Don’t FORCE me to become your client

Marquetta Breslin  by Marquetta Breslin • June 20, 2013

Yesterday the kids and I went to Publix for my normal run to pick up a few things to eat for the week.

Since I practically live in there I pretty much know all of the people who work there, but I caught eyes with a young lady I'd never seen before.

She was a cute girl with what appeared to be a 27-piece weave with a little blonde color block on the side. Cute style!

As soon as I was close enough for her to talk to me she asked me who braided my hair. When I told her she replied…

“Oh you went to the Africans, you should have came to me! I can hook you up for half the price and it will look just like that. Just come to my house, as a matter of fact let me walk you out and I'll run to my car and get my phone so you can see some pictures of my work and I can schedule you while I'm out there too!”

I couldn't even get a word in to tell her anything! LOL

I didn't know what to say other than “Okay.”

She walks me out, runs to her car and gets her phone and proceeds to flip through pictures while I'm putting my groceries in the truck.

In the middle of me loading the groceries she puts the phone directly in my face and says, “Look, here's some braids I did. Look just like she went to the braid shop right? I did that!”

I have to give it to her, her work was great.

Next, she went in for the close…

“So since you know my work is ‘da bomb' when do you wanna get those braids out and let me hook you up? Half price, what's up?”

I smiled and explained to her that I'm loyal to my current braider, but really did appreciate her taking the time to show me her work.

I also asked her if she was working in a salon and she went on to explain to me that she was not in a salon, and she was not licensed, but she could do braids, weaves, lashes, hair color, and relaxers.

I smiled and encouraged her to get her license because she was truly talented.

I referred her to a great cosmetology program in our area, and told her to get her license and raise her prices!

I wish I had more time to mentor her and explain that the process she just took me though is NOT the way to get a client.

Trying to get a client while you're at your day job is a definite No-No. Also offering your services without the proper credentials is also a No-No.

What if I worked for the board? That could have went south real quick!

When you're “selling” don't ever be pushy or try to force someone to come to you.

So, how would I have done this differently?

1. I could have introduced myself, commented on the hairstyle and said I also do hair.

2. Then I would have simply said if you're ever looking for something different or if your stylist is unavailable I would love to be of service to you!

3. Always have a simple business card to hand out. Don't try to get cute with a bunch of graphics, and hoopla.

Remember, when you're selling you want to simply help someone solve a problem they're having. When they are ready you want them to come to you!

Food for thought

Be blessed,





Marquetta Breslin

Marquetta Breslin

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