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Ask Marquetta & Ricky Anything | Episode 43 5

Ask Marquetta & Ricky Anything | Episode 43

This episode of Marquetta Breslin Live purely questions and answers from our audience.

We talked about the lights we used to see the microscopic hole in the lace and the update on what we have with the Lace Wig Training in Las Vegas. For the latter part, we were told that events should only have 50 percent capacity which if implemented, we will not be able to continue with the training and we will just refund the money to our subscribers. We will make a separate announcement on this one.

We were also asked about how we manage family and career. As much as we wanted to provide advice on how to manage the family, we believed that one piece of advice does not apply to all kinds of families or all kinds of children. One thing is different from the other. 

We announced in this video that Rob will be filming with us for Lace Wig University Training as part of special content which you should watch out for!

There are a lot more in this video so I suggest watching this till the end.

Be blessed,
Marquetta Breslin

5 Qualities Every Entrepreneur Should Have | Episode 55 6

5 Qualities Every Entrepreneur Should Have | Episode 55

Check this website for more information:

In this episode of Marquetta Breslin Live, we provide you the qualities of an Entrepreneur. Being successful in your field of chosen business doesn't only mean starting it successfully but it also means the right attitude towards your business and your people. 

THICK SKIN – This is just the simplest way of saying “Do not let emotions carry us away.” I think it is the way of learning and knowing how and what you feel, the more natural you will become at dealing with what comes up and how you respond to it.

TAKE INITIATIVE – By taking initiative, is one of the best skills you can have, building your projects, suggesting changes, you will create trust and respect. But take note, taking initiative in situations requires acknowledging that you are prepared to take a risk. Be confident in everything that you do.

DECISIVENESS – This means coming to a firm conclusion quickly and effectively. As simple as the definition is, there is immense power in decision-making. Understanding what decisiveness is and why it is important is critical to be a successful entrepreneur. You should listen, weigh your options, and follow-through. This is the key to effective planning and achieving goals.

COMPASSION – This is being mindful of what other’s feelings and how we choose to respond. We’ve been through difficult times and it allows you to understand their particular situation and it becomes much easier to prepare well-targeted strategies.

Now, what are you waiting for! Implement this now and increase your chances of getting to the top.

God bless,
Marquetta Breslin

Monday Q&A | Episode 41 7

Monday Q&A | Episode 41

This episode of Marquetta Breslin Live is just purely questions and answers. 

A lot are very much interested in the Lace Wig Mentorship Program which will be offered only at the Live event. Registration will be made one day only and we will start the mentorship program the next day.

We also talked about the difference between the Lace Wig Training System and the Lace Wig Mentorship Program. The former is just the system plus there is one big Q & A session of the program while the Lace Wig Mentorship Program is a guided step by step through the lace wig training system along with the business stuff that you need.

God bless,
Marquetta Breslin

Friday Q&A | Episode 39 8

Friday Q&A | Episode 39

We talked about Lead ads or running ads on facebook, the process and how it is done. You should identify what type of marketing you should do. To have an insight whether there is a probability to effectively reach out to your target audience.

We also talked about budgeting for your facebook ads since budgeting is not the same and it differs between types of businesses.

There is so much more on this episode so watch the video till the end!

God bless,
Marquetta Breslin

$50K Worth Of Wigs & Extensions Stolen From Vancouver Salon | Episode 48

In this episode of Marquetta Breslin Live, we talked about a stolen wigs and extension from Vancouver Salon. The wigs stolen is amounting to $50k worth. Allegedly, thefts in Vancouver are linked to the international black market, but the cost of the wigs likely provides an incentive for thieves. For more details, you can read the article here.

We also tackled our video setup and this is one for the books. We have a GH5S Panasonic that gives you 4k video footage, we also suggest getting a Panasonic lens and Senheiser AVX audio. More of this in the video.  

God bless,
Marquetta Breslin

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How To Deal With Social Media Bullies & Criticism | Episode 49

In this episode of Marquetta Breslin Live, we talked about how to deal with social media bullies and criticisms.

Social media bullies and criticisms are everywhere but I do believe that no one can bring negativity to you unless you let them. Do not mind them or do not take it personally. Most of the time, criticisms reflect more about them than you.  

As they say, we can’t change how people act or talk around us, but we can change how we act around them. We always have a choice. The negativity is not ours if we don’t take it.

Where all else fails, avoid them altogether. You may do yourself and the person a favor by breaking it off. 

Lastly, try to find our positive aspect in everything, be confident, and never let yourself down. Learn to accept both praises and criticism and most important be happy, be positive, and keep smiling.

For social media bullying, always stay calm, it's so nice to be away from your social networking site just to breathe fresh air. Do not engage or reply to them, cyberbullies will tend to aggravate you, ignore the comments and messages.

Most importantly, tell your family. Talk to adults as they will be able to help you do not go through this alone.

God bless,

Marquetta Breslin