“I asked for a 2-3 inch trim and I got 6 inches off!”

Marquetta Breslin  by Marquetta Breslin • September 7, 2013

You have got to read this review below.

I was doing some research on local salons and ran across this review about a local “hi-end” salon in my area…

NOTE: I've omitted names, and some minor details so as not to put anyone personally on blast.

I asked for a 2-3 inch trim and I got 6 inches off. When I complained, she said it was what I wanted. On top of that, the “trim” is SLANTED AND UNEVEN. I told the manager and owner they said there was nothing they could do to ‘make me happy', & that ‘one bad haircut won't ruin our rep.' I was crying the whole time and they didn't offer compensation or apology for their mistake, they even chuckled when I asked them what they would do in my situation and what they would be willing to do to fix the situation. I apologized for my anger and tears at the salon the next day, after [I received a phone call] at 8:30 in the morning telling me that I was dishonest about the review I posted on their site. When the owner was finally offering me an appointment [by the way they say their policy is to redo a haircut within 48 hours] to fix the terrible work done to my hair (after I emailed him the picture for proof). I said thank you and didn't mention his rude and condescending behavior from his previous phone call, and we set it up an appointment. After he confirmed a time he said there was one condition that I had to be comfortable with before going in, which is to not say anything about what happened last time. Not only does it have to come up in order to explained to the hairdresser what happened, I told him that I was owed an apology. Then he interrupted aggressively and loudly stated that if at the time of the appointment I spoke about what happened the last time I was there, then they “WOULD USE PHSYCIAL FORCE” to get me out. I was stunned and scared about going in. I'm 130 lbs, not muscular and 5 ft 3 in, so I'm not a scary person. I told him that sounded like a threat, and I felt threatened. Then he tried to rephrase it to sound less like a threat. So I said, that sounds less like a threat, thank you. During that sentence he interrupted me saying he was done with me and hung up. He canceled the appointment. These people pride themselves on being professionals…

Whoa, I can do a series of emails on how many ways this is wrong, but what I want to focus on is what she was really upset about… her hair cut.

This poor woman asked for 2-3 inches to be taken off her head and got a full 6 inches CUT off!


The truth is sometimes as stylists we get “scissor happy” and give the client what we think they need, or we honestly forget the fundamentals by taking off little by little.

Her hair could have been curly and cut while wet resulting in her end result.

You'd be surprised how many of us don't know how to deal with curly hair at all.

When you're working in a salon with clients it's imperative that you know the fundamentals of cutting hair like the back of your hand or you WILL end up with reviews like this about you.

This is why I developed Cutting Mastery.

It helps you to refocus on the fundamentals so when you hit the ground running you have THRILLED customers, not upset ones like the client above.

As for Cutting Mastery, I've been asked a ton lately when I'm bringing it back.

Well good news, I'm bringing my Cutting Mastery coaching program back one last time this year and then it will not relaunch until 2014.

I will be accepting 500 people only for this last program of the year. Watch the video for all the details and be ready next Thursday at 10am EST. I'd love to have you as part of this last coaching group of the year.

Click here to learn more about Cutting Mastery.

Be blessed,





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