Salon Etiquette For Stylists & Clients – Do You Have A Horror Story?

Yesterday I spent the day in a salon and really felt the need to write this e-mail to address salon etiquette for stylists & clients.

I want to share with you an experience I had a couple of years ago in a salon in my area.

I was referred to this salon by one of my employees at the time. She spoke very highly of the stylist, so I decided to schedule an appointment to get my hair done.

Scheduling was very easy. I called, the stylist was very polite, and we got everything set up. I was so excited!

My appointment was scheduled for 1:00pm on that Friday. Since I like to be courteous to my stylist I arrived on time (15 min early).

I had never been to this salon before. When I walked in there was a receptionist there, but I was not greeted by anyone.

I thought maybe they were all busy, so I just took my seat in the waiting area, which by the way was visible to all of the stylists as well as the receptionist.

About 20 minutes after sitting there the receptionist walked up to me and sharply asked, “Who you here for?”.

I smiled and told her who my appointment was with, and repeated my appointment time. She said “OK”, and walked away.

I sat there for a little while longer and no one came back over to say anything to me including my stylist.

I had never met her in person, so at this point I have no idea who she is or if she’s even there at all.

After sitting for a total of 45 minutes I got up, went over to the receptionist and told her to remove me off of my stylists appointment book.

As soon as I said that, my stylist who’s station was in the front of the salon, turns around and says, “I’ll be right with you!”

Here was my response,

“Oh, you’re my stylist. That’s okay I’m actually going to cancel my appointment and don’t need to reschedule, I won’t be coming back.”

I turned around and walked out. As clients we need to be sure to be on time to our appointments, and as stylists we need to ensure we’re courteous to our clients.

I’ll be writing more about this in the future for sure.

But for now, have you ever experienced anything like this? I would love to hear what you have to say!

Post your comments below.

Be blessed!
Marquetta Breslin

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  1. John says

    I’m a 35 year stylist and 25 year Salon owner. Each Salon has its ups and downs and habits be it good or bad and I don’t know this Salon so I can only empathize with you. But I can tell you that the receptionist let you down for not keeping up with whats going on not the stylist. The stylist may not even have known you were waiting. Also you should correct your wait time to 30 minutes stating you arrived 15 minutes early . The clock started after the first 15 minutes. However on behalf of the stylist. Always remember that we are creating art and you are not just walking into a store buying cigarettes. Sometimes a clients hair needs more time to finish being a better result or the color didn’t process in the normal timing. But food for thought would be if you were in the chair wanting your best look would you really want the stylist watching a clock and just say NEXT when the allotted time was up?????? Think about it.

  2. Sylist says

    The beauty school I went to taught us the importance of booking client appointments accordingly. They put the pressure on us even in school to be on time for clients we serviced as students. I have carried this thinking with me throughout my 20+ years in this business. Surprisingly, I have lost clients because I’m a stickler for time, and I do not tolerate clients who run late. I always tell new clients, if you can’t be on time, find another stylist or come on a walk-in basis, I will work you in if I have the time.

  3. CS68 says

    I have been going to a stylist that has been great for many years. However this past year, she has become a different person and very rude. She rarely keeps an appointment anymore, either she calls at the last minute to reschedule or she will just schedule over it with someone else. She will then rush through my appointment while working on another client at the same time. She will get into long conversations with the other client, leaving me sitting at the sink or under the hair drier… that is if she even bothers to dry my hair! When she forgets about me , my color comes out way too dark. To make matters worse, last time she gave herself a tip out of the cash instead of returning all the change and allowing me to decide what tip to give her.

  4. Dee says

    I live in an area where customer service is a LOW priority; around Manhattan and Junction City, Kansas. I have been appalled by the customer service in many businesses here, certainly including hair salons.

    I once went to my (old) salon, checked in at the front desk, waited 45 minutes (including checking back with them a couple of times while I waited) and was then told that the stylist was in the hospital and they did not know when she’d return. They said they had known that before my appointment but failed to call me.

    The hairdresser before her was at the same salon. She became angry when I brought up that I had breakage from the highlighting she’d been doing for me about about 18 months. She wanted me to believe the breakage was from using too much conditioner, which by the way, I was not. She got very emotional very fast and acted as if I’d personally offended her. If I can’t discuss hair breakage with my hairdresser who can I go to?

