Would You Let Your 9 Year Old Cut Her Hair Like This?

Marquetta Breslin  by Marquetta Breslin • November 7, 2013

Over the weekend I posted a picture on the Marquetta Breslin Fan Page with the caption…

“Would you let your 9 year old cut her hair like this?”

A few weeks ago my daughter came to me so excited!

“Mom, I know the hairstyle I want!”

“What is it?”


What she showed me was a picture very similar to Beyonce's Pixie cut I blogged about a few months ago.

“Ummm no!”


I thought about it for a minute, then I said,

“I'm not cutting your hair that short, but if you can find a style that you like that will work with your curly hair maybe I'll consider it, but you have to ask Dad first.”

LOL I just knew it would all stop there. There was NO WAY Ricky was going to agree to it so she skipped into Ricky's office with the picture above and asked him.

I laughed and walked away knowing she'd come back downstairs in tears.

About 2 minutes later I was startled by what sounded like a heard of elephants coming down the stairs…

“Mom…Dad said YES!”

“What?!?! RICKY!!!!”

Ricky calmly walks down stairs and said,

“What? I told her she could cut her hair. You of all people should agree with me as much as she sees you change your hair.”

I laughed and realized he was right…

So…what did I do? Well…You'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

In the mean time I'd love for you to join in on the conversation on the Marquetta Breslin Fan Page.

Head on over there and add your “2 cents”!

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