a perm once in her life. I also attribute my thinning to all the medicines I now take for an auto immune disease.

    • Msthompson_17 says

      To Lpm2002 and everyone else: to prevent baldness, breaking and shedding, wash and deep condition hair every 5-7 days. I prefer to use

      natural or organic shampoos and conditioners but make sure they are moisturizing.

      Use a protein treatment bi-weekly. Keep ends trimmed, incorporate ayurvedic powders and oils in your hair care regimen (www.ayurnaturalbeauty.com)

      Use natural oils like castor oil (regular and jamaican black), olive oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil

  10. Lpm2002 says


    My hair was thinned very badly WAY BEFORE Lace Wigs really came out!  Please help me….I’m sure I’m not the only Black woman who’s top of the head is noticeable bald and I really need to know what I can use to help remedy this!!  It’s embarrassing and that is why NOW…I HAVE to wear wigs and weaves..and Lace Wigs as well.  But I would love to grow MY own hair where it is extremely thin and bald!  the sides are thin too, but no way near as bad as the CROWN part, it has been bothering me for years, but hair stylist never seem to be able to tell us black women what we can really use to help this, and it’s such a HUGE problem.  I’m sure you will agree….there HAS TO BE SOMETHING THAT CAN GROW MY THINNED/BALD CROWN BACK!!!  I can’t take it any longer!!!!

    Is there really something that can help Black women with this condition.  I’ve noticed that white women do not get it as bad as Black women do!  Please email me back and share with me what I truly can do to overcome this painful dilemma…thank you much!


    • Jipcee4 says

      My hair is very long (past my bra strap) but because of  stress alopecia, heredity, and suddenly stopping my prenatal pills after the birth of my daughter, it broke off. It was severely dry and damaged but I found that Nioxin has helped my hair grow. I still wear weaves but I can see the difference in my hair growth and soon I will wear my hair natural when I am comfortable with the amount of thickness that has grown in.

    • Gloryalice says

      If you braid your hair, make sure the braids are not tight. Never let you hair get pulled
      cause you’ll only keep uprooting it cause serious baldness. Gently Wash, condition,moisterize and make soft braids, your hair and scalp will thank you for this.