    And before her… a hairdresser I’d been going to for almost a year told me she thought she was not the right hairdresser for me after I said I did not want to hire her father and pay him $50 a week to maintain my lawn. ???!!?

    My most recent disappointment was with a hairdresser who is definitely talented and stylish in her tastes. Wonderful! Perfect! Except that after going to her for a year, at my last visit, I asked to keep the same style, which I loved, and just take off about a half an inch. I’ve always been happy with her cuts and had grown to trust her so when she spent less time on my hair and when she commented on how speedy she was that day I was a bit surprised but like I said I’d grown to trust her. When I got home and looked in the mirror I could she she’d barely trimmed my hair at all and the overall shape seemed to be lost. Maybe she was in a hurry to leave work early. I don’t know.

    Oh, yes, and before her was a male hairdresser who simply cut whatever style he felt like cutting, I looked like a bowl had been put on my head. It was so unattractive and he was so pleased with his results. Yikes!

    I honestly do not get it. I take pictures with me to make communication easier. I am nice. I give nice tips. I simply want a good haircut from a reliable hairdresser. I do think that the cosmetology schools in this area must be lacking both in the skills level taught and expected of students and also in teaching the students about the ethics of good business practices and customer service.

    I am about to try a new hairdresser, recommended by my excellent massage therapist. I hope it works out.

  5. I Survived says

    I can’t recall exactly where or when this incident happened, I came across a note I made about a crazy hair stylist I had and I didn’t write a very complete story at the time.
    It was one of the most bizarre days I ever had –
    We were alone in this small salon, she looked like Charles Manson with a blonde frosted wig on. 4 inch heeled boots and a very hard-edged personality and reeked of cigarettes.
    I had UNDERESTIMATED this person when I decided to let her cut my hair. I’ve seen everything so I don’t scare so easily but I should have thought twice.
    She ended up telling me things about Vicodin and how her hair fell out. From my notes I don’t know if it was related.
    She walked away to answer the phone and came back swearing about a “_itch”
    and that was when I realized she looked like Charles Manson, she was really ticked off and her eyes were scary. The call was related to some identity theft/legal thing and she was angry. I tried to change the subject but she would glare at me in the most menacing way unless I listened to her rant. I actually let her finish the hair cut but should have RUN AWAY when she went to the phone.

  6. leggygal54 says

    I had a stylist who was wonderful,she would order my hair and have it washed and conditioned by time I got there.You call her tell you needed your hair done and she would come and open her shop.  I used to go to vegas alot and wanted my hair did as close to flight time as possible,she would do it ant two o’clock in the morningif neccesary.  One day she had me pay for the hair up front which was odd because I usually paid her at the end.  She did my hair that night before I ent to vegas.  The next morning my hair looked like a big powder puff, I couldn’t comb it down. I tried calling her to see what could I do with it or what happened. she didn’t answer the phone. I spent five days in vegas with wet hair because that seem to be the only thing to calm it down.  When I got back home I took the hair out and lo and behold it was beauty supply hair, I went to her shop and showed her the hair and picutres of what my hair looked like in vegas.  She told me that she had money problem and she needed to pay a bill and that she would order me some new hair .  when the hair arrived, I went and paid her for it and never went back I had been a customer for ten years she could have asked me for the money I would have loaned it to her.  Then I went to my daughter sytlist and explained to her what I wanted I never get a lot of hair put in my hair because my natural hair is thin,  The day of my appointment I had an event to go to she told me I would be reday in time to attend,  When I got there she told me that she had a wedding party to do and that the shop owner would do my hair, well she one girl shampoo my hair, then a girl (who was in there getting her hair did braid it.  I kept telling her these braid feel too thick, she told me that when it was finished the braid would not be that thick.  Well started sewing my hair in and I told her if felt like she was putting too much hair in my head she said no it will be fine.  well before she started cutting my hair I told her this hair cost too much to be cut so she flat ironed it  and then proceeded to spray some kind of black paint in my hair where it was thinning at my leave out.  I got up out of the chair and paid the shampoo girl  and told the girl that braided my hair that she could work her payment with the shop owner.  I  stood in the middle of the floor and proceeded to tell them why they would only ever be a hood shop.  I told the owner that she could come outside and  try to take her money out of my ass(which she didn’t want to try :) My daughter said that they were talking about me when she went to get her hair did.  I wnet right back up there and took pictures through the window and told them everybody in that shop had better have a licnese becuase I was calling the city thenext day.  Well the next day there was only two stylist in the shop for about a week  I have since learned to do my own hair through the help of some of your dvd’s and you tube.

