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How To Steam A Synthetic Wig With Daniel Koye

I'll never forget this surprise video I got from the ultimate Wig Hacker himself, Daniel Koye! Because Daniel has worked in television and film for many years, he's had to develop his own wig hacks to ensue things are done efficiently, yet still flawless. 

Daniel and I teamed up to film some exclusive content for the Lace Wig Training System, and Daniel also recorded this footage for you. In this video he's showing you how to steam a synthetic wig. 

In this video, Daniel shows you how to steam a synthetic wig to prepare it for a brand new style. Imagine being able to take your synthetic wig and restyle her! How cool would that be?

After you watch this video you'll know exactly how to do that!

Check out this message from Daniel below:

What’s up my fellow wig makers!

Marquetta and I have a lot in common when it comes to the wigmaking industry, and she wanted to give you all EXCLUSIVE access to some of my BEST material!

My name is Daniel Koye and I am a Wig Maker to the stars. I simply LOVE wigmaking so much that I have created my very own tribe of Wighackers on FB and IG where you'll find new tips and tutorials daily.

I’ve prepared a Steaming a Synthetic wig straight video on how I prepare a synthetic wig for a new set, exclusively for Marquetta’s fans. It’s some of my BEST work and I’m thrilled to be able to share it with you right here right now.

Don’t miss out! Styling the world one hair at  a time,

Daniel Koye

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Be blessed,
Marquetta Breslin