2.2 Million Views, 35K Likes, 22K Shares

Marquetta Breslin  by Marquetta Breslin • January 7, 2017

We made my daughter a video in 2016 that was extremely popular! In fact, I posted the video on both my page and hers and got a combined 2.2 million views, 35K likes, 22K shares, you can see it on the video above.

That video got a lot of traction at the time.

But there's a lesson here we all need to keep in mind.

Lesson #1: Nobody knows what will go viral. And you ever hear anyone selling you that, run, because they are lying. It's not possible.

Lesson #2: When you set out to make something, do it for the intended audience, but more importantly stay true to your self and your own heart.


There's a reason our tagline at Million Dollar Stylist® is “Purpose. Platform. Product.®”. As a matter of fact, we believe in it so much it's federally trademarked, along with “Million Dollar Stylist”.

You use a media platform to add value to the lives of many people, whether or not they ever become a client or customer. You use it to demonstrate your expertise and your unique personality. The secret is consistency.

Consistency is the part nobody understands, DO NOT MAKE THIS MISTAKE.

What if Nya's video got 89 views? Do I care? No.

Because it will not change her vision or what she's here to do.

What if people say she's too young, Do I care? No.

Because will never change what she does on a daily basis.

Your platform will never stop. You will always keep going.

In 2017 and moving forward you must rid your mind of the importance of views, comments, opinions, clicks, etc.

Focus all of your attention on your strengths and providing value every day you wake up.

On March 5-6 I'm having my first Million Dollar Stylist LIVE! event of the year. Watch the trailer, get all the details, and apply here.

This year doesn't have to be like any year you have experienced in the past.

Come to Charleston, SC and spend two days with me. You will never forget this event.

Be Blessed,

Marquetta Breslin

Marquetta Breslin

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