How To Choose The Right Wig Block

By Marquetta Breslin


Choosing the right wig block is imperative to ensure you have what you need to make or repair your lace projects. Some of the different things wig blocks are typically used for is making lace wigs, styling lace wigs, building foundations, ventilating full lace wigs, modifying lace wigs, and more.

You want to make sure you have the proper wig block to suit your needs.

The wooden wig blocks are used for foundation making, but you can also use them for ventilating the full wig as well. If you do use the wooden wig block, you have to use specific pins for wig foundations.

The canvas wig blocks are used for the same purposes, but they are much lighter. Canvas wig blocks also have long necks for dressing (styling). You can build and ventilate on them as well.

The styrofoam wig blocks are used for exactly the same as the wooden and canvas blocks.

There are several other wig blocks to chose from. You have to choose according to the purpose of the block. It's also about personal preference.

I hope you enjoy the video!

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Video Transcript:

– Hey, what's up everybody. It's Marquetta Breslin and I'm here with an extra special guest, Waqqas Sheikh.

– Waqqas Sheikh. Yes, and today, we are getting ready to record a video, to tell you all about these different wig blocks.

– So important to know which wig block to choose from, but what is also easy for you to use. ‘Cause everyone's got their own preference of what block.

– Yeah. So let's get started.

– Yep.

– All right, so which one do you wanna start with first?

– Do you wanna go with your new item on the left-hand side?

– The new item on the left-hand side. I wish I could, ugh, I wish I could talk like Waqqas. So, this right here is a styrofoam wig block, and this is actually fairly new. I purchased this one from Atelier Bassi and it is extremely light.

– It is really light.

– Yeah.

– Really light.

– It's really light. I haven't used it yet, but I am excited to get started with it. One of the things that Mr Bassi told me, he talked about the shape a lot.

– Okay.

– The difference in shape between a canvas block and these blocks. If you can see on this canvas block, there's really not an occipital bone.

– Not really no, not at all, whatsoever.

– Right, but here is more of an occipital bone, like it's a little bit more pronounced and the front is a little bit flatter. So, I'm very excited to use this.

– I think some people kinda get confused with what is the front and what is the back.

– Yes, so-

– And they do end up doing it the wrong way.

– So how do you determine the front and the back?

– Usually by the number at the front, but from looking at this, I feel like this is the back,

– Yup.

– then that's the front. But it's very flat here and there isn't that much shape, so this is where you start padding out

– Exactly.

– And it can be time consuming.

– Yes. Now this is one of your favorite things to use.

– This is indeed. I'll scooch this over so. I'm a fan of the wooden block. And it is heavier.

– And it is beautiful.

– For me, it's about the weight. So, when I'm ventilating a wig, I'd like this to sit in a cradle and I don't want it to move around. And because it's wooden, once the blocking pins are in, they stay in. Whereas, what I find is with a canvas block, as you pin it all in, it can come out. So, I've gotta keep pushing it back in, and it will lift, and keep pushing it back in. So I'm a fan of this for ventilating a wig.

– Now, when you say blocking pins, 'cause these right here in the US, we call these straight pins.

– Yes, so straight pins I would use on canvas, and on this.

– And in this.

– So on this, I would use… So, it's a blocking pin. And, basically, a small pin, where it is pointy on top and then it's flat at the bottom.

– Right, so doesn't have a head like this, like these straight pins, so you can't push that in with your finger.

– Hell no. ‘Cause it will go straight through you finger.

– So you gotta use a tack hammer.

– Yeah, so this, literally pop on top. And you wanna go halfway in. Excuse the banging. Oh, it's not that bad.

– Oh, look at that.

– So half way in and then… Knock it down.

– Flat.

– And that's it.

– And it's nice and secure.

– And how do you remove those? With just a pair of needle nose.

– See, yeah.

– Yup, there you go. And then this last one over here is, it's not a canvas block, it is a… it's covered with a synthetic leather material. A lot of times, these are used for dressing, which is also in our industry, dressing is the same thing as styling. But this one, I just so happened to, This is actually a beauty supply store wig, that was re-fronted for the last lace wig training system, when Jims came, and I just never took it off or finished it. So it's been padded out and everything. But it's really, really light.

– It's really, really light and if I just grab a pin.

– Sure.

– I think with a canvas, they come out quite easily. Where with this, and I was having a feel, on the leather, it's got the grip. It has got the grip, so I don't think it will come out.

