Common Hair Myths – Don’t Believe Da Hype…

Marquetta Breslin  by Marquetta Breslin • September 1, 2013

Lately I've been getting a lot of questions about some common myths with hair so I want to take a minute to dispell some of those common myths.

Let's Go…

MYTH: Trimming your hair will make it grow quickly.

TRUTH: Ummm…not so much. Trimms are necessary because by trimming those ends you're taking the split ends off which in turn reduces your breakage. Trimming those ends actually has nothing to do with the follicle.

If you don't trim your ends your broken ends will continue to break. This is why stylists always say to trim those ends every 8 to 12 weeks consistently.

The problem here is that some stylists are notorious for cutting instead of “trimming” which is why some women simply don't do it.

MYTH: 100 strokes a day keeps the breakage away.

TRUTH: Over brushing your hair can cause cuticle damage and possibly breakage.

If you must use a brush invest in a Mason Pearson. These brushes are THE BEST, in my opinion. They are hand made with the best materials and last for a very long time.

Don't take my word for it. Click here to see what it's all about on amazon, or visit the Mason Pearson website to read all about it.

Detangle from ends to roots to ensure you don't yank your hair out.

Remember, be careful and delicate when brushing your hair so as not to cause any damage.

MYTH: My hair is natural so it's stronger than anyone's hair that's relaxed.

TRUTH: This couldn't be further from the truth. Just because hair is “NATURAL” does not mean it's healthy AND just because hair is relaxed does NOT mean it's UNHEALTHY.

Natural hair that's not properly cared for can end up brittle, dry and broken just as relaxed hair that's not properly taken care of can break.

The name of the game is moisture and conditioner for both relaxed and natural hair.

If you have no clue about what conditioners to use, I have some great suggestions to the ones I suggest right here on the blog. Just click here to check it out.

That's all folks!

I hope you enjoyed… Have a great weekend!

Be blessed,
Marquetta Breslin




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