Blonde, Dry & Brittle…Who, Me?

Marquetta Breslin  by Marquetta Breslin • May 7, 2013

To answer the question in the subject despite what I was told I'd be when I first went blonde, I have to say I am blonde, I'm NOT dry, and I'm definitely NOT brittle.

Going through the process of going blonde is scary, and challenging, but once you get to the blonde you want you've GOT to keep up with it or else, you'll end up with more hair on the floor than in your head.
That's not with just blonde, that's also the case for any type of color you're going for when you're lifting, or going lighter.

With my hair being VERY blonde I'm constantly asked any time I post a picture on either of my social media accounts, how I'm able to be blonde and keep my hair looking healthy.
My short answer is always lots and lots of conditioner, but I want to address this subject in detail.

There are so many naturals opting for color nowadays, so I feel it's time to talk about it and share some tips with you about colored natural hair.
You can also use these techniqus on chemically relaxed hair as well.

So…here goes

For the times I shampoo'd my hair I always went to 1 of 2 shampoo's Joico Silk Results, or Wella Shampoo for Coarse Hair.

Now that I'm a true blonde I always shampoo with Shimmer Lights a few times a week to tone out any brass in my hair.

When I'm planning on co-washing I use Its A Ten 5 Minute Repair For Blondes. My hair is not dammaged, but there toners in conditioner.

Now, if you're not blonde there are shampoo's available to enhance the color you're wearing, or you can skip a few shampoo's and co-wash instead to help preserve your color like Wella Color Safe Shampoo for coarse hair.

The key thing to remember is to either use a color safe shampoo, or co-wash.

While we're talking about conditioners…

I found our the hard way not all conitioners are created equal! LOL

I also do weekly steam treatments with Penetraitt by Sebastian. I will sometimes mix Penetraitt with Moroccan Oil and sit underneath the steamer for about an hour or so.
If your hair is a high level (light) be careful with dark oils beause depending on how porus your hair is, it could stain the hair.

Remember, if moisture is the key to beautiful skin, it's also one of the keys to beautiful hair.

So with that said, be sure to oil your scalp. Use a light oil that will not sit heavy and clog your pores. I love Moroccan Oil Lite, as well as Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
This is especially critical if you're wearing your hair in a protective style like, Micro Braids, Sew-In Weaves etc.

Ok Marquetta, what's the take away?

1. Use high quality moisturing shampoo's that are color safe a few times per week depending on your lifestyle.

2.Choose your conditioners and oils wisely. You want to be sure you're using high quality products. Skip a wash a few times per week and co-wash.

3. Steam Treat or deep condition your hair weekly.

4. Oil that scalp! Use a light oil to keep your scalp moisturized.

There you have it! Long of the short. Take time and and care for your hair just as your stylist would.
Doing this makes it easier for your stylist to keep your hair healthy during the times you're not sitting in his or her chair!

I hope you enjoyed. Take care!

Be blessed,






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