Here’s a picture of her bald spot (From a bad weave!)

Marquetta Breslin  by Marquetta Breslin • June 27, 2013

“OMG I wanna cry so bad…”

Those were the words that I saw on a text message from my client followed by a picture of her bald spot.

BaldSpotThat's the last thing you want to read, see or hear from a client! Let me explain to you what happened.

This particular client drives down from North Carolina religiously to get her weave sewn in every 6 to 8 weeks.

When it was time for her last sew in she couldn't make it to me in time enough for her  event so she decided to go to another stylist to get the sew in until she could get back to me.

She did some research and went to the same salon her sister went to but got her hair done by a different stylist.

During the service my client told the stylist her hair was too tight. The stylist who had been on the phone almost the entire time told her it was normal.

She also told her to take and Advil and she'd be fine.

She went home and took the Advil and since it worked she thought nothing else of it until the other day when she decided to take her weave out after having worn it for 6 weeks like she always does.

Once she removed the weave she noticed a few bald spots in the top of her head where she  told the stylist it was too tight. (Around the closure area.)

Of course she was in tears and after she contacted me I told her to contact the stylist and explain to her what happened.

I was hoping and praying the stylist would take responsibility but she didn't.

Instead of taking responsibility she blamed the client by saying she had a fungus that  developed after her weave was sewn in.

She would not take responsibility for her hair falling out because the cornrows were too tight.

The only thing I could do when my client told me that was shake my head.

As I write this email I'm still shaking my head because I'm tired of this happening.

Here are some tips to avoid this from happening to you if you're the client or stylist:

1. C-O-M-M-U-N-I-C-A-T-I-O-N – You MUST be in constant communication with your stylist. If you are the stylist this works both ways. You must be in constant communication with the client. Ask periodically if they are uncomfortable and fix it then rather than when it's too late.

2. Take responsibility for your actions. I cannot say this enough. Even though the stylist  admitted she braided the hair too tight she failed to take responsibility for the hair loss. Instead the blame was shifted to the client. Now the stylists loses her credibility and future money.

3. Stylists, teach your clients about proper care and maintenance. Don't NOT tell them how to properly care for their hair so they have to come back to you to get it maintained. They will respect you way more for teaching them what to do when they're not with you. If they don't do it, at least you've done your part.

Please be careful. I've seen more hair loss and traction alopecia more so now that ever  before.

Education is key! Take care of your clients and they will take care of you.

Be blessed,





Marquetta Breslin

Marquetta Breslin

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