The Phone Call That Had Me In Tears This Morning

Marquetta Breslin  by Marquetta Breslin • September 12, 2013

I HAVE to share this with you. I was going to wait until tomorrow, but I cant.

Before I tell you what the phone call was about I have to give you some background on the story.

Earlier this year I sent out a video explaining why I had not been communicating with you all for several months.

One of those reasons were because my Mom's cancer came back.

In 2006 she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She went through Chemo and the whole deal.

After over 6 years of remission, in February of this year we were told it was back at Stage 4.

We were devastated to say the least!

We've been in prayer ever since…

This morning I was at the gym mid workout when I received a phone call from my Mom.

I took the call literally in the middle of my workout which is something I almost NEVER do.

I'd forgot earlier this week she told me she was going to her Oncologist to find out if her cancer is still spreading or shrinking due to the new meds they have her on.


When she called she said…

“I wanted to tell you what my Doctor said this morning.”

I dropped the weights and stopped dead in my tracks.

“What did they say,” I calmly said as I sat down on the weight bench.

“Well he said all of the cancer is almost GONE. It said he was VERY impressed with my progress!”

By this time tears were coming down my face and people at the gym were starting to wonder what the heck was wrong with me!

“OMG Momma GOD is sooooooo good! We've been praying, and praying! Thank you Jesus,” was all I could get out without bursting into the “ugly cry” in the middle of the gym.

She was so excited she said she was going shopping and rushed me off the phone!

As I type this email I have chills. Earlier this year we were told she had Stage 4 cancer.

3 months ago we were told the cancer was spreading.

Now, it's almost gone.

To GOD be the glory!

I just had to share this with you because so many of you have sent your prayers, cards, and letters.

We LOVE and appreciate all of you and your support!

I will continue to keep you updated on her progress.

Be blessed,




Marquetta Breslin

Marquetta Breslin

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