  7. Barbara says

    Sista girl you are good, I wouldn’t have waited that long. LOL

  8. Denise Williams says

    It’s so sad that some stylist seem to have no respect for their clients. I made an appointment with a stylist I had never been to before (referred by a friend) to get braids put in. I asked to be booked for 9am but she asked me to come in at 7am instead so that she could fit in her other clients. I arrived about 10 min early but the salon was closed. I thought that maybe she would arrive right at 7am but 7am came and went. I called her number and she and she answered the phone sounding tired. She was still IN BED! She suggested that I go to the coffee shop and waited for her to arrive. She showed up about about 45min later. When she arrived she took one look at my natural hair and said “I can’t comb through this”. So on top of her deciding to sleep in instead of showing up on time for her client, now she won’t even attempt to start my hair. I had to blow out my own hair enough for her to comb it. I would have left but I was leaving for vacation the next day and didn’t have time to find somewhere else to go. I don’t know which is worse: a stylist who does take their clients on time or a stylist who doesn’t know how to comb through natural hair. I never went back there again!

  9. Ty says

    people do not understand customer service.  When you are the first person they see coming in the shop, and you are unprofessional that is your first empression of what the salon’s customers service is like.

  10. Anonymous says

    to this very day, I have not seen a hair dresser/salon of any type; I get my hair braided by my neice or let it go for a week or two, wear a fro; naturally thinning, but I have horror stories-experiences for them folk; I have had to experience waiting from anywhere 30 minutes to two hours and then when you get in the chair, it is actually four to five hours later of leaving and my hairstlye didn’t look like a five hour hairstlye; I use to tip when there where 1st time stylers in my head, but it had gotten re-dunk-u-lus until I quit them!  I say if you are going to have such a business, try viewing the movie Queen Latifa did or even better, Monique and “An-gel”; something to get you on the right track of owning a business with respect and flair

  11. Teisha says

    I use to do hair part time prior to having my son, I am from Texas and here is my experience. I went to an appointment and was 10 minutes early the stylist was doing another clients hair I waited over 35 minutes, could smell weed in the back room and could see BET on the television. The lady finally got into my hair, my first set of kinky twist I told her I needed them small because I am in the military and need to be able to make a bun under 3 inches. She charged me over $150 and I had to tell her to curl the ends, she accidently got hot water on me trying to curl my weave and I had to take them out in a week because my military hat wouldn’t fit.  A few years later I met her again at another shop but just needed a quick weave. The style was super cute when done til I realize she glued the tracks to my edges that were already thin. You talk about crying…. I have to keep my hair pulled back for my job and I had two balled spots in the front of my face. I called the stylist and almost lost my mind when I asked her why would she glue tracks to the edges of my hair when I was getting a full head sew in she said I thought you knew I was gluing it. God help my sanity we as young black women need to take care of peoples hair not damage it. I like my hair weave is okay but I try to style my hair so it can be heathy and this sister has put me in a premanent situation. God bless you all

    • Ladycyn says

      I feel your pain girl.  I was going to a salon with a very skilled stylist who happened to be going through a rough patch in her personal life. Although I sympathized, it did not work for me that while she was in my head – the front – and on a phone call, she yanked a clump of hair out of my head because she was so angry with her husband who was on the other end of the phone! Then she countered with – “my bad, I’ll glue some in there”.  WTF??? Worse of all I was so stunned that I actually paid and left without raising the roof as I should have.  Needless to say, I did not return.

  12. says

    I’ve experienced this as a stylist and a client.

    I mostly do my hair myself so it’s a treat when I go to the salon and get my hair done. I’ve had a stylist call and cancel my appointment while I was on my way to him and I’ve also dealt with ridiculous amounts of wait time.

