My House Almost Caught On Fire!

Marquetta Breslin  by Marquetta Breslin • November 20, 2013

Before I start I have to say that God is amazing. I'm a firm believer that things happens for a reason.

Now…let me share this story with you.

Last Wednesday we had our lawn maintenance guys do some extra stuff around to the yard to prepare for winter.

I remember seeing them still outside at dark when I came back home from the gym.

The next morning my daughter and I both had Dr Appointments so I was up extra early to hit the gym again before we left.

I laid in bed and decided at the last minute to just go later… THANK GOD I DID!

I jumped in the shower and told Nya to go downstairs and let the dogs out after she got dressed.

Once she did I was almost ready to go when our door bell rang 4 times back to back at 6am!

That NEVER happens. I knew something was wrong.

The dogs were going crazy, but the weird thing was they were all over the place, not just in the back yard.

I told Nya to go ahead and open the door since I was coming down.

She did and Max, one of our dogs came flying in.

“Oh, Max got out,” she said.

I laughed, and ran upstairs to finish getting dressed when my daughter said…

“Mom, there's smoke outside.”

I look out the window and saw our other 2 dogs and a huge cloud of smoke right at the front door!

I opened the door and saw my neighbor running back to his house,

“Marquetta, there's a fire! Get an extinguisher,” he screamed.

“OH MY GOSH,” I screamed and flew up stairs to wake up Ricky.

When we came back down stairs our neighbor had hooked up the water hose and was putting out the fire.

“I rang the doorbell this morning to tell y'all the dogs were out, then I saw the fire and…”

At that moment everything he was saying faded and I walked over to the side of the house to try to figure out how the dogs got out.

Both gates were wide open. This NEVER happens!

I stopped while I was there, looked up and said,

“Thank You Jesus!”

Things happens for a reason, the guys left the gate open, and if they hadn't, the dogs wouldn't have gotten out, the neighbor wouldn't have stopped by, and our house could have been up in flames by the time we would have realized what was going on.

God is truly an amazing God!

Remember, no matter what it is you're going through stop and THANK HIM.

Food for thought…

Be blessed,





Marquetta Breslin

Marquetta Breslin

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