My Shoulder Length Hair Was Ripped Out!

I’m so upset right now!

Two days ago I decided to take my weave out and wear my real hair for about a month to let it breathe until it was time for me to get it done again.

The process was going smooth, I had about another inch of growth and was so excited!

Once I removed the weave, I proceeded to shampoo my hair with a clarifying shampoo. I always clarify my hair to rid it of any residue
and dirt after removing braids, or weave.

I didn’t have my normal Clarifying Shampoo from Mizani, so I decided to use something different. BIG MISTAKE!

This time I had someone else shampoo my hair and once my hair was shampooed I noticed two huge knots almost like locs, in the top of my head. There was one on each side.

I reached my hand up to feel my hair and all I can say is O-M-G! My hair was in such a huge knot that I cant even begin to explain that I saw and felt.

During the detangling process I applied my K-PAK, and Moroccan Oil and started to detangle. That helped to loosen it up a bit.

While my hair was being detangled I could hear my hair breaking and ripping!  3 1/2 hours later over 90% of the knots in my hair was

By this point I was in tears! I was too scared to access the damage‚ but when I did my worst fear had come to life.

Some of my hair was only 2 inches long in some areas of my head! My hair went from being healthy, thick and long to scraggly, thin, and short in some areas.

The worst part was when I got home I had areas that were still in knots! I used some Miss Jessies detangling products and that worked wonders! I wish I’d had that earlier, maybe if I did I’d have more hair.

So right now I’m deciding if I should cut my hair and start all over or just keep going and even it up later. I’ll let you know what I decide.

Regardless, my plan is to keep my hair in sew in’s and load up on the AfriGrowth60!

My hairgrowth vitamin AfriGrowth60 had a LOT to do with my growth progress. If you look on my Facebook at my hair album you can see the progress over the months.

It’s an amazing product! If you’re having any growth issues, definitely give it a try I’ll be sure to keep you posted on my progress.

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Be Blessed
Marquetta Breslin

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  1. PAPERPOL says

    Hello Marquetta,
    I know this is a late post but I understand your frustration…. The same thing happened to me except my hair is natural. Needless to say, I lost volume and thickness of my curly hair. So now back to braids and cutting every six weeks. I must say that the AG60 works for me.

  2. roselyn says

    that happened to me once i had some do my braids and they used pump-it-up wwhile brading my hair and a lot of my hair came out. but thank god for it growing back.

  3. Pierrejulie79 says

    can u tell me what products i should use from shampoo, cond, oils ect…

  4. Paula says

    Marquetta i am so sorry to hear about your hair. I too use mizani products it makes my hair easy to manage and it feels silky. Personally, for me i would cut my hair down to size because seeing it with some parts long and short would remind me of what i would have had. So if you cut it it would be out of sight out of mind. Load up on the afri growth vitamins. Your hair will be back to health in no time!!

  5. Gfreeman Newton says

    Sorry about your hair, I’ve have had several bad hair experiences, seems like ever time i grow my hair out I do something to break it off again. When I comb my hair out I use the shea butter organic detaingling moisturrizing lotion, by KIDS. It really works like magic, it can tame hair when it is balled up. I use it after I wash my hair and I find I have no hair loss or less and less hair lose when combing out my hair. Also all the products are great. It is great on all ages not only for kids.

  6. Maryweightman says

    sorry to hear what happen to your hair. I have a couple question to why your hair got tangled and knotted. 1-Was your weave sewn in with a netted cap or just sewn directly onto your braided hair? If sewn directly onto your hair, that may have caused a lot of the breakage. 2-Was your hair thoroughly combed out before it was shampooed? I have found that when my clients weave/braids are taken out and shampooed without combing the hair thoroughly threw, the hair tangles and knots when shampooed. Also, I have found that when I do a weave I always use a conditioning/moisturizing hairdress on the braids and scalp, to help protect the hair under the weaving cap before I sew on the weaving hair. This helps with breakage as well. And I always tell my clients – do not leave you weave in for more than 2 months because it will start to mat at the roots from new growth. hope this helps.

