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Fully Booked Blueprint – How To Get & Keep Clients For Life – In Any Economy | Episode 44

In this episode of Marquetta Breslin Live, we will discuss and provide points on How to Get Clients For Life.

You win customers and keep them by understanding their needs, creating value propositions to address those needs, and consistently delivering and showing on that value proposition.  

The first point discussed in this episode was there is a need to diversify your income, meaning, you have to have other income aside from your main business to be able to sustain especially in unprecedented times like we’re experiencing with a global pandemic, which of course was not expected. The important thing about having multiple streams of income is your relationship with people and once you have a good relationship with people, you can expand your business. 

The next point we discussed is not just telling people what you can do but specifically showing them by demonstrating what you do via your social media platforms.

The third point is to never chase people or never chase your client cause once you chase them, negotiations arise especially with regards to pricing.

The next important point, people are always motivated by visuals so if you want to show what you have, use video. People get to see your personality, and choose whether or not they like what they see based on how you come across to your audience. 

From creating your videos, make sure that it is consistent so you can build TRUST. People will buy your goods and services because they trust you. 

To learn more about this episode, be sure to watch the entire episode. 

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God bless,

Marquetta Breslin

Does Your Business Need Social Media? | Episode 52 1

Does Your Business Need Social Media? | Episode 52

In this episode of Marquetta Breslin Live, we talked about the use of Social Media for your business.

What we talked about how investing time, efforts, and money in social media is a wise business move. Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, and more help you to connect with a large audience, increase brand awareness, generate quality leads, and boost sales and conversions.

Your business improves the site’s search engine visibility, this may be organic, allowing more prospects to reach you and giving you the chance to convert them into customers.

Through social media platforms, business owners can keep their prospects and existing customers/clients updated about their latest products and services. Customers may repeat purchases, referrals, and give you online reviews. 

Social media also increases brand recognition and trust. It is more of giving your business a personality, which can naturally lead to more brand loyalty and higher sales conversion rates.

Social Media is an online media where users can easily participate, share, create content or write. In the digital era like now, young children to adults certainly have social media. Spending a day on Facebook or Instagram. This certainty makes it easy for you to provide various information for various ages. As we reiterate, social media has not been only for sharing information but social media has also become a means of communicating and interacting online to do business marketing.

God bless,
Marquetta Breslin

How To Build An Email List | Episode 53 2

How To Build An Email List | Episode 53

A little bit of history, a few years ago, I visited my Facebook account and found out that it has been hacked. They’d been using my account and my pages to scam my clients. But how did we manage to recover all our membership and email lists? 

In this episode of Marquetta Breslin Live, we show you how to grow your email list. List Building is a great way to reach out to your existing clients as well as prospective customers and can help you create a long term relationship with them. 

But the real question is who can you attract your prospective clients to give you their email?

We have been using this for quite some time now and we know that it is very effective:

1. You can create a video that would entice them to give you their email addresses.

2. You can create a series of videos.

3. Write an ebook – this depends on what you are teaching but this should be of value.

4. You can also use infographics.

5. And according to Ricky, all of these should be consumable. 

6. You can also use surveys that do not look so spammy.

Lastly, use your social media accounts to spread the word and grow your audience. 

There are tons of methods for growing an email list. Most of which requires tons of hard work and determination.

God bless,

Marquetta Breslin

How To Make 6 Figures With What You Already Know | Episode 54

Check his TOPGUN Consultant Book here: 

In this episode of Marquetta Breslin Live, we invited Ed Rush, a world-renown speaker, and consultant.

You will learn in this video “How to Make That 6 Figures” you were always dreaming of.

Three questions you need to answer for yourself are these according to Ed:

  1. What is the problem? (If you have) but if not, ask yourself, What is their problem? 
  2. Find an Expert and ask for help. 
  3. Make Money Now!

Most people are not prepared to think this way, but if you do, you’ll make it to 6 figures and probably 7 figures pretty quickly.

Lastly, make an online following, people want to deal with people who are recognized as knowing some stuff which can be validated by what they do online – the perfect example of that is “CONSULTING OPPORTUNITIES.”

Do not miss all the information from this video. We hope you learn from this!

God bless,

Marquetta Breslin

How To Start A T-Shirt Business | Episode 56 3

How To Start A T-Shirt Business | Episode 56

In this episode of Marquetta, we talked about starting up a T-Shirt Business with special guest Nigeria Johnson, owner of Know Your Story Clothing.

Check out her website here:

Her online business is powered by Shopify, an e-commerce website.  Starting a business is hard work, but as far as setting up an e-commerce website goes. Just a tip: Shopify makes it reasonably simple for new business owners.

The team #knowyourstory has learned from trial and error, they took a lot of testing and re-engineering things before they they got the product and market fit right. 

This is just one of the episodes you wouldn't want to miss.

God bless,

Marquetta Breslin

Tamika Gibson - How The Bold Hold Empire Was Created From The Ground Up | Episode 60 4

Tamika Gibson – How The Bold Hold Empire Was Created From The Ground Up | Episode 60

In this episode of Marquetta Breslin Live, our special guest is Tamika Gibson also known as @TheHairDiagram on Instagram.

Tamika, a professional stylists for over 20 years, launched her first lace adhesive product called Bold Hold Lace Tape, this hair product designed for use on lace wigs, closures, and frontals.