    As a stylist I was working out of my home and clients would be 30+ mins late with no phone call or notification (This cause me to start implementing a late charge) One time a client was an hour and a half late to her appointment. I told her that should would be required to pay the late fee and she became very upset with me and left.

    People in general need to be more courteous with other peoples time.

    • Braidsbyroe says

      Jamillah, i go through the same thing with clients and i do hair out of my home. Charging a late fee is good. Sometimes they call to make an appointment and dont show up neither do they answer the call when you call them to find out what is going on. I agree we need to be courteous of other people’s time, be it you are a client or a stylist.

  13. BiBi says

    I stopped going to a salon many years ago.  I had been going to the same salon for over 10 years but finally when I had to start waiting soooooo…long, running out to put coins in the meter, It got just too crazy.  I didn’t feel valued as a customer(being on time and having to wait sometimes up to an hour.  I started feeling like my stylist thought she was doing me a favor by me coming there, spending money at her shop.  Her attitude made me feel like if I asked a question about my hair, well, that was a problem, and the answer was given to me like “look, i’m tired, this is just the way your hair is. ” so, I taught myself to do my own hair.  I have learned lots googling on YouTube about hair care and protection.  I think I’ll keep it that way.  Taking the power into my own hands freed me.


  14. re says

    I went to a certain salon in my city because it was more affordable (poor college student).  I scheduled an appointment for a sew-in which ended up costing me more money to later fix.  I used to have issues speaking up for myself (and fear of confrontation), so I didn’t say anything while the following happened: 

    My stylist talked about her children and how she didn’t tell one of the father’s that he was the father, as she talked she would yank the needle high and hard (really hard) into the air, her friend (who she talked to the entire time) ended up rebraiding my hair for the sew-in because the stylist did it incorrectly, the friend talked about murders reported on the news and how she knew some of the victims… There is more but thankfully I can no longer recall.  I left with a hair hat which cost $70+ to fix.

    I know some problems come from not having enough money for professional care so people have to resort to unprofessional alternatives.  I am now natural and use clip-ins while trying to figure out what to do with my hair.  If I ever go to a salon in the future I will go to a reputable one with enough cash in hand.  I know I could still get poor service but I have had too many bad experiences with the alternative.

    ps I used to get Wave Nouveau’s at this same salon and there was ALWAYS a TON of hair in the rollers.  Be careful of dirty salons!

  15. S. Deanna says

    Don’t even get me started!  I live in an area where there are very few African-Americans and even fewer salons whose stylists are skilled in servicing African-American hair.  What that means is that the two or three black “salons” we have are converted shanty town-type shacks with a shampoo sink, a couple of chairs, a Black Hair magazine, and an endless repertoire of background music in which b**** and h** are the two most frequently used lyrics.  

    It wasn’t enough that the normal “etiquette” of the particular salon I chose (supposedly the best one in town) included abandoning one client with an appointment, and whose hair is already in progress in order to help somebody’s cousin who just dropped in for a quick-weave.  It wasn’t enough that I had to actually ask a former beautician if part of the protocol they teach in beauty school is to insult the client (i.e., “Oooh–whose been doin’ YO hair?”) It wasn’t enough that once I asked the stylist to stop using  perfume-based product in my hair because it was causing me to itch like crazy, that she really had no alternatives, and consequently did a poor job on my hair.  And it wasn’t enough that the bathroom was freezing and in poor working condition which once required me to take my preschooler down the street to use the porta-potty in my car. Nope…The place had to be filthy too.  There were dustballs under the sofa just smaller than my head, trash and hair all over the place, and one day just before my frustration over the owner/stylist adding a dog to the filth and foul already present in the salon, my words were muffled when she threw a mildewed towel over my head to dry my hair.  Finally, it was enough.

    I decided to hire a beautician who advertised “I’ll come to you” business on Craigs List.  She came, left early, and never returned to finish her work.  TRIFLIN’!!! is what we called that back in the day.  

    Now I just do my hair myself, and I do it in Kinky Twists which I learned from your dvds.          .   

