Q&A Video: Why You Should Not Use Keratin Treatments

Marquetta Breslin  by Marquetta Breslin • December 19, 2013

A while back I posted a blog about the Keratin Treatment controversey. Not only did I like them at the time, but I also did a few of the quick blow out services on my daughter.

Since then I've changed my mind. Check out the video to find out why.



Video Transcript:

Hey, it's Marquetta Breslin, and I'm back with yet another Q & A. This one is from Sabrina. Sabrina says my niece is bi-racial, and she doesn't like her natural curly hair. No. OK. I'm not going to keep reading. I want to stop right here because I have a special place in my heart for bi-racial children because I am the mother of 2. I understand where her niece is coming from because my daughter felt the same way for a very long time, from a very small age. Her issue came from being in a school where everybody had long straight hair, and she didn't understand that her hair was different. Her hair was curly and her hair was beautiful. It literally took me years of telling her every day, “You're beautiful. Your hair is beautiful. It's gorgeous. This is the way God made you. People pay for that kind of hair. I pay for that kind of hair.” I understand where she's coming from, but, and I'm not trying to tell anyone how to parent their children, but I think that it's very important for your niece to understand that her hair is gorgeous the way it is. The natural way. It's OK if she wants to straighten her hair. Don't get me wrong. I am not the natural hair police. Not now, nor do I ever claim to be the natural hair police. I'm just not like that. But, it is important to love yourself and your natural way. When you learn that at a young age, you grow up, and you're just a much more confident individual. I'm going to continue to read, but that was my little spiel about children with curly hair and bi-racial kids.

All right, let me go back a little bit. She doesn't like her naturally curly hair. She wants straight hair. I told her I won't put a relaxer in it. Good for you. Because I don't want to damage her natural curl pattern. I have been reading about the Brazilian blow out and the keratin smoothing system, but do not know which route to go, so if you can help me, or send me some sites so I can choose the right option for her. Thank you so much, Sabrina.

Well, a few years ago I wrote a blog about the keratin smoothing system. I said how I loved it so much. It was a great system. It was amazing product. Of the ones that are available that you have to be certified for, that was the truth. I did like it. But, you still, I still didn't feel right about it. I used, not the full system on my daughter, but I used the blow out on my daughter a few times, and I noticed she was starting to lose her natural curl pattern because I was doing them every 6 to 8 weeks for her. I only did it just to reduce the frizz. The frizz was being reduced so much that some of her hair was becoming wavy. I didn't want that. I wanted her natural ringlets back. I completely stopped doing it, and over time it did eventually wash out. As of now, I don't feel the same way about that product. I would not use that product on a child and probably not an adult unless it was like a once a year type of thing.

The Brazilian blow out. No. They just had a new study come out maybe a couple of months ago. I was talking with another stylist about that. They found formaldehyde, an aldehyde, any aldehyde that are in these products is toxic fumes. That's part of the reason why I am not able to do hair anymore because of the fumes and stuff that are in, and the chemicals that are in some of these products. That is why I love to teach. That's why I love doing this. Doing these Q & As so that I can educate people like you who have these valid questions that have nowhere to go to find a good source for an answer. I would not do either of these systems.

What I would do is they have lots and lots of different alternatives, now. There's a specific one called Kahm. K, A, H, M, I believe. I'll find a picture of it, and I'll post it in this video. That is a product that you use. You just rub it on the hair while the hair is wet. You blow dry it into the hair, and you flat iron the hair. It makes the blowout last for a little bit longer than normal. It is not permanent, and when you shampoo your hair, it is not going to make the frizz reduce or anything like that. It just helps to make the hair stay straighter a little bit longer instead of going outside and then you looking like you just got out of the shower because of the humidity. That works really, really, really well. I used to use that a lot on my natural clients. They absolutely loved it and got rave reviews from them, so they loved it a lot. That is an alternative.

My answer is don't go with any type of keratin smoothing anything. I would not do it. I wouldn't even do the express blow out keratin. I would just go with something a little bit more natural, a little less permanent so that she can still maintain that beautiful curl pattern that I'm sure she has although I have never met her. I want to make sure I reiterate that to you. Hopefully this answered your question. If not you can always email me and ask me anything else, and I'll be right here sitting in front of this camera trying to answer your questions and educate you on whatever it is you need to know.

All right. Thank you so much for watching, and I'll talk with you soon.

Marquetta Breslin

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