“10 Minute Sew In” Honest Review

Marquetta Breslin  by Marquetta Breslin • November 15, 2012

About a month or so ago, one of my favorite clients came in to get her 2 week maintenance for her sew-in weave. She's Active Duty Air Force and has been natural for a little over 4 years.

She has beautiful hair already, but likes to wear her hair in a protective style sew-in because they're required to do PT (Physical Training) 3 times per week.

While at her maintenance appointment, she told me that she was online doing some research and found this thing called the “Ten Minute Sew-In”.

The name rung a bell, but a vague one…lol! I had seen something on YouTube, but I never looked any further for whatever reason.

She ordered the piece and called to schedule an appointment immediately. Her appointment was this past Saturday. When she bought the piece in, I will admit I was a tad bit nervous about what I was going to see, but I kept an open mind.

According to their website the Ten Minute Sew-In is an innovative, revolutionary Patent Pending unit that can be attached in less that 10 minutes and removed in less than 5 minutes. It can be worn for several months or a few days.

These pieces are also said to be made with Luxury Virgin Hair.

The Units come in 4 different textures… Straight, Relaxed, Wavy, and Curly. The Units also come in different densities ranging from 10.5oz through 6.5oz.

Much to my surprise the piece was constructed very well. I was impressed with its flexibility. Wefts were sewn on to the cap, but the cap had ample breathing room because of the spacing of the wefts.

The cap also had tabs all the way around for the unit to be attached to cornrows. On the sides were two tabs that were ventilated just in case you want to braid the clients hair up on the sides.

This unit was designed to be used for a sew in with a “U” part or a “V” part and you can also use it to do a full head sew in as well.

My opinion on the hair? I loved it! The curl pattern was beautiful, and it was extremely soft.

Prior to attaching the unit, I colored it to add some dimension. I just added a few hi-lites in the top.

So far…so good.

I cornrowed an anchor cornrow with a “V” parted section left out. I also left the sides of my clients hair out then added 6 large cornrows to ensure I cornrowed the remainder of the hair up.

Once this was done I sewed the loose ends of the cornrows back to the existing cornrows and proceeded to sew the unit on.

I sewed the unit on starting at the the “V” section then came down the sides and then I did the back last.

It's very important when you sew it down to work from left to right. Sew the left side of the “V” part then the right. Once that's done sew the left side down then go back and sew the right side down and do the back last.

I learned this the hard way. I tried to sew the whole thing down from left to right and my client ended up back in my chair the next day because it wasn't fitting properly in the back.

Next was the blending. One of the most important things you must do when working with extensions, units, etc is to blend the hair by first cutting it properly then you can style as usual.

Not properly cutting the unit to blend with the clients hair will result in a non-natural, non-blended final result.

I used my curl wand to blend the client's hair with the unit and viola!

My thoughts… overall I love the convenience of the unit, the look, the feel, and so far I'm very happy with the results.

Did it really take me 10-Minutes? Honestly, no it didn't, but they do tell you on their site that the first time may take longer. The attachment took me a good 15-20 minutes.

I will give you an update once my client comes back to have it re-attached.

If you're interested at all in learning how to properly cut hair, and blend hair using a curl wand and other styling tools, be sure to check out the new Online Class format of Cutting Mastery!

Be blessed!

Marquetta Breslin

Marquetta Breslin

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