Use Filtered Water and a Baking Soda Bath to Cleanse Your Lace Front Wig

Marquetta Breslin  by Marquetta Breslin • January 13, 2012

Your lace-front wig can be a real investment in style. It looks great and you feel good wearing it. But how do you preserve its life and get the most wear for your dollar when every time you clean it, it looks a little less fabulous?

The very same chorine used to purify your water, even though it’s a small amount, still is present when you turn on the faucet.

That’s one reason your clothing fades when you wash it, and it’s part of the reason your hair color will fade and become brassy with everyday wear, even if have been using hair products with UV protectants.

And beyond that, anyone who lives with a city water supply is familiar with the havoc its hard water can wreak on your clothing, plumbing fixtures, and of course your lace front units.

The chlorine, calcium, iron and lime in the water do a number on you, your hair, your skin, and your lace front units. Then, soaps, shampoos and other cleaning products are not really formulated to work with hard water and can’t perform to the best of their abilities. The combination of minerals and ineffective cleaning products can make a lack-luster mess of your unit.

So is there anything can we do to soften and purify our water? Are we destined to live a life of damaged skin, hair and hair units? Never fear, there is hope. A routine combining filtered water washings with a baking soda bath has been shown to keep a unit factory soft for two years!

A filtering unit uses crystals to absorb the chlorine, calcium and lime in your water. So that helps somewhat in the battle of protecting your hair unit. But to keep your unit soft, all the hair products must be rinsed out completely. For that to happen you must have a full-flow showerhead. The usual 2.5 gpm variety simply will not get the hair clean, so check the manufacturer’s specifications when purchasing a shower head.

To make your hair unit look and feel its best, it must be free of all shampoo and styling products. So a baking soda bath followed by a thorough rinse helps to loosen built up hair products from the unit. This cleansing is also helpful if you are travelling, since most hotels won’t usually have softened water. This soak and rinse technique can also be helpful when doing a detach-reattach, but make sure you have a spare unit on hand.

So there’s a new routine for your lace-front cleaning regimen. Install a full-flow showerhead, a filtering unit, and cleanse your hair unit with an occassional baking soda bath. The cleaner, softer water won’t only help your hair look great, but your skin will benefit as well.

Marquetta Breslin

Marquetta Breslin

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