– No, they don't come out as easy. In fact, it's a little bit tough to get them in. So, when it comes to choosing, what do you look for when choosing a block? 'cause everybody has their different preferences. Sometimes with these… I had an event once where I had about 20 or 30 students in, and I had purchased these wig blocks from, I don't remember the company, but they were a wonky, wacky shape. So we had to get tack hammers and beat the blocks. So how would you… how do you choose a wig block and say, “Okay, this is the one that-” or, “This is what I would like to use.” or how would you say the best way to chose a wig block is?

– I think it's longevity. So, they are pricey, and you wanna make sure that they do last. This is slightly expensive, compared to this. Maybe double the price, but this will last longer.

– Oh, yeah, that's gonna last forever.

– And I don't wanna keep spending money on new blocks. As much as I like spending money on equipment, and I get so excited, this will last longer.

– And they come in different sizes.

– Different sizes, exactly the same as your other ones. This is a 58cm.

– Okay.

– And the thing I like about this, it is quite heavy, so it will.. It's very heavy.

– And then, if you look on the side, right side angle, you can see the shape for the back of the head just there. And you can see that angle, which kind of mimics a forehead more, compared to, where this is slightly flatter.

– Yes.

– I think it's all about making the equipment last.

– And so, when you get different wig blocks, do you cover them them in the… Some people shrink wrap.

– Yeah, we call it cling film, you call it shrink wrap.

– Ah, cling film.

– For foundation making, I'll do it on this. And I will close it up with shrink wrap and then obviously pad out your template. Cling film it again, so that's nice and secure.

– So why do you prefer to use this for foundation building, and this for… I think you kind of explained why you like to use this, because it's hard.

– So ventilating wigs, I use this one. Once the blocking pins are in, the wig will stay. For foundation making, because I put the lace on, unpin, lace back on, and unpin.

– And it's easy to get the pins in and out.

– Exactly.

– Yeah. There are some wig makers though, who will build and do everything on a wooden wig block, and my hat goes off to them. I love you guys, but I am with you on this. Because, I mean that is… it looks like… me just looking, at what you've just hammered in here, looks like it's not gonna be easy to get it out. And imagine getting hundreds of them out, on a fully blocked-

– Yeah. Once it's in, it's in.

– That's it.

– And as long as you block it into the correct points, you don't actually have to use quite a lot. As long as you put your tension on, it's completely fine.

– It's completely fine. Okay, cool. All right, guys. So that is our video on how to choose a wig block, and also describing the different types of wig blocks, you just wanna make sure that whatever you do, it maintains the shape, and you wanna make sure that it's very easy to work with. So, some people would say, “Just order a bunch of different ones.” and I kinda do agree with that, because you have to find what works for you. So you may say, “Oh, I don't like the styrofoam ones,” or “I would prefer to work only with wooden ones.” but nobody knows what they like to use, unless you order and use it.

– Exactly.

– Yeah. And it's important also, that whatever you choose to go with, you have to order the wig blocks in different sizes. Because everybody's head is, obviously different sizes.

– Exactly.

– So you have to be mindful of all of these things. I probably, in my stash, have about 50 to 60 different wig blocks.

– Oh my God, someone's got an addiction.

– Slightly. I have the different materials. I have the different sizes. A lot of the reason why too, is because I work with so many different students, and I like to show the different things that people can work with. And people will chose different things based on how they feel, and what works best for them.

– Totally.

– Yeah. All right guys, so thank you so very much for watching this video, I will put a link at the bottom of this video, telling you where you can purchase each of these different types of wig blocks. So, we wanna thank you so much for watching, and we'll talk to you soon.

– Bye.

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Marquetta Breslin

Marquetta Breslin is the creator of Million Dollar Stylist, Lace Wig Training System, Fully Booked, and many others. While she is known for her knowledge and wisdom passed on to other beauty professionals, she teaches her practical and inspirational lessons to people around the world on how to better their lives, their businesses, and themselves. Be notified on new articles, news, and events by subscribing to Marquetta's Daily Journal.
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Marquetta Breslin

Marquetta Breslin is the creator of Million Dollar Stylist, Lace Wig Training System, Fully Booked, and many others. While she is known for her knowledge and wisdom passed on to other beauty professionals, she teaches her practical and inspirational lessons to people around the world on how to better their lives, their businesses, and themselves. Be notified on new articles, news, and events by subscribing to Marquetta's Daily Journal.

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