  16. Treayeveryonefairly says

    I have had the same experience too. I do not go to professional stylists as that is exactly what they are not. Doctors and other professionals use appointments and keep them. They also take time to have an initial visit as well as inform you if they are running behind. I have found that if a stylist is “good” or popular they tend to act rude as they almost feel that they don’t HAVE to treat you well… because they are SO good at what they do. I stop going. I think if many clients started walking out whether they liked their stylist or not… many would get the picture. We also have to demand appropriate service or walk with our money. I also feel that these places should not be a place to gossip about other people’s business as it is not right and you don’t know who knows whom.

  17. says

    Oh my goodness! I’m so sorry you had to experienc that! How is your hair now?

  18. CurlyChemist says

    I have to disagree with you there. I know that some white salons can be just as unprofessional and uncaring as black salons. The difference is the management. Just like in all industries, if the management is not on top of their people then lots of things are going to slip through. If management is not  treating the people below it with respect and with a clear vision of how they want their business to be run, how do we expect the client to be treated. If you go into a salon and the management of that salon is acting just as bad as the stylist that work there, do you really think your experience is going to be all that great. If you go in a salon and can’t tell who is running things unless something goes wrong, than that to me is an issue. And when something goes wrong or we are unhappy about the situation, how does the management handle that.

    In all the post that I have read here I have seen nothing about the management of these salons stepping up trying to figure out how they can rectify these issues. It’s great if they have the skills to do our hair, but they have a business to run and money to make. Without the clients they’d be in a lot of trouble.

    • says

      This is sooo true! The problem always lies with Management…the manager/owner of the salon sets the tone for how things will be and if he/she is not setting a good example then it will show in the end. Excellent point! :-)

      • Janelle says

        I totally agree with you Marquetta.  The owner does set the tone for how smooth things run. I think that many salon owners sharpen their expertise in styling and caring for hair but they forget that running a salon is a business and they should learn how to run a business as well.  After my horror story, although my hair is natural, sometimes I want to treat myself to some pampering.  I found a stylist in my local area that no only specializes in natural hair care, but she has a salon at her home.  The first floor is a real salon and the second floor and third floors are where she lives.  She only takes one client at a time.  She will pick you at at the airport or train station if need be.  She serves tea, gives steamer treatments, plays soft music and has a very positive spirit.  Her work is so amazing that she has been featured in many big magazines such as Essence etc.  I’m so happy that I found her and I feel that had I not been treated so badly by the last place I went to, I wouldn’t have ventured out and found her.  

        • CurlyChemist says

          That’s great. Being a natural head too, I know it’s really difficult to find an stylist that will work on your natural texture and not give you the stink eye when you ask for certain things.

  19. AC says

    I’m young, 24 y.o. and I that’s my reason I don’t go to “professional” stylists. After scheduling my appointments at several different salons I’ve in a way given up. I get tired of making appointment, being assured that I’ll have all the stylist’s attention only to get there and wait 45 min to a hour simply to get in the chair. In one case, I sat under a dryer for 35-45 mins with semi-permanent on my hair while the my (then) stylist worked a walk-in client’s hair. Oh trust I was highly upset and have yet to return to either salons.

  20. says

    Well Marquetta my experience was somewhat like that. Here’s how it went I needed my hair trimmed and styled so I contacted this school that I was familiar with and asked for someone who was good with short hair and ethnic hair. so my appointment was scheduled so i went in and the stylist/student brought me back and she asked what I wanted i told her so she cut it (nice cut) and styled it (she never used the stove) which is what I like is the the stove. So i was very satisfied so I rescheduled for two weeks later. so two weeks went by and I showed up to my appointment to find that the stylist wasn’t there. I waited 15 minutes before they found me someone to do my hair. The girl that did it was so nervous because she never done ethnic hair. But she did all right. So I rescheduled with the first stylist again and needless to say she was a no show x’s 3. So needless to say when I scheduled the 4th time I stood her up b/c I wanted her to know how it felt to have someone schedule and not show up.

  21. Lmurray says

    Well, I would like to say I had some bad experiences, but I have a wonderful stylist. I moved to another state and my daughter still travels back the six hours to get her hair done. When you have an appointment that is your time . If she is running late she will let you know and it is usually because the client was late. I took my mom and my mother-in-law both who hate the salon and made me stay with them for fair of being there all day. They were so shocked that they were finished so quickly. I have been a faithful client for over 12 years. Thanks Exquisite.

