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Marquetta Breslin  by Marquetta Breslin • May 31, 2013

This is dedicated to the stylists who are in the same situation as the young lady who wrote me this email a few days ago.

Most of the time all we need is a good swift kick in the pants in the right direction to get us going.

Sometimes there's that missing piece to the puzzle that keeps you from increasing your income and being on your way to freedom.

Read below to find out the advice I gave to this young lady. Whether or not you're in her exact situation, you can benefit from this too…


I am one of the licensed hair braiders that charge $60 to $80 a head but in the town (St. George) that I live in, it's small and i won't have any customers if I charge $150 or $200. Plus I braid very well, but my braids do not come out as smooth like the Africans do. They do not have any strands sticking off their braids. I cut as close as I can and sometimes I even run a lighter down the braid. Now if my braids looked like the Africans, then I wouldn't mind charging more, but they don't. Any Suggestion?


The first suggestion is that you have to change your mindset. You're putting yourself in a box by thinking you can't charge more, or get more for your services when you're worth more.

I would highly suggest reading a book called “The Magic Of Thinking Big”.

You can buy that here.

This book will change your life, but most importantly your mindset.

After reading that book and changing your mindset you will begin to become attractive (not physically) and attract the type of client you desire because you're confident in what you do and the service you offer.

Ok, now on to your concern with your braiding. Sounds like there's room for a little improvement to refine your skill and that's okay. Nobody is perfect at everything.

Have you tried to do some continuing education to refine your skill?

Sometimes we neglect this, especially with things we do on a regular basis like cutting hair, braiding, cornrowing, coloring hair, ect.

My point is, if you know this is something you struggle with… fix it.

Practice, look on YouTube, buy instructional videos, do whatever you have to do to improve. But be sure to completely immerse yourself in the skill you're lacking in to improve.

When your braids are flat, and have no lumps you may need to trim here or there, but you definitely won't need to use a lighter.

So what's the takeaway?

1. Go and buy The Magic Of Thinking Big right now and complete the book.

2. Work on changing your mindset.

3. Refine your skill and perfect those braids to avoid lumps, and bumps.

4. Raise your prices! 🙂 What you have to understand is that you WILL lose clients, but you will gain a new kind of client that will not complain about pricing.

Big change doesn't happen overnight, it can and will happen for you. You just have to first change your mindset.

Mindset is often neglected, but it's the #1 reason why people fail.

Don't let it happen to you. Take control of your life starting with your mindset.

Trust me, it's life changing.

Be blessed,
Marquetta Breslin


Marquetta Breslin

Marquetta Breslin

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