    • says

      1. Yes. My stylist used a cap, she always does. I’m positive that is not why I lost hair. She’s been doing my hair for over a year now and have never had hair loss due to lack of skill. She’s a great stylist…:-)

      2. Yes, I personally detangled my hair as I always do when I remove my weave. I always section my hair and comb through from the ends to the roots.

      Obviously I’m very experienced when it comes to wearing weaves…braids and that sort of thing, so I know how to detangle my hair, shampoo my hair after, condition, etc. This time I got lazy and didnt use my normal products or do it myself which is weird because I’m usually VERY selective on who I let near my hair because of a bad experience I had years ago.

      I dont blame anyone but me. I should have stuck to what I know. You live and you learn.

      You’re giving your clients excellent advice! Keep up the good work…educating clients goes much further and you know!

      Take care and thanks for the advice!

  7. Celestial says

    Sorry to hear about your hair but i’m sure you’ll find a way to sought it out.
    Good luuk

  8. Srwilliams06 says

    Hi! Hair goes through a cycle.It grows,falls out/sheds (detaches from root) and replaces itself. This process continues even when a person wears braids.Normally, you shed (not breakage) an average of 80-150 hairs per day.When the hair is worn loose, you will see the hair that sheds daily in your comb/brush or on your bathroom floor. When the hair is braided or weaved,the hair still shreds,but it’s not being combed daily,so the hair that sheds naturally accumulates over the weeks/months you wear the weave. You have to detangle with a large comb then a very small toothed comb to remove all of the shedding hair. If you don’t, guess what?! you end up with dredlocks all over the head. That’s why people growing dreads are told not to shampoo for weeks. Because the hair that sheds over the course of weeks you’re dreaded, will become tangled in itself once water hits it, and because you don’t comb it, it continues to dread. Hope this helps. Keep up the good work!

  9. Mkbworld says

    Aaawwww Marquetta! This is definitely a sad story! I know how excited you were that your hair so much healthier while you’ve been wearing your weave. I think that you should assess the damage overall. I’m sure that you know you need to check all of your ends and probably go ahead and cut at least an inch off the longer to hair to ensure that its healthy. As for the shorter parts, massage it nightly and keep in moisturized. You already know the routine. Usng your Afrigro vitamins in conjunction with this regimen should jump start the growth in the sparse areas. If you decide to weave it up again during the grow out process (for esthetics) I’m sure you’ll use a net and your stylist can gently stitch over the areas that are the most damaged. The lease amount of tension that hair is best. As for the product you decided to wash it with instead of your usual Mizani, what exactly was that>>>>> I know you don’t want to bash that company but it could be a matter life or death (of the hair) for those of us who may reach for that product after taking down our crowns. Smooches, MKB Columbia

    • says

      I’m definitely weaved up again….that’s best for me right now with my lifestyle…I used the Clarifier from a company called Smart Solutions….I’m not saying it’s horrible, but it wasn’t the best choice for my hair,

  10. Sabrina Walton says

    I think that rather than using sew ins you should try clip in weave. I created some for my daughter and they are wonderful.

    Be blessed.

    Sabrina Walton

  11. Ninric7 says

    Merry Belated Christmas! Marquetta I found that the Wen hair care products worked excellent in black women hair. The Wen hair care system do three important steps in one. Cleanse condition and detangle. It work excellent on natural hair. Most clients that use Wen say they just blow their hair out with a brush and a hand dryer and they do not have to relax their hair any more. I have natural hair and when I use his products I am a happy customer. Love the way it leaves my hair sides and neck line areas on my head. Feels relaxed and managable. Google Wen and give this product a try. I love it. And I am sorry about your hair. Best wishes into the New Year. Many Blessing Love Sister Nina …Marquetta you are a Blessing stay strong!

  12. Ninasnailsntoesonthego says

    That happened to my daughter and myself!! And once I relaxed the hair around the crown that came out of the weave and It melted right in the sink! So since you’re the braid queen, don’t cut all of it just weave it back up and next time we won’t wait so long to get it redone!

