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Marquetta Breslin  by Marquetta Breslin • July 11, 2012

I get lots of questions on Facebook, Twitter, and all social media outlets I'm a member of about…natural hair styles.

There are so many great natural hair websites that give lots of options, but I thought I'd give you a few of my favorites.

The first thing you want to ensure before choosing any of these styles is to find products that you like, that work well for your hair. There are so many new products out today just for naturals like Carols Daughter, Miss Jessies, Kinky Curly, Mizani, Curls, Shea Moisture and so many more!

Once you find out what products work for you then you can work with your styles. Here are 3 of the most popular:

Coil Out
Braid Out
Twist Out 

The Coil Out is great for shorter hair (above the shoulder) – You can do this yourself by using your favorite product to coil the hair. This can be done with a comb, but it's harder to use the comb when you're doing it by yourself. I personally like to individually twist my hair by hand. Once you get it all twisted up you can wear it like that for a few days then start to twist it out by just running your fingers through the hair using a massage like technique.

The Braid Out is great for all lengths as long as it can be braided – To do this you want to add some setting lotion or wrap lotion to the hair along with a tad bit of oil. Then cornrow the hair in the desired style. If you're not into wearing cornrows it's best to do this style at night and take it out in the morning before work or school. Now, if you like to rock your cornrows keep it cornrowed until it starts to look rugged then just simply undo the cornrows, finger comb and you're done!

The Twist Out is great for hair that's 2″ or longer – This is very similar to the coil out in terms of products. Next you want to section the hair in small sections, then take that section and divide it into 2 sections to twist. Next, take those two strands and twist them individually before twisting them against each other to create the twist. Once the hair sits for a while (usually overnight or underneath a dryer) undo the twist and style with fingers.

These 3 simple and easy ways to rock your natural hair. Dont forget, if you're not quite ready to rock one of these styles you can always opt for Micro Braids, Kinky Twists, or a Sew In for your protective style.  My style of choice is the Sew In!

I hope you enjoyed the tips! Take care and be blessed!

Marquetta Breslin

Marquetta Breslin

Marquetta Breslin

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