You Pushed Me To The Limit

Marquetta Breslin  by Marquetta Breslin • May 16, 2015

Lately with the relaunch of Million Dollar Stylist new website I've been swamped with recording editing and just plain busy launching the site so we have been eating out quite a bit.

The other night one of the employees at the restaurant I was picking my food up from pushed me to my limit with the worst customer service I've experienced in a long time.

I arrived and my food was ready. She asked me if I was there to pick up and after I told her yes she quickly grabbed the bags and brought them to me.

Ten minutes later she brought me the bill I paid and my Mom noticed that sue forgot our tea so I said…

“Excuse me Ma'm were missing our sweat tea.”

As she was turning her back to me I barely heard her say “K”.

My Mom looked at me and said…

“If you don't say something I will!”

Now anyone who knows my Mom knows that she's quick to put someone in their place so I had to tell her no very quickly!! Lol

The young lady after I told her about the tea went around the bar servicing others and was chit chatting with them all. This went on for about 12 minutes or so.

When she came back around to us I said…

“Ma'm…our Tea”

“Oh yeah wait…” Then she walked to
2 other customers before even going
to the back to get my tea!!

When she finally brought it back she literally slid it to me on the
counter and immediately turned her back and walked away.

At this point I was ready to go completely wrong off, but I didn't. I
grabbed my tea, my food, and walked out.

I called back to the store as soon as I got in the car to speak with the
manager who had the nerve and audacity to take up for her.

On top of that he asked me if I wanted a discount as if that was the
only reason I was calling…to try to get money off my food.

“Sir I don't need a discount. What I want is for you to know that one of your employees attitude needs an adjustment. I'm a business owner who had been in business for over 12
years and would want to know if a loyal customer was being mistreated. If you call what she was doing unintentional and “ok” then there's a problem with your management. You and the people who work under you are the face of your company. Shall I call your corporate office and let them know they need 2 new faces?”

“No Ma'm I apologize for her actions. I will be sure to handle this
accordingly. You will never have this problem again we appreciate your business. Again I'm very sorry!”

The worst thing you can have in business is someone who treats your customers like crap! They are the face of your company and are a representative of your values company culture.

Ricky and I are very blessed to have Jessica, our customer service manager who treats our clients like pure gold!

When you hire…hire slow but fire fast!

Lessons like this are things I talk about in my Million Dollar Stylist
LIVE! Event

There are so many salon owners out there that don't know how to hire someone who is a good fit for their business.

Let me show you how to run your business at the next Million Dollar
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Be blessed,
Marquetta Breslin



Marquetta Breslin

Marquetta Breslin

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