  13. KATHY says

    marquetta I am sorry to hear about your hair,but how did it get knotts like that, just taking them out? I have my hair in braids right now should I be concerned about knotts like what you experienced when I take out my braids?

  14. Nikki says

    This exact situation happened to a friend of mine. It has something to do with the way the hair is shampoo’ed. The stylist had an new assistant shampoo my friend and that was it! She had a tangled mess on top of her head. There were several of those “lumps of knots” on her head. The stylist saved a lot of her hair, but a lot of it was on the floor having been combed out. My friend cried and I cried with her (I cry whenever someone else does).

    The stylist said the shampoo was done wrong. Apparently, you can’t aggravate the hair like a normal shampoo after a sew in weave. I still don’t know why . . . sorry this happened. The good thing is that it’s hair! It’ll grow back.

  15. TP says

    I know how you feel, sounds like you hair wasn’t detangled enough before water was applied!! That’s is what causes extreme tangles and knots..WOW…I hope you get your length and healthiness back soon!

  16. says

    Wow girl, I can’t imagine what that must have felt like. That sounds like a nightmare. I’m so happy everything worked out

    • says

      It was a nightmare! I sat in my car and cried like a baby! I can laugh now, but I was so upset.

  17. Michelle Hodge says

    I’m so sorry that this happened to you. The same exact thing happened to me a couple of months ago. That had never happened to me before.

  18. Mschelle says

    wow! this must be hair crisis month or something, i just relaxed my hair and then put a rinse on it because two weeks ago i lifted it to get the burgundy color that i had for the summer, and ended up putting a rinse that i had on it which was a light reddish brown and it was a mess, so i asked a licensed hair stylist what to do to tone it down, well she recommended a bi-gen brown, and i did that so, as it was two weeks and i relaxed it today and put the rinse on it, now my hair is over processed and hard as brillo pad, I need some help to restore the softness and texture to avoid having to shave my head, its about two inches now, please help me. What can I do? But sister I hope all is well and that your hair does a full growth recovery.

  19. Meika says

    I find it amazing that a different clarifying shampoo alone could cause such damage. Was it a vigorous shampoo? Did she place your hair b/t both hands and rub back & forth? Regardless, if you plan to do sew-in why cut it? Continue your regimen and trim as usual. It is always risky when you place your hair into the hands of others. Keep us posted and Happy New Years.



  21. Regina Scott says

    Yes Marquetta everything do happen for reason. I think because your hair was use to one product and another was used. My hair does the same thing. I going through hair loss around the temple areas what can I do? Sorry that happen to you. God Bless Happy New Year.

  22. Miller Lashay says

    hey Marquette im sorry that happen. when taking out your hair i recommend dividing your hair into sections apply some good detangler in take your detangleing your hair after that you can wash. you should cut you hair until its all even you should not cut it all off.

    • says

      Yes, I would agree with you. It is a big step to take going back to really short hair. If you can have it cut all over and even, then it should be easier alround to start again without drastic measures.

      I’d like to know how the Hairstylist (if used, unless a friend had done it for you) reacted to you whilst you were was being shampooed?

  23. Maria says

    What a set back dear….i feel your pain!!!had a similar experience but in a diffrent way!!!i was on my healthy hair journey for quite awhile and everythn was goin great….untill when i decided to texlax my hair….iused soft n beautifil texture softner for kids….whatever happened…i was left with areas of my hair completely gone with abt an inch left of the growth!!!I was so devasteted…just when i thought i had made the best decision for my turned out a nightmare….anywayz, i decided to do braids….but after about 6months am cutting my hair and starting all over again…..i will be natural for awhile and see how it goes before i can think of relaxing …may never go that route again.My length was past shoulder length….i practically have 2 inches of hair now in about four big spots in my head!!!i just want to do away with the hair so am not reminded everytime i feel my scalp.I wish u all the best in your decision.

