Micro Braids

If you are looking for a sexy hairstyle that’s easy to manage, then micro braids may be just what you need. Many women wear micro braids for the luxury of their versatility. They can easily be put up or down, or curled to give a neat and professional style appearance. The array of different style options is due to their tiny features.

Many women also use braids to easily grow out a relaxer or damaged hair. Beauticians know that growing out a relaxer can put strain on the weaker ends, breaking the hair immediately when combing. However, putting in micro braids act to bypass the drama of dealing with your hair while it grows out. You’ll also want to keep the braids in your hair for 6 months to a year, redoing them every 6 -8 weeks. When it’s read to take the braids out, you will need to cut off the dead ends while keeping the healthier natural area.

When hair is badly damaged in an area that’s difficult to cover with a regular hair style, putting in micro braids is the easiest way to replicate your current hair style without further damaging your hair. Now, damaged hair is one thing, but brittle hair should not be put in micro braids as the constant pulling of the hair with heavy extensions will make the hair fall out.

Since micro braids can take up to 12 hours (or more) to do, you can cut that time in half by going to a place where braiding is an every day activity. The fastest hair braiding places are usually done by women from Africa. They can easily do a full head of micro braids in 5-6 hours. Some salons even have 2 -3 people braiding your hair at one time. Let’s face it, you’re getting braids for the sheer look of beauty; you don’t want to spend an entire day of your life at a salon.

While it doesn’t matter if you have long or short hair to wear micro braids, often times shorter hair takes better to braid as longer hair is more prone to breakage then woven into the extra hair. To also help stop breakage when braiding your hair, you’ll want to get regular deep conditionings, hot oil treatment, and clip your ends before getting the braids put in.

Micro braids are especially helpful to get before going on a vacation. Wearing braids while away allows you to spend as much time as possible enjoying your stay instead of worrying about your hair. You can easily go swimming, spend time in the hot sun and even go on nature trails without giving your hair a second thought.

The luxury of having micro braids is that, when cared for properly, they can stay looking fresh and neat for 2-4 months. As with any hair style, it’s important to consult with your hair stylist to go over the look you’re going for and to review the different type of hair to use.

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