Q&A Video: How To Flat Iron Hair With A Heat Resistant Comb

Marquetta Breslin  by Marquetta Breslin • January 8, 2014

Ever wonder why your flat iron job has wrinkles and tangles? In this video I share with you how to flat iron your hair using a heat resistant comb. Doing it the correct way will result in perfectly straight hair with no wrinkles or flaws. Enjoy!


Hey, it's Marquetta Breslin, and I'm back with another Q and A.  A while back I think it was back in September I wrote a blog or an email about how I did a 32 minute blow out on my daughter.  What happened was it was picture day the next day and I completely forgot about it and she wanted a blow out for picture day just to do something different, switch it up a little bit and so I didn't have time to run over to the salon and get my tools.

I had the flat iron that I never use anymore and a few products around the house and I really didn't — nah, it was they ain't right, they were just products good enough to get me through so that she could have the hairstyle she wanted for picture day.  I said, hmm, I wonder what I could do with these sub-par tools. I grabbed the tools, I shampooed her hair and I did the blow out but I timed myself and it took me exactly 32 minutes to do this blow.  When I did this email I talked about what I used like the tools and … what else did I talk about?  Let's see.

I talked about the tools, the heat resistant comb, the shampoo, the conditioner, all the stuff that I use and I got a response to that email or that blog post and this question is:  it says hello, you did a beautiful job on your daughter's hair, i have one question, what is a heat resistant comb?

I'm going to turn around here and I'm going to grab my heat resistant comb out of my barbicide here.  A heat resistant comb; I will tell you my experience with not using a heat resistant comb.  This is a regular plastic or rubber, whatever this is, it's a regular comb. When you flat iron hair you are supposed to, the proper way to flat iron hair is to hold the flat iron here and you're going to hold your comb here and you're going to pull the flat iron and the comb at the same time.

You're going to use the small teeth of the comb and that's going to help to pull anything that's tangled.  You ever flat iron your hair without a comb and you got little tangles that it's hard as heck to get out, well if you use the comb with it, butt that comb against that flat iron and pull at the same time the hair's going to be beautifully straight and sometimes, depending on your flat iron and if you got good skills you can do it with one pass.

The problem with not using a heat resistant comb is that because that flat iron is hot and that comb is butted up against the flat iron, it will melt that comb.  I have melted many combs doing that and not because I didn't know about heat resistant combs but because I just either didn't have one near me or was trying to hurry up and get something done and that's what happened, I just failed to use the right the proper tools.

What this is, and they usually come in gray, every once in a while you may have I think tan or some different colors, but this you can get from Sally's it is a heat resistant comb.  You can use this comb butted up against the flat iron to pull it all the way through as slow as you want to and you will not have any melting at all.  This comb is the bomb dot com and … oh, that was corny and it will, they work great.

If you like cutting with these types of combs it's nothing but  a haircutting comb but it's heat resistant.  I  use them for cutting sometimes too, but this is a heat resistant comb and again, you can get them at Sally's.  This is a regular cutting comb, you can get these at Sally's but these are not heat resistant, you will melt these.  These will not melt and you can use them with heat.

That answers your question, that is what a heat resistant comb is.  This one was short and sweet, I hope you enjoyed it and I'll talk with you soon. [Music]

Marquetta Breslin

Marquetta Breslin

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