“My Dad Does My Hair”

Marquetta Breslin  by Marquetta Breslin • August 9, 2013

I was knocked off my feet yesterday when I saw a cute little girl who had the most adorable hair style. It was simple flat twists with curls in the back but she owned it!

I asked her who did her hair and her reply knocked me off my feet…

“My Dad does my hair!”

“Oh my goodness! He's doing an amazing job!”

I was so happy I wanted to give him a high-five, a hug and a pound! LOL

When I got home I immediately thought about an article I read from the Atlanta Journal Constitution all about Mariam Tigist, a tiny little 4 year old originally from Ethiopia.

Here's a pic of Mariam and her Dad from the article…

Mariam was adopted by a professor by the name of Clifton Green and his wife back in 2005.

They initially were not exactly sure about what to do with Mariam's hair which is very common even for children who aren't adopted.

So what did they do? Dad started researching products to use on her hair to keep it moisturized and prevent breakage.

In junior high he learned to braid rope necklace's, so he took that concept and started practicing on his daughter's hair.

Instead of making little Mariam feel like her hair was a burden or a big deal they celebrated it and learned how to take care of it themselves and I have to say they're doing an amazing job!

When something seems cumbersome and challenging, seek help!

I received an email from a Dad that's struggling with doing his daughter's hair. So much so that he's in tears sometimes trying to figure out how to do her hair properly instead of pulling it up into a ponytail every day.

Instead of giving up, he emailed me to help him out!

I almost cried with him because he's a father who didn't just give up he's actually trying his hardest to make this work.

Father's like him are part of the reason why I created my 10 Styles For Your Child DVD.

I cannot begin to tell you how many heads my 10 Styles For Your Child DVD has saved.

In this DVD I took 3 different girls, 3 different ages, with 3 different textures of hair.

You learn everything from proper detangling techniques, blow dry techniques and so much more!

If you're in the same boat as this concerned Dad I mentioned, rest assured I'm here to help, but don't buy it now.

It's going on sale on Tuesday at 10am EST along with some other DVDs that go great with what you'll learn on 10 Styles.

Be ready on Tuesday Aug 12, 2013 at 10am EST.

Have a safe weekend!

Be blessed,





Marquetta Breslin

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