The Origin Of Wig-Making 1

The Origin Of Wig-Making

Wig making is the art and craft of creating hairpieces for men and women to wear for various reasons. Wigs have been used for centuries for various reasons, including fashion, cultural and religious traditions, and medical purposes. The origins of wig-making can be traced back to ancient civilizations, where wigs were worn for both practical and decorative purposes.

In ancient Egypt, wigs were worn by both men and women to protect their heads from the sun. Wigs were also a sign of social status, with wealthier individuals wearing wigs made from human hair or animal fur. The ancient Egyptians were skilled in wig-making, and the wigs they created were often highly elaborate and ornate.

Wigs were also popular in ancient Greece and Rome, particularly among men. They were often worn by actors in plays and were made from horsehair or human hair. Wigs were also used to cover up baldness or thinning hair and were often powdered with scents or perfumes to mask unpleasant odors.

During the European Renaissance, wigs became popular among men and women as a symbol of wealth and social status. Wigs were often made from human hair or wool and were adorned with ribbons, feathers, and other decorative elements. In the 18th and 19th centuries, wig-making became a highly skilled trade, with wig makers creating elaborate hairstyles for both men and women.

Today, wig-making is still a popular profession, with wigs used for various purposes, including fashion, theater, and medical purposes. Modern wig makers use various materials, including synthetic fibers, human hair, and animal fur, to create a wide range of styles and looks. Despite the many changes in fashion and technology over the centuries, wig-making art remains an important and enduring part of our culture.

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Ventilating Patterns 101 2

Ventilating Patterns 101

One of the most frequently asked questions I get when it comes to hair ventilation (knotting hair on lace) is, “Can I ventilate in patterns?” The short answer is yes, but before I go into detail, let me share a quick story with you.

A few years back, at one of my hands-on Lace Wig seminars, I had a lady that had grasped the technique very quickly and was ventilating her heart out.

She had previously asked me about ventilating in patterns using single knots. I shared with her what I always say to everyone concerning this question (I'll give you the detailed answer in just a few).

About an hour or so later, she walks up to me for me to see her work, it was beautiful, BUT it looked like she ventilated in a straight line, skipped a line, and ventilated in another line, almost like hair on a baby doll, or a hair ventilation machine (a machine used to punch hair into a polyurethane material).

I shared with her what I would do differently, and on the way back to her seat, she shared with other students in the class that I yelled at her about her work! LOL

She didn't know I heard her, so I walked over, made a joke about it, and we all laughed, but it was a learning moment for everyone.

Here's what I told her to always remember when it comes to ventilating patterns…

  1. The entire point of ventilating hair into a wig is to mimic the growth pattern of natural hair. If you were to part your hair and look at it in a mirror or even under a microscope, you'll notice that your hair doesn't grow in straight lines. If that's the case, then you wouldn't ventilate in straight lines. It looks too manufactured.
  2. Patterns for ventilating should be used strategically. If you're adding color, for instance, you can ventilate color 1 in every 2 holes and color 2 in every third hole to create a certain look. 
  3. Patterns are great when creating a cowlick or whirl.

I go into extensive detail about patterns in this video. Be sure to check it out and take notes. 

I'll be teaching about this and more on Monday during my 1-Day Virtual Lace Wig Bootcamp.

There's still time to enroll.

God bless,
Marquetta Breslin

The Weekly Wrap-Up (Nov 6-12, 22)

Hair Patches Made Easy – It's a wrap! I'd want to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to everyone who signed up for the Hair Patches Made Easy virtual class. It was amazing! If you weren't able to attend live, the recordings are up.

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The Weekly Wrap-Up (Nov 6-12, 22) 3

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The Weekly Wrap-Up (Nov 6-12, 22) 4

Marquetta Breslin Podcast – On this Podcast, you'll find a mix of Marquetta's God Works Show, Marquetta Breslin LIVE, keynote speeches, interviews, and thoughts she records just for this Podcast!

The Weekly Wrap-Up (Nov 6-12, 22) 5

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The Most Underrated Ventilating Technique 6

The Most Underrated Ventilating Technique

The single knot is the foundation to every other knot you'll ventilate to make a lace wig.

There's one knot that I've been teaching for years that is the most underrated and underused in my opinion.

Check out this video to see what that knot is and how you can use it in your next wig.

God bless,
Marquetta Breslin

Hair Patches Made Easy (New Live Class) 7

Hair Patches Made Easy (New Live Class)

Last week I announced my brand new live class, Hair Patches Made Easy! The class is on November 10, 2022, from 10 am – 4 pm PST.

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Hair Patches Made Easy (New Live Class) 8
Hair Patches Made Easy (New Live Class) 9

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God bless,
Marquetta Breslin

Ventilating vs Plucking...Which One Is Better? 10

Ventilating vs Plucking…Which One Is Better?

There are so many options available when it comes to making and customizing wigs, but two of the most popular are ventilating and plucking.

I have an entire video about this topic. You can watch it below.