  22. Natural says

    I have been natural for over fifteen years now ad really enjoy the freedom from the stress of sitting in a salon.  However, about a year ago, I wanted to pamper myself.  I went to a local salon for the pampering.  Well, it was not a very pleasant experience.  It appeared that all (clients, stylists and delivery) engaged in negative shop talk.  Personal information about different ones was shared that was really offensive and derogatory.  Since my daily work (rural area) involved most of those that frequent the shop, I did not want to hear all of this. 

    I decided that maybe it was just me!!!  I decided to give it a few more attempts for pamperig myself.  The same exact experience.  I have not been back.  I would rather travel one or two hours away from my area to relax and pamper me rather than subject myself to this again.  Please keep in mind, most were church going individuals.

    Some of us really want a few minutes without all the negativity.  We handle stress on the job, have concerns about home among other things.  This is sometimes the few moments we can really move away from our normal environment and have some “me” time.

    Many salon loses client because the salon is not professional….  Oh, I have lived in larger areas and cities.  Most have been the same atmosphere.  I will give each their due props with really do a great job with the style, but most lack an atmosphere of professionalism.  After all, it is the client that keeps business flowing and a livelihood or means of some support to the stylist household.

  23. Bemsb says

    Hey i know what u mean ,that same thing happen to me ,new at a place and u  know the rules put u
    at the bottom of the list on getting out ,when i walk in i was ask who was there to see ,what i was haveing done ,then told to have a seat ,I sat & sat ontil  i got tried of sitting  but in the mean time
    people  were coming going to the back getting their hair wash and going to the stylist ,this was the rules ,but litle did i know . when i was told to sit someone should have check  on me or told the stylisht i was next…

    • says

      I never thought about it that way…your’e exactly right with some salons you do get put at the bottom of the list because you’re new…every client should be treated the same way new or old…

  24. valerie (loc Nest) says

    Valerie (loc Nest)

    That is the reason I now have my own natural hair care business, I have left salon with a wet head because i had been on time for my appt. and the stylist washed my hair set me in a corner for about an hour. I’d had enough, That’s when I started doing my own hair, came out petty well, Started doing some friends & so on & so on. I started a business because I was sick of all the bad experiences i’d had & vowed to never treat my clients with such disrespect

  25. Mccrayk says

    What you experienced is why I do my own hair.  Over the years when I have wanted to treat myself by going to the salon and received that kind of treatment, I did exactly what you did!

  26. Texturehairstudio says

    After reading some of these comments, we wonder why the Asians and Dominicans have taken over the African American hair care industry. It’s because they are about their business. We can’t take back our industry performing less than substandard.

  27. B.J. says

                                                     HI  MARQUETTA,

                                                                                                           BE BLESSED!!!

  28. ElaineY says

    Over the years I’ve had plenty of less than exceptional experiences with stylists. I also try to be early to my appointment. One particular time I arrived and walked right by my stylist, and she didn’t speak. She had a client before me, and in the middle of my appt. she started doing a sew-in and told me it wouldn’t be long. She kept turning the dryer back on…so much so that my back was completely wet. To make matters worse, she forgot about me under the dryer because her and her daughter were in the front opening boxes filled with new merchandise. It was nothing for her to leave and go run errands and come back an hour later just to put me BACK under the dryer. I love my new stylist, and I hope neither one of us gets stationed elsewhere any time soon!

    • says

      How rude! I’m so glad you love your new stylist….it’s nothing like finding that one stylist that you LOVE….I’ve found a stylist to do my hair that I love! :-)

    • says

      How rude! I’m so glad you love your new stylist….it’s nothing like finding that one stylist that you LOVE….I’ve found a stylist to do my hair that I love! :-)

    • says

      How rude! I’m so glad you love your new stylist….it’s nothing like finding that one stylist that you LOVE….I’ve found a stylist to do my hair that I love! :-)

