Solange Knowles Shows Off A New Style!


@soulfully_yours (2013 June 1) via Instagram

Yesterday while Ricky the kids and I were headed out on a mini vacay I checked my Instagram to get my “fix”… lol

I got just what I needed when I saw Solange Knowles post a pic showing off a brand new style… Havana Twists!

These twists look a lot like Senegalese Twists, but the hair looks like Marley Braid hair or some type of kinky textured hair that you’d use to do Kinky Twists.

To do these you’d use the exact same technique as Kinky Twists, you’d only change the texture of hair to suit you or your client.

Every since she BC’d (Big Chopped) her hair a few years ago, I’ve payed attention to her style and I have to say, in my opinion she is at the forefront of fashion and she’s definitely a trend setter!






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  1. La Donna W says

    If you’re doing the Havana Braids you need to use the Havana braiding hair otherwise the look will not be the same. I’m a natural Hair stylist and “attempted” (client purchased off brand kinky instead on Havana) the Havana on a client. The styling is the same as the kinky twist but the hair is a little softer than the marley/kinky hair. With the Havana hair (availabe on line only) it gives an smoother look when it expands.

  2. Gina M says

    It’s cute for her, but I think I would need the twists to be more uniform. I have multicultural coworkers and I think I kind of shock them with the tame sew ins and quick weaves that I’ve been rocking. (I’m currently transitioning) Some of them would probably faint if I came in with those in my head, lol!!! P.S., there are only two African American women in my office and I am the second.