Box Braids – 2013 Trend Alert

Marquetta Breslin  by Marquetta Breslin • January 23, 2013

One of the biggest trends of 2013 will be… Box Braids! Why? Because they are versatile, easy to manage, and they give your hair a break as long as you follow the rules.

If you don't know what Box Braids are they are just like Micro Braids in terms of technique, but with Box Braids the hair used is Kanakalon, the parts are bigger, and the width of the braids are also bigger.

These braids are demonstrated in my 10 Styles For Your Child Online Class which is included in the Braiding & Weaving Legacy Online Classes Package.

Ever since Solange Knowles was seen rocking her Box Braids they have been heavily trending with the celebs like Beyonce, Christina Millian, Venus Williams, and Jada Pinket just to name a few.

I've seen them in all different sizes and colors. Most people who are rocking them are just having fun and at the end of the day that's what it's all about.

So what do I think? I love them! I've never been one to wear box braids, but after having to deal with my Natural Hair while spending a ton of time in the gym I was desperate for something low maintenance, so I also opted for Box Braids.

So if you're considering getting Box Braids here's 3 things you MUST keep in mind to ensure yours are still trendy!

1. Do it big! Instead of getting your Box Braids small, opt for a medium to larger size. This will likely reduce the time you're sitting to get them done. With 2 braiders on my head it only took me 4 hours!

2. Go long! Opt for at least waist length or longer. This will give you lots of versatility when you're ready to style your Box Braids. You will be able to rock a high bun, pull half of them up, or just wear them down… go long… live a little! 🙂

3. Don't even think about burning those ends! Ask your braider to dip the ends in hot water to keep them as straight as possible.

Box Braids are great and will give your hair a break. Have fun with them. My braids are very long, and very blonde to match my hair and I love them!

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Marquetta Breslin

Marquetta Breslin

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