How To Charge Your Worth 1

How To Charge Your Worth

This topic has me fired up every time I speak to a wigmaker or beauty professional who is not charging enough for their services.

Let me give you an example. About ten years ago, I was hosting one of my 2-Day hands-on Lace Wig Seminars, and a young lady was attending who was already making beautiful Lace Wigs from scratch. She was just there to continue her education.

Once I saw the excellent work she was already doing, we started talking about how to scale. The first thing I asked her was, “How much are you charging for your full lace wigs?” 

Her answer blew me away. She said, “Anywhere from $150 to $300!” 🥴 I immediately told her she needed to add a “0” to the end. I then talked to her about charging her worth and making sure she believed she was worth what she was charging because it starts there.

This topic is so crucial for any service provider to explore and understand at a deeper level. Last year Ricky and I had a special guest, Ed Rush come on the Marquetta Breslin LIVE! show to talk about this very topic. You can watch that video here:

Understanding how to charge your worth is so incredibly vital that Ed and I have dedicated an entire Module to it in the upcoming Million Dollar Stylist LIVE! event on July 26-27, 2021. 

In that phase alone, you'll learn…

  • How a simple shift in your mindset will instantly transform how the people in your life see you. They'll treat you with more respect, ask you for expert advice, and value you more. (Hint: the key to how people view you starts with how you view yourself. Most of the stylists I know are their “own worst enemies” in the negative talk they bring into their lives.) You will learn how to completely eliminate this negative mindset…which is going to bring more power, peace of mind, and prosperity.
  • How to transform your biggest obstacle to success into your most powerful weapon!
  • How to erase the “play small” programming the world has installed in your mind. Most stylists don't realize just how deep this “brainwashing” goes. If you had parents, went to school, or ever watched TV, then there's junk in your mind that's keeping you from succeeding! Time for that to go… and in this event, I will show you how.

Click here to register before it's too late. This will be the last time we do this event, and you can't afford to be left behind trying to figure this out.

God bless,

How To Charge Your Worth 2
Being Pushed Past A Breaking Point 3

Being Pushed Past A Breaking Point

This morning during my prayer and study time, I was led to go and look at my memories on Facebook, and two years ago, on this day, I posted a video that was taken during one of my Million Dollar Stylist LIVE! events.

At the very end, I had some graduates who completed the mentorship program come up and share their experiences. This particular video highlighted the experience of one of the most amazing human beings on the planet, Monica Davis. As I watched the video and listened to her share her story, it was amazing to hear how much she has grown.

Monica was an attendee at the first-ever Million Dollar Stylist LIVE! event I had back in Charleston, SC. I will never forget seeing Monica sit in that room. There's a picture down below where you see me hugging her at the end of that event. She's was in tears because she was sitting at that event and had so many epiphanies and revelations about her life and business and what to do next to moving forward because she knew there was more.

Being Pushed Past A Breaking Point 4

At the end of that event, I offered a mentorship program; she joined that mentorship program, and she and I worked together for several years after that. I love her.

Being Pushed Past A Breaking Point 5

Monica has always been bold, but I remember what she was like before attending my five-day Roadmap To Results event. There was a portion in the event where I had everyone come up and share their story.

Monica was terrified, like a lot of people in the room. I remember talking her through it, and each moment that she spoke and shared bits and pieces of her story, layers were pulled back from the onion. Before the end of those five days, Monica and mostly everyone in the room were like completely different people. Check out this video to hear all about Monica's experience working with me.

Prior to the event, Monica would not have picked up a microphone, and she wouldn't have spoken in front of people. Seeing the growth and seeing how far she has come from that moment to right now is nothing short of amazing. It all started from her sitting at a seat and purchasing the Million Dollar Stylist program, then after that program, attending the event, and implementing what she learned. She did the work.

Being Pushed Past A Breaking Point 6

Most people don't understand the importance of doing the work; they want it handed to them on a silver platter and don't want to have to do the work to get there. Monica did the work. She's still doing the work, and she's doing a fantastic job at it.

If you are at a point in your life where you know there is more, you know there is another step, you know there's something else that you know you need to do in your heart, then I highly encourage you to register for this Million Dollar Stylist LIVE! event coming up.