What is plucking? Plucking is a method of removing hair from a lace wig with tweezers. The hair usually needs to be wet, and you tweeze the hairline or areas of the part that needs to be thinned out.

I don't know who came up with the brilliant idea of plucking, but if you think about it, it's brilliant. Plucking can be a great way to customize a wig in a pinch quickly.

The problem with plucking is that if you're inexperienced or rushing through a project, you can easily pluck huge holes in your lace. These huge holes can often happen to brand-new wigs, closures, and frontals.

Another thing that can also happen with plucking is that you can overpluck and remove too much hair from the piece you're working on.

If either of those two things happens, ventilating can be used to save the day! All areas that have holes or have been overplucked can be fixed with ventilating.

Now with ventilating (the art of knotting the hair onto the lace), you can avoid plucking altogether if you start ventilating from scratch. When you make a piece from scratch, you have total and complete control of how each strand of hair is ventilated and where the hair is placed to achieve the desired look.

Doing this will eliminate having to use tweezers to pluck hair out.

As I stated above, you can also use ventilating to add more hair to areas that have been thinned out from overplucking. You can offer these services to people. It's quick and simple, and it saves the client from having to throw a perfectly good wig in the trash.

Lastly, ventilating can be used along with whip stitching to repair any holes put in the lace as long as they aren't visible to the naked eye. Those types of repairs would need to be done on a case-by-case basis.

So, to answer the question of which one is better ventilating or plucking? The answer is that they both work! One is not more superior to the other; they can both be used to suit the needs of whatever situation you're in.

If you're struggling to learn how to ventilate, come to my next 2-Day Lace Wig Bootcamp here in Las Vegas, October 2-3, 2022. It's two full days of hands-on instruction in an intimate setting. There are only a few seats left, so be sure to submit your application below, so you don't miss out.

This will be the last hands-on training for the year, so I hope to see you here in Vegas!

God bless,
Marquetta Breslin

Get The Weight Off 11

Get The Weight Off

Have you ever looked at a picture of yourself and thought, how in the world did I get this big? 

I've been working on getting the weight off since April, and although it's going slow because I have to put the fork down, I will not stop until I'm at my goal weight.

A few nights ago, I almost choked in my sleep, and I haven't been the same since.

You can watch me talk about that in the video below…

Countless things arise in business or life that hinder us from moving forward with something we know we need to do. I don't know what that is for you; only you and God know what that is. But, I want to encourage you to take that step forward to make the necessary changes.

In the video I shared above, there are three key things I shared that you should focus on when making changes, but I want to add to that here…

  1. Decide. It's up to you to decide that a change needs to be made.
  2. Commit. Commit to your decision, and don't let up. 
  3. Trust The Process. We may never understand it, but we must trust the process and know it will all work out in the end.

Have an amazing weekend! 

God bless,
Marquetta Breslin

Get The Weight Off 12

Lace Wig Revolution, Missing Mom, & Hands-On Classes

One of the most memorable moments at Lace Wig University LIVE! was when I had a conversation with two of the attendees that had me missing my mamma.

Mom was my only assistant at my Lace Wig Seminars for years. I didn't even have to ask for teaching tools; she would just stand there with the next thing I needed in her hand; I'd look up, and there she was. I will never forget those moments with Mom.

Yesterday, I started doing my daily videos again, sharing things like this story with Mom and more!

Watch the full video above, and don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe to my YouTube channel, so you never miss an upload.

God bless,
Marquetta Breslin

Lace Wig Revolution, Missing Mom, & Hands-On Classes 13

How To Fix A Receding Hairline

Receding hairlines don't just appear in men, but also in women as well. The hair can also start to recede in your 20s depending on a number of different factors. There are a number of different things you can do to fix the receding hair line like taking medication, using products to stimulate growth and hair pieces.

Below is a video I recorded on TikTok that is a quick fix for fixing a receding hairline for you or your clients. This is so simple and easy to do. Check out the video below for more details.

I've decided to teach this technique next month at Lace Wig University LIVE! Is going to be here in Las Vegas from July 25-27, 2022. We will be doing one day of hands-on, and two days of marketing. This event will change the trajectory of your career and life if you let it. Click here to register.

God bless,
Marquetta Breslin

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How To Make A Mold For A Full Lace Wig (Video 📽)

Happy Hump Day!!! I can't believe in 9 days, Lace Wig University will be closing for enrollment for 2022, but in this email, I wanted to share with you how to make a mold for a full lace wig.

I developed this approach to making molds for wigs years ago when I first started making Lace Wigs from scratch, and it has never failed me. 

All you need is saran wrap, scotch tape, and a permanent marker. In the video below, I had some of my students who graduated from one of my mentorship programs come over to do some interviews, and while they were here, we filmed this video demonstrating that technique.

You can watch the video below.

Since filming this, I've updated this technique and made it even better. It's taught inside Lace Wig University!

Enrollment closes on Friday, April 29, 2022 at 12:00am PST. Don't miss out! 

God bless,
Marquetta Breslin

How To Make A Mold For A Full Lace Wig (Video 📽) 14