Why You Don’t Need HD Lace

Marquetta Breslin  by Marquetta Breslin • January 12, 2020

With so much hype about HD lace, I want to take the time to tell you why you probably don't even need it. So let's start with the denier. There are different deniers of lace. 

So let me break down what denier is. So denier, by definition, is a unit of measurement that is used to determine the fiber thickness of individual threads or filaments used in the creation of textiles and fabrics.

So the higher denier, the heavier your material or lace is. That means opera lace, bass lace, and French lace are all a heavier denier because of the weight and thickness (typically 30 denier or higher). 

Film lace, which is not the same as HD lace, is a lighter denier of fabric (typically 20 denier and lower). The lighter the lace, the more fragile it is. 

Now, HD lace is amazing, but it's not good for everyday use. In fact, you can check out this video right here where I break down HD lace. 

Here's why you don't need it. HD Lace was designed to be used in film because of how transparent it is. It's nearly undetectable on camera. It was only meant to be worn a few times. With a wig that you're going to need for daily use, a film lace with 20-25 denier will be totally fine.

If you're not making lace wigs yourself, be sure you are buying from someone who uses quality materials, because a lot of times, just because it says it's HD lace, does not mean it's true HD lace.

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Marquetta Breslin

Marquetta Breslin

Marquetta Breslin

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