Don’t be fooled… Box Color is NOT good for your hair…

Marquetta Breslin  by Marquetta Breslin • July 9, 2013

iStock_000002853143XSmallDon't Let This Happen To You…

I had a client sit in my hair that had about 4 different colors of hair that she wanted me to fix.

During the consultation I asked her where she got her hair colored and what line they used.

Since this was considered a corrective color, this was some important information.

No lie, when she said “I didn't go to a salon, I did this at home.” I almost sent her to another salon.

But I didn't. I took a deep breath and started to talk to her about what we were in store for.

See the thing is… with box color underneath professional color you never know what your end result will be.

Why? Because box color despite what the commercials tell you is NOT good for your hair.

Now I know at some point you may have been extremely successful with it in the past… heck before I was a licensed professional I was too, but trust me it's not good and I'm about to tell you exactly why.

1. Hair color is truly customizable for each individual person. Virgin hair is going to process different than chemically treated hair and I've also found that different textures process different as well.

As a colorist you also have to consider the following:

– Level of Porosity

– Percentage of grey

– Natural level (are there any underlying pigments)

2. With box color this is NOT the case. It's usually a “One Size Fits All” type of thing.

With box color it's formulated for use on everyone. The problem here is that you are buying the same color that someone who needs to lift 5 shades vs your 1.

With professional color lifting only 1 shade requires a 10 Vol developer whereas the standard in box color is usually a 40 Vol developer.

This means it's stronger and can cause a lot of unwanted damage!

3. Back in the 1800's color companies would use Metallic Salts as an ingredient in hair color, the disturbing thing is some companies today still use Metallic Salts.

Why is this bad? Several reasons..

– Metallic Salts are extremely difficult to remove from the hair. So difficult that sometimes one has to resort to cutting the hair.

– Over time the constant use of box color the hair will start to feel hard and straw like, in most cases its caused by Metallic Salts.

– The buildup of Metallic Salts causes your hair color to to get darker and over time it will darken past your results especially if you overlap your color.

There's about 50 other reasons, but what I've given you are some of the best ones.

Hair color is chemistry.

Knowing how to properly mix it using professional products is a skill that requires a license, so please support your local salons/hairstylist and let them give you the service they've been trained to do.

Do your research first tho, because the last thing you want is to end up like the ladies in this horrific video! Enjoy…

Be blessed,


Marquetta Breslin

Marquetta Breslin

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