Mom, I want a HORSE (New Video)

Marquetta Breslin  by Marquetta Breslin • July 2, 2013

“Mom, Can I Save Up For A Horse?”

After I got done laughing at the text message I got a phone call from my darling Daughter.

After I told her no, she already had a backup plan…

“Okay, so since I can't have a horse I thought maybe I could go take some horse riding lessons. Can I do that?”

I have to admit she caught me off guard. I wasn't expecting her to be so well prepared…lol!

I told her she could take the lessons when they returned home from their trip to North Carolina.

Shortly after the phone call she called me back and blew my mind…

“So, Mom I found a place to give me lessons. The owner's name is Sally and I have my first lesson set up for Monday at 3:30.”

Huh? I thought…

“Nya, who helped you do this?”

“Dad told me to Google it and make it happen. So, I called, introduced myself and told her what I wanted. She said you need to call her to confirm every- thing. Here's her number.”

What could I say? I almost cried I was so amazed at what she had done at 9 years old!

I called and the lady was just as amazed as I was and sure enough she had scheduled herself and everything was good to go.

Here's the actual video…

Wow! That just goes to show that when it's something you want, take the bull by the horns and get it done!

Instead of thinking about attending cosmetology school, makeup classes, or whatever it is you're wanting to do…DO IT!

If it's hair, start with my Braiding Package. It's perfect for this type of situation. You can jump right in and start to make things happen.

If my 9 year old can make it happen so can you.

Let's go!

Be blessed,


Marquetta Breslin

Marquetta Breslin

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