I Chopped My Daughter’s Hair Off…(Pic Inside)

Marquetta Breslin  by Marquetta Breslin • May 9, 2013

From the time I knew I was pregnant with my daughter, I dreaded the time she would ask me to cut her hair.

I always told myself that I would not cut, or chemically process my daughter's hair.

Well…it didn't quite workout that way!

As my kids grow up it's very important for Ricky and I to let them have their individuality  and be comfortable with themselves…within reason of course.

So that's why Ricky and I said yes to Nya when she came to us and sincerely asked if she could have a hair cut.

I also said yes, because I really needed to get the dead ends off.

My Mom just so happened to be around and actually got mad at me for agreeing to it! LOL

I sat Nya down and talked to her to make sure this was what she wanted.

Once I did that I had her show me some pictures of what she liked.

Almost everything she pointed to or showed me was some sort of bob, with and without graduation.

Because she's a little girl and I didn't want to give her a hair cut that was too grown, I opted for a graduated slightly asymmetrical bob just like the 45 degree cut I teach in Cutting Mastery.

I also have her this cut because of her texture. Curly hair that's cut in a bob without
any layering is not at all flattering.

The end result was absolutely gorgeous on her and she LOVES her hair!

Kids Graduated Bob Hair Cut

I love it too because I taught her how to properly moisturize it daily and layer her products
to keep it healthy and cute.

Go to the link below for more information and to see clips from the videos.

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