Q&A Video: Should I Trim My Relaxer If I'm Going Natural?

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If you ever wondered if it was necessary to trim your hair this Q&A Video is a “must watch”.

Check it out! I hope you enjoy.

Video Transcript:

Hey, it’s Marquetta Breslin, and I’m back with another Q&A. Man, I love this thing. So this Q&A is from Sophia. Sophia says, “Hello, Marquetta, my daughter is growing out a perm eight months, the roots are six inches long and the ends are straight. My question is, should I cut the straight ends or continue braiding? Her ends are trimmed every six weeks. Thanks.

Well, that is totally up to you, or it’s totally up to your daughter. You will eventually – and I get this question a lot. Is my end, if I’m going natural or if I’m going out my relaxer, do I have to trim up the straight ends? Those ends are permanently chemically altered, they would never revert back to their natural state. Once you chemically alter those ends like that with the relaxer, you are never going to go back to the natural state. So if her goal is to go completely natural, yes, she will have to trim them off eventually.

If she gets them trimmed every six weeks, you can continue to get them trimmed every six weeks until everything is trimmed off. I know that’s what a lot of people do because not everybody wants to rock the fro, okay. Not everybody wants to do that, and that’s cool, I tell you, trust me, I’m not rocking my fro either right now, but not everybody wants to rock the fro, so you can definitely wait a minute, wait a little bit and trim every six weeks until everything comes off or you can go ahead and do what everybody calls, The Big Chop, and chop all those relaxed ends off and then be completely natural.

Something like this is totally, totally up to you and your daughter. It’s up to her discretion, I will say that a lot of people once they have been natural for awhile, its literally split down the middle. Some are very comfortable with their fro, I know. Sometimes I am and sometimes I am not, but some people are not comfortable at all and they will hide it until they have – till the hair gets to the length that they want. And that’s cool, that’s okay. So it’s up to you.

I hope I am answering your question, I think I know what you were asking though. If it was important to cut those ends off or just keep them trimmed? And I’d say, just keep them trimmed, or even cut them off. I mean, seriously it’s literally up to you. It’s not going to slow her growth down in anyway whether or not you trimmed them or you cut those ends off. It’s not going to slow her growth down. I think it’s very good that you are trimming those ends every six weeks though because eventually you will trim those, what six inches, I think you said six inches off. So it’s totally up to her.

Thank you so much for this question, because I do get this question a lot of people not knowing whether or not they should cut it or should I not it, I don’t really know what to do, so it’s completely up to you. It’s not going to slow down the growth, but, and I’d say a big but, if the hair is damaged and you split ends that have split ends – that have split ends, then yes, you do want to go ahead and get that damaged stuff off because that will cause some issues long-term. So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed my answer to this question, and I will see you on the next Q&A. I’ll talk with you soon.

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