If You Workout, Your Hair Will Love You For This

Just the other day I was doing my usual web browsing when I ran across an article about Nicole Ari Parker on one of those “gossip websites”.  Yes… I read those too… 8-).

The article went on to say that Nicole supposedly said she gained weight because she didn’t want to go to the gym to mess up her hair.

As silly as it sounds I’m sure we’ve all been there. I know I have.  I wouldn’t think twice about heading out to the gym to workout after getting my hair done. It just wasn’t an option for me.

After reading the rest of the article, Nicole said she developed something to help us ladies out who love to “get it in” at the gym. It’s a “gym wrap” that has some pretty advanced technology to help keep our hair in tact while sweating it out at the gym.

When I read this the first thing I did was purchase. I haven’t received my “Save Your Do” gym wrap yet, but I can’t wait. I’ll be sure to do a video once I get it in the mail.

Check out the link below to see what it’s all about.

–> http://www.SaveYourDo.com

For those of you who have ideas about how to prep your hair for the gym, please share your tricks & techniques!

I hope you enjoyed. I’ll talk with you soon.

Marquetta Breslin

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  1. Klee 1 says

    Hi Marquetta,

    My hair has no chemicals ;natural girl. I go to the salon every two weeks for wash, conditioning and press. If relaxed hair is damp after exercising, my hair would be a nappy fro because of the moisture. A protective style like braids, or a sew-in is best for me. Hope the wrap improves in the future for us natural girls.


  2. Genel_21bert says

    I see my hair trying to grow but i believe its damaged when i was preganat i went to go it my ends cut and it still didnt grow like i want it to and i dont know what else to do with it .if u could please help me im about to get the ovation treatment…… can u help me

  3. SD says

    All the best to her on her new business, but honestly where I live in Harlem, New York they have tons of different head wraps and tie backs like this (some even very stylish) that are very reasonably priced. This is too much money and if this does well in sales it has to be because it is Nicole Ari Parker. People will spend anything on a NAME!    

  4. Pioneerwannabe says

    I can’t get over how much Nicole Ari Parker reminds me of Jennifer Aniston! This looks like a great idea!

  5. says

    I’m natural with about 14 inches of length all around.  This isn’t the best, but lately, I’ve been cowashing weekly, deep conditioning with a steamer and then blowdrying with a creamy leave in, argan oil and a heat protectant.  When I’m finished, my hair just looks like blown out yaki hair.  For working out, I’ll usually put it in cornrows (anywhere between 2 -5 going back) or in the shape that I want my hair to be) and I pin the ends up against where the cornrows are laying.  I tie a scarf on at night, and take the scarf off before going to the gym.  I usually sweat at least a half an inch into my roots in my hair.  Since my hair is braided down to the scalp (not tight), the part that is braided is not affected as much by the sweat.  The roots get tight and puffy.  I run errands, and my hair is drying while I do that.  I put my scarf back on when I get home, jump in the shower and make sure my hair is completely dry before I unbraid my hair.  Once I unbraid it, I have a head full of loose waves that I can then style by pinning up, swooping the front, and so forth, or I’ll just leave it out and have big, wavy textured hair that masks the tight roots well.  At night, I just put a little cream leave in, detangle with a wide tooth comb and braid them back down for the next day.  So far, so good!

  6. N2xrcise says

    My daughter told me about this a few days ago.  I really can’t wait until a sista gets one and tries it out so I can get a true opinion of how it would work for us.

    • Blackstylist44 says

       I met Nicole at the BB hair show in Feb and she did say the wrap will keep the hair in tack. I am like you I would like the feed back after it has been used.