It's a very good chance that I will not do another one after this. You simply cannot afford to miss it.

It will change the trajectory of your life if you implement. It will shift your atmosphere. It will change your perception about how you see things in the beauty industry and how you see yourself.

You will think differently. You will talk differently. You will walk differently. You will approach situations differently. This event is not something that you can say, oh, I'll get this, and I'll go through it later.

When you register and attend this live event and attend and do the work, you will have a testimony. You will have a story to share.

So, I highly encourage you to not only watch this video but to register for this event. You cannot afford to miss this event. I don't care if you do real estate, the principles that we will teach at Million Dollar Stylist LIVE! can be transferred to any business. So if you know someone who owns a business that needs that next level tapped into, share this email with them and encourage them to register for this event.

There is a point, a level that must be accessed in order for you to step into what you have been called to do. But sometimes, we don't know what that level is. We can't see that level. And we don't even know that it's there. It takes someone else to highlight it, to show you what's next.

So, my question to you is, what are you waiting for?

Watch the video above. Then register for this event. It will change your life forever if you let it.

God bless,

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5 Things To Do During The Coronavirus Lockdown 7

5 Things To Do During The Coronavirus Lockdown

We're living in unprecedented times right now, but what I don't want you to do is waste it binging on Netflix or negativity. So in this video, I give five things you can do during the coronavirus lockdown.

Everything I share in this video I do or have done, during this lockdown, it will be easy to watch tv all day or scroll through social media for hours. But using this time to be productive will benefit you after the lockdown is over. It will become a part of your daily regimen. I am helping you to focus and think clearly with the tips I share in this video.

Be blessed,
Marquetta Breslin

5 Things To Do During The Coronavirus Lockdown 8

Mentorship Client Success Story: Alicia Igess

Check out my brand new mentorship program here:

Over the past few years, my mentorship program has evolved to what it is today. I can honestly say I've had the privilege of working with some of the industry's most talented stylists and beauty professionals.

My 90 Day Business Mentorship program ends in a 5-Day Event in Las Vegas just like the one for my Lace Wig Mentorship Program. On graduation day, my students have the opportunity to share their experience with others.

Alicia Igess owner of The Urban Tangles salon is an incredible stylist and has a fantastic product line that is a MUST TRY! Check out this video to hear her share her experience.

Be blessed,
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Stop Feeling Guilty For Making Money

As entrepreneurs it's easy to fall into the mindset of feeling guilty for the success God has given you! That's the opposite of how we should feel. You should never feel guilty for making money. Our money is God's seed, and it's our responsibility to sew it into ground that reaps harvest, not the opposite. Check out this video from my last event where I share personal and private information about why that's important.

Be blessed,
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How I Got Started In The Beauty Industry

Your story makes you who you are. Never let anyone tell you any different. Many people downplay their story out of fear of what other people will say or think. You must shift your mindset and way of thinking about this. The truth is the exact opposite of that. Your story WILL change lives, never forget that. Check out this video to hear my story about how I got started in the beauty industry.

Be blessed,
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90 Day Mentorship Graduate: Tomika Miles

I've been asked a lot lately about my Mentorship Program. It isn't something I talk about often, because it's only something I offer at my live events. Attending a live event is a pre-requisite for joining my mentorship program.

People come in one way and leave completely transformed. Tomika just graduated from my 90 Day Mentorship Program in December of 2018. Check out this video to hear her story!

Be blessed,
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I’m Giving Hair Vendors Away For FREE

On Wednesday I leave for 10 days to hit 4 different cities around the US. I start with Dallas, and end in Chicago. There's still time to get your tickets to the city nearest to you!

You never know what I'm going to do or give away. In April I gave away 30 hair vendors for FREE. Check out the video for more details.

 Click here to apply to attend the next live event.

Here are the cities and dates:

Dallas, TX(May 16, 2019)
Atlanta, GA(May 19, 2019)
NYC, NY(May 22, 2019)
Chicago, IL(May 24, 2019)

This will sell out. Make sure to get your application in ASAP.

Be blessed,
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