Save Your Do Review

As promised I filmed a review for my new Save Your Do Gymwrap that I purchased the other day.

Check it out. Share your thoughts!

YouTube Preview Image

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  1. Nika says

    I saw your video review online and wanted to add some tips and tricks I learned when I bought the full triangle wrap. First off I’m a product and gimmick junky. I’ve been working out in a silk scarf, but my hair is soaked when I’m done and I hate putting daily heat on it. I ordered the wrap in Feb and the first time I used it I was so heartbroken my hair and bangs were just slightly less wet. After looking at it I think I figured out why your bangs were so wet. See the band sewn into the front? You need to wear the wrap really low on your forehead so that the band covers your hair/ hair line completely. You also need to wrap your hair off your forehead. If you don’t wear the wrap tightly it will leave your hair damp. The biggest trick I found is to leave the wrap on for about 15 minutes after I finish working out. This lets your hair dry even more. I’ve had mine for about 3wks and I’ve seen a dramatic improvement in my hairs manageablilty after I leave the gym. After figuring these things out I can’t sing the wrap’s praises enough.

  2. Peachcyn says

    Thank you for the review I was looking for a product like this as well. I love your hair, recently had my hair cut in a similar style. Please continue posting new ideas on your hair styles , product, and hair care. 

    • says

      Thank you! I like it too! One of the stylist in my salon cut it for me…she did an amazing job!

  3. DebraKay says

    I was looking for something to “save my do” because I recently started to work out.  Imagine how excited I was when I heard about this product.  I went on the website; saw the testimonials and immediately ordered one.  It arrived within a few days and I wore it the next time I worked out in the gym.  Well folks, it did not save my do!  I wore it as instructed and when I finished my workout my hair was as wet as it was before I purchased this head wrap.  My head looked like a sheep’s behind at the end of my 45 minute workout.  I was very disappointed!!!! 

    • says

      @DebraKay Oh no! Well…I got some tips on Twitter from the Save Your Do team and I’m reposting the review this week after trying what they told me to do. Hopefully it will work.