She joined the military where she served with the US Army. Tamika shared how her experience with the military made her what she is today with regards to her business.

She is now an instructor and influencer, she educates aspiring stylists, and as an educator her goal is to equip her students and her peers with the skill sets to make money and change lives. 

She provides students a step by step plan, A to Z (as she called it) that will guide them to become successful. According to her, young talents should not seek overnight success. Do not give up, learn more, get a lot of experience.

God bless,
Marquetta Breslin

Dramas Of A Bald Head Queen ~ An Intimate Interview With Multi-Talented Nina Brewton | Episode 58

For this episode of Marquetta Breslin Live, we invited my good friend for almost 20 years, Nina Brewton, author of the book “Dramas Of A Bald Head Queen”.

Nina is a speaker, auctioneer, and vocalist. She loves to inspire others to not only acknowledge the peace, love, and light but to be able to walk in these three gifts. 

Nina experienced a lot having a father who was an alcoholic, she also dealt with sexual promiscuity but this didn't stop her from loving life.

Nina has been an inspiration for all of us, she encourages others to do better for themselves, increasing your self-esteem and skills and at the same time building a healthier relationship with your own family and friends.

Do not forget the past but learn from it. Have no fear. There are no insurmountable obstacles, and all doubts live only in our head.

God bless,
Marquetta Breslin

US Seized $800K Chinese Shipment Of Wigs & Bundles | Episode 46 5

US Seized $800K Chinese Shipment Of Wigs & Bundles | Episode 46

In this episode of the Marquetta Breslin Live, we talked about how the US seized a Chinese shipment of nearly 13 tons of wigs and other human hair products suspected of being produced by forced labor in Xinjiang. Federal law prohibits this kind of activityr. Read the full article here.

There have been tons of stylists who have been effected by this shortage of wigs, and other hair products. In this episode we also took lots of questions.

The first question asks about how social media turns out to be more damaging than helpful. It is effortless to watch what other people are doing and then trying to fit with that same ideology. Anything you watch on social media does not necessarily apply to you. Sometimes you must take a step back and focus on your work.

You should not sacrifice yourself for recognition on social media since you need to be an example to other generations. Things need to be done the right way; more specifically, you need to build real trust with people.

The second question asked in this episode is how someone can produce multiple streams of income. The first step is figuring out how you want to make money. This would be the core of your income. Starting with anything you are passionate about and love, but understand that you do not need passion or love to make money. Some people need to feed their families with whatever income they can get.

From this core income, you should build “symbiotic relationships.” In other words, expanding your business or adding a business with your core income has some type of relation.

The momentum you have on your core income must be used in other business as well. Having two different companies or jobs will not help you. It's very common to see people lose focus on their core income and then getting burn out. You should continue doing what is in your direction and ignore anything outside your lane. You do not know which destinies will cross in your way and connect with you, so you must push past the “people have already done it” ideology.

In this video we also talk about the foundation that has held our business throughout 17 years. Praying is crucial, especially in a married couple, asking God to lead and give you peace during the lead. Secondly, he adds that you must care about your business. It would be best if you had a passion for being able to work without getting burn out. Communication is critical in both a business and a relationship since sometimes, you must say what you like and dislike.

Our business started with the grace of God. Fortunately, Ricky introduced repetitive ideas, such as teaching other people how to braid. I accepted the idea, and Ricky hired a film producer. That is why I know that God gave her this gift, packed up, and prepared.

We consider this business a treasure, and how we are very thankful to every individual that has supported our business, even if they have not bought something. We are grateful to be able to inspire others.

God bless,
Marquetta Breslin

Why You Should Never Address Negativity | Episode 59 6

Why You Should Never Address Negativity | Episode 59

In this episode of Marquetta Breslin Live, we talked about Negativity. One rule we have for 17 years is that we never address negativity.

In reality, we cannot avoid negativity in Life. It will always be around us.

Be patient with everyone, understand that the individual spewing out all of that negativity may have just received some terrible news. Don’t react, just let it go.

Relax and realize you are not alone. Negativity comes not only in your personal life, in your business life as well.

Negativity, it comes to pass, but it will never stay.

God bless,
Marquetta Breslin

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How To Start A Wig Business | Episode 61

In this Marquetta Breslin Live episode, we talked about how to start a wig business. Our speaker, Aidan Janiero, was another young entrepreneur who at her age (22 years old), has her own business and 30 employees. 

Aidan trained with a mentor an hour before her class while she was in high school. She created pieces for family, classmates in university, and varsity players and professors until she realized that she can make this her business.

Aidan didn't go to cosmetology school, while learning wig making, she is an international business major. She is a classic example of working her way to the top, noting, she is only 22 years old.

The website is, they offer a tailored to each client. Beijo was built with their clients as the heart of every decision and the mind of a very intelligent young lady.

According to her, the blessing came in when she started thinking about others, giving more to others, and being charitable. 

Aidan is an example of a woman who can be intelligent, creative, and assertive. Always start small, sometimes your ambition will get the best of you but start simple. Keep pushing yourself. Somedays you wanted to quit, the one thing that will keep you going is your will and the passion you have for your business.

Be blessed,
Marquetta Breslin