  24. veronica shyaam says

    so sorry this happe.Is always recommended to thoroughly detangle the hair before shampooing.when shampooing do not manipulate the hair too much,just gently massage while shampooing.Use deep conditioner and sit under dryer.WITH A WIDE TOOTH COMB continue to detengle you should have no problem

  25. marie says

    sorry that that happened to your hair.just keep it moisturized every day,it should grow back,1/2 in. at a time.long as you don’t have alopecia u should be alright.having the patience is the problem. GOD BLESS U & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. catherine bryant says

    Oh my goodness, that’s terrible. I use the organic root stimulator products, the hair and scalp cleanser while the braids and /or weave is in and the lock and twist to detangle.

  27. Sharon says

    This happen to me after taking down my first set of micro braids. I was told you must comb through hair dry with wide tooth comb and taper down to a small tooth comb. Next wash using fingers backwards to rake shampoo and conditioner through hair. A clear water rinse with Less manipulation is best. This process has given me positive results with all subsequent take-downs. I HOPE THIS HELPS. LOVE YOU MARQUETTA!

  28. Dee says

    sorry to hear about your hair!!!! our hair and health have a lot in connection and when one is off its a trickle down effect on the body. sometimes hair and somtimes our skin/complextion signals something is wrong before we even know it..

  29. Shenkenz says

    Wow this seems unreal for a stylist! I suggest to my clients that prefer to do their take out at home a good comb out (detangling session) to rid of all the shedded hair & product build up. This right here is probably the culprit in your hair locking. Also a nice pre-poo treatment to soften & prepare the hair that has probably already been lacking sufficient daily moisture so that it will be ready for the clarify shampoo and last I always, always do a co-wash or at the very least a moisture shampoo to further soften up that hair because as we all know the clarify poo strips and leaves the hair very hard and unmanageable.

    • says

      Tell me about it! I’ve NEVER had this happen before. I did everything like I always do. The only thing that was different was the quality of clarifying shampoo that I used, AND I didn’t do it myself. Normally when I take my weaves out I shampoo my hair in the shower and let the water run down my hair and shampoo. This time I let someone else shampoo my hair.

      • Hera says

        Marquetta, to have amassed tangles like that after detangling makes me think it was the product. Do ou know what shampoo she used? Can you share?

        • says

          It was a Clarifying Shampoo by a company called Smart Solutions.

      • LASHON says

        im sure you had your trust in confidence in whomever that they know what they were doing, one thing i found out is that HIGH quality products is everything i absoulutly don’t play around bout that bc it makes a diffrence as well as being educated on the product if self..we all most of the time half to go thru the learning process,,so we can pass it to others..HAVE A GREAT THINGS IN 2011!

    • Jujajun99 says

      Yeah, I took down a weave, only one I ever had, and felt like the LORD was telling me to prepoo or dc I guess, I put on my hair instead of washing it after the taper down to fine tooth comb method of detangling, a treatment conditioner called Self-Absorbed by TIGI Bedhead overnight. Next morning I rinsed that out and proceeded from there with the routine of washing. I was really happy with my hair and just in love with it and all the growth. My color was so rich it looked black. Hope this helps.

      Still, by now this is almost old news and your hair is already growing back!-^_^-

  30. MagicStyle says

    You should NEVER wash your hair before you have detangled it, that is my experience. The tangles settle in deeper if you get your hair wet. Detangle it throughly until you can run through a big tooth comb with no problems. Application of sheabutter makes hair very easy to detangle by the way. Once you are at this point you may was and conditon it.

    • says

      I personally detangled my hair prior to shampooing like I always do…I can’t put my finger on exactly what happened. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason so we’ll see!

      • Treva Vance says

        I have one client who this happens to everytime. She is a teenager, so I almost think that she manipulaates her sew-in way to much, Pulling it into a ponytail etc… She treats it as if it’s her hair. You should see the tangles and knots. It makes it very hard for me too comb it out….takes about an hour. I wondered what I could do to prevent that in the future.