  29. says

    I must say that is extremely rude. I don’t know why people are so rude. That is a poor excuse for why she didn’t bother to come out and greet you, especially being that you’ve never met her or otherwise. She needs to get a reality check with herself as a stylist and you as client, have every right to decline and walk away. Do you as the client want to run the risk of allowing her in your head? I dislike that environment and I will not patronize their business or otherwise. Sorry things didn’t work out…Hopefully it was a lesson learned…

    • says

      It was…I learned from it and I hope she did too although I dont think she did because I now have clients come in and tell me their horror stories about this same salon… :-(

      • says

         Some people never learn, maybe this young lady will have to be put in a position of reaping what she sowed to others. Her cup of tea may not be sweet at all no matter how much sugar she puts in it, she will only be able to taste the bitterness. I’m glad GOD has given me the ability to do a lot of things with my own hair, but there’s nothing like having your hair done and properly maintenance. Oh well, people will learn, some rather take the bumps than the smooth ride. Be Blessed


  30. Nrenee2 says

    I have not been in a salon in over 8 years because of my alopecia, but when I used to go to the salon I would be in there for hours. Stylist should know his or her ability in servicing more than two clients at a time. My last stylist would try to manage 4 to 5 people at all once and it is just not possible or fair to clients who expect to be in & out within a couple of hours. I have spent a total of 8 hours in a salon before just for a simple style. 

  31. Createyoursoulpurpose says

    Well, I have a close friend who was a licensed cosmetologist, he was one of the best in town and I was a loyal client. However, I had surgery once and he had to come to my home and do a sew- in because I was still recovering from a medical procedure. Well, when he arrived at my home I was so ready for him to do my hair unfortunately, he was was not ready to do my hair apparently he needed to “leave and take care of something” to my surprise he did not drive and proceeds to ask me to borrow my truck, OMG really!!! I allowed him to because he had been my stylist for years so I trusted him. He returned to my home after being gone for all of two hours, and needless to say I was very livid at this point. the only thing I could think of was  him finishing my sew-in and being on his way. Well, he finished the sew-in and for the first time I was unhappy with his work, I’m not sure if the way I had been left waiting had something to do with it or not. I just knew that he had lost me as a client when he asked me to pay a ridiculous amount when he was unprepared, and ended up using my transportation. I payed my stylist but not the price he suggested,to make matters worse would you believe he asked me for a ride home?  

  32. Lady Whitmore says

    I agree! As a Stylist we should honor our clients time…after all they are there to have all of our attention at the time scheduled. We should be mindful that word of mouth is one of our greatest advertisements. 

  33. Mygd1st says

    I got to my appt. on time the stylist said hi and she in the middle of doing some tracks clearly was ready for me, I sit there through the whole track & style process. When she finally got to me an hour in a half later, said to me. Girl I am starving do u mind if I grab something to eat, all the stylist including some the clients order something to eat from a local IHOP, they waited for the food, they all started eating, laughing, talking about reality shows the whole bit & then after all that, I get washed and sat under the dryer. When I’m finally dry, I had to get up and let her know I’ve been dry long ago & to my surprise, she left out to pick up her glasses….. OMG! That is only one of the episodes, I know u know she’s not my stylist anymore! Oh, I might add I went weekly!

    • says

      Wow! Hopefully you’ve found another salon to meet your needs.

  34. Mstdixon says

    WOW….our time is just as precious as theirs…that was so jacked up. What is even sadder is that it doesn’t surprise me…not at all. We have got to start doing better as a people…this stuff is ridiculous!!!!!

  35. Katherine Harris says

    I have worked with stylists that was just plain out rude.  I was a intern at the time and chose to not work there once I got my license…

    • Dian_con says

      I have Never received good service so I decided to go natural and do my own hair. I have experience everything from sitting for hours waiting for the stylist to neither come to work or start on my hair, to having relaxer left on my scalp hair and my hair pasted to my head. Negative comments about my hair texture with other stylist and friend sitting in the shop. Not receiving the hair style I ask for. I just last year I decide to go get braids and this girl spent over an hour outside in her car hanging out with her kids and boyfriend and another 30 minutes was going to pick up her assistance.  Help Marquette I need you here in my city. 

      • says

        Wow! That’s so sad! What city are you located in? Maybe I can recommend a salon for you to try out.