This e-mail really set me off…

Marquetta Breslin  by Marquetta Breslin • August 2, 2013

I was going through my inbox when I came across this email from a very loyal customer:

“Good Morning Marquetta,

I have received many of your emails with great suggestions and advice on caring for our hair. I have even purchased a few of your CDs. I have thought about going natural and letting my relaxer grow up for a couple of years now. I spoke with my stylist about it and she said no. It's not like I have a bad grade of hair. In fact, my hair was long and curly as a child. As I got older I started cutting and relaxing my hair. My hair still curls when I wash it. Sometimes I use Mixed Chicks products when I decide not to blow dry my hair and wear it curly.

I am wondering what is the best way to grow out a relaxer without cutting my hair. I just recently started letting my hair grow back out and it's gotten quite long.

Are you kidding me? Why would this stylist tell her “No”?

As stylists it is our job and responsibility to always have the client's best interest at hand.

In a case like this if I as the stylist, didn't feel likt it was a good idea, I would have provided some other options with the understanding that at the end of the day it's about my client and what she wants.

I can't just sit here and attack the stylist because I do not know the reason behind her decision, but I have to say judging from the email it sounds like it was a very short and quick answer with very little thought or consideration for the client.

Most of the time when this happens it's because of one of the following reasons…

A. The stylist isn't comfortable dealing with natural hair.

If you're not comfortable dealing with natural hair, guess what you've got time to learn while your client's hair is in the transition phase.

Learn to do a sew in, box braids, kinky twists, or micro braids to help your client through a seamless transition.

Protective styles are in these days!

While they're wearing their protective style, take the time to invest in your education to build your confidence.

B. The stylist is afraid of losing out on the income from the relaxer services.

When one door closes another one opens. Don't be afraid to lose out on income when you can easily create new income!

Transitioning clients is a new way to add revenue to your salon. Add some steam treatments, protective styling, and grow from there.

You should never be afraid to lose out on income from a single client. This just means you have to step up your game and create more!

C. Fear of losing the client all-together.

I once had a client sit in my chair that was ready to spend $1500.00 for a full head of extensions.

We had the consultation, and I was getting ready to put the order in for the hair when I hung up the phone and told her I didn't feel comfortable using this technique on her.

I explained why she wouldn't bee a good candidate, and despite me being truthful with her, she decided to go to another salon to have her hair done with that same technique.

Yes, I let $1500.00 walk right out of my door because I have integrity, and I wanted to be as truthful as possible with my client.

Three months later this same client called me back. The salon she had gone to to get her hair done did the technique I wouldn't do and that in turn resulted in her loosing about 60% of her hair due to improper installation.

So, although I lost her all together, she came back to me because I told her the truth and she trusted me.

At the end of the day either of those reasons is NOT a reason to advise your client against what they want to do.

Be truthful, and keep your client's best interest in mind at all times.

Honesty, and transparency will take you far in this industry.

Be blessed,
Marquetta Breslin


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