        • says

          After thinking long and hard about the way my hair was, I think something to help lay the cuticle down would have helped tremendously. With clarifying shampoo the cuticle is blown open and if it’s not properly shampooed it will matt and cause severe tangling. I will definitely be writing about this.

  31. Dchaney says

    I have done something similar to this recently. I wanted my hair to be straight when I did my weave, so against my better judgment I relaxed my hair for the first time in 8 years. When I put the weave in it looked so nice and blended easily, however when I removed the weave, I had breakage along my edges. I had to cut off about 3-4 inches of hair in some spots. My hair was about to the middle of my shoulder blades and now it’s not even shoulder length. I don’t blame the weave but the relaxer. I have been wearing wigs and I can see where the hair is growing back. I will never relax my hair again.

  32. Albertine says

    I had a sew in that left me almost in tears too. From that day I have all but sworn them off. I haven’t had one since. My hair was almost shoulder length (which is miracle length for me) I was still relaxed and got two sew ins. The second one was super tight and when I took it out I could see that the thread had cut right through my hair! My hair was SEE -THROUGH it had been cut so thin! I eventually had to cut it down to the thickest part (short again) and from there eventually went natural with a big chop. I don’t recommend sew ins at all….maybe if you’re natural…because in that state your hair is stronger and can hold up to the thread.

    I have used your hair vitamins once and I can honestly say that the ONE BOTTLE gave me growth I could see. I should be ordering more in the next week or so to get my natural hair growth boosted. I’m actually gonna use it in conjuntion with another vitamin called Shen Min. I’m hypothyroid so I need all the help I can get.

    • says

      I am so sorry you had such a bad experience with sew-in’s! My experience was a little bit different, my hair locked up after the sew in was completely out. I have not sworn them off at all and in fact, I have another one in right now! Wearing sew-in’s and using my Afrigrowth 60 are what helped my hair get to the length it is/was. I’m considering going natural, but for now I plan to wear sew-in’s until further notice.

      Girl, I love my Afrigrowth 60 too! It’s truly an amazing product!

  33. Belindajones527 says

    wow, I had the same effect, when I took my braids out. I still have some length, it is still on my shoulders. But I noticed after I washed it, it knotted up very bad, and I pulled out at least 2 to 3 inches of hair. What is the safest way to process your hair after braids? I love the no maintenance approach. But you suffer after. Please help.

    • says

      When I remove braids, the first thing I do after they’re all removed is section my hair and comb through from the ends to the roots. Be mindful that you will see some hair come out, that’s completely normal. That’s hair that would have shedded anyway. Once you do this shampoo your hair with a clarifying shampoo. The important thing to remember is when you shampoo your hair DO NOT SCRUB your hair. You want to rub the hair in the direction it grow’s. Massage the scalp with your finger tips to help loosen up the dirt and residue. Once that is done, shampoo your hair again with a good hydrating shampoo. Deep condition your hair after it’s shampoo’d, rinse, and style as usual.

      I hope this helps! Let me know how it goes.

      • Luchia1 says

        Before reading your post today I happened to go to your web site a couple of days ago and noticed your hair was not in braids anymore. I personally think your new cut looks good on you! I tend to have a lot of shedding after wearing braids and recently decided to wear wigs as an alternative to give my natural hair a break. I like having the option to remove it and rock my natural when I feel like it.


  34. Akiyia says

    Oh my I am so sorry to hear that! But I heard if you have a sew in weave
    and once you Remove it you have to watch how you shampoo your
    hair b/c if you rub your hair a certain way when you wash it the hair can
    get majorly tangles and knoted up. I heard about this happening to someone
    else. The good thing is there is weave,braids and
    Make it work untill that area grow back.
    If it isnt majorly bad I wondnt cut it alI I would do is just wear protective
    styles untill it grows back…
    And always remember it could be alot worse!!

  35. Devorah Bribri says

    OMG…nooooo! I’m so sorry to hear that happened to you.