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How To Make 6 Figures With What You Already Know | Episode 54

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In this video our special guest Ed Rush shares with you the fastest and easiest way to make money with no experience required. With what you'll learn in this video you can start now with no overhead or team, and the best part is you'll be helping people by using your expertise!

In this video you'll learn about…

  • The 6-Figure Text Message
  • The 6 main things that are holding you back from closing deals right now
  • And so much more!

Grab your notebook and get ready! This one is a game changer.

Be blessed,

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Meet Celebrity Stylist, Yene Damtew! | Episode 8

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Hey! Tonight Ricky and I will be live with special guest Yene Damtew! Her work is amazing. She is currently the personal stylist for the Obama family and has worked with other celebs like Tracee Ellis Ross, Aja Naomi King, Skai Jackson, Angely Rye, and many more!

Not only is Yene and incredible hair stylist, but she is also a mentor to salon professionals. Yene has created a financial tool for hairstylists and barbers to help keep track of finances. This is another “don't miss” episode!

Be sure to have your notebooks ready.

Be blessed,
Marquetta Breslin

How To Start Your own Product Line | Episode 5

Starting your own product line can seem like an extremely daunting task if you have no clue where to start or where to begin. In today's episode of Marquetta Breslin Live!, we have special guest Ivana Miles. Ivana shares her process for starting her own product line while she was a student in my one of my Mentorship Programs.

I also brought in two surprise guests in this episode, Rob Fooks and Carmelesha Matthewson. Both of these great people have also launched their own products.

Lastly, you'll learn a few websites to go to to get started, why testing your future products matter so much, and so much more!

Watch the video below, I know you'll get so much out of it. A lot of people have already told us how much they learned from this episode and some people have already started their own product line.

There's never been a better time to get started with your own product line, you can do this!

Be blessed,

Marquetta Breslin

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