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If you want to take your wig making skills to the next level...

If you want to (finally) have confidence in your product...

If you want to be able to do it more efficiently, with more detail and less stress...

...THEN this may be the most important web page you'll ever read.

Here’s why, I recently hosted a 3-Day intensive, live, virtual training where I taught all about creating beautiful lace wigs. You’ll walk in with any experience level and leave with a wealth of knowledge about ventilating, wigs, working with vendors, marketing, and much more.

I Started Making Wigs In 2006 When My Mom Was Diagnosed With Stage 2 Breast Cancer...

I will never forget the story of her hair falling out in just one wash. She did not just lose the hair on her head. She lost her eyelashes and her eyebrows too. Her cancer treatments had destroyed her beautiful hair.

That’s when I knew I had to do something.

You Mom was TOUGH, but I knew she missed her hair. Problem was, back then realistic lace wigs were not readily available, and if you were able to find one it was ridiculously expensive and at that time, she just didn’t have that kind of money.

So I took it upon myself to learn. I began to study and I read every book I could get my hands on. 

But instead of finding gold, what I found was so frustrating. Out of all of the books I read, they spoke of very old techniques that used tools I couldn’t get my hands on, or they took forever to get right. 

That’s when I took matters into my own hands. Taking everything I knew along with trial-error (and some improvisation), I was able to create my own wig-making method. 

Well, needless to say, my Mom got her wig (yay!), but I also got a new skill that I was so excited to share with the world. That was years ago and since then, I have taught thousands of people this revolutionarily SIMPLE method. 

And now...


This Is The Same Simple Method You Learn In This Immersive 3-Day Virtual Experience

In fact, here is just a small sampling of what you are going to learn in this recorded, virtual, 3-day training…

  • Learn the ins and outs of how to make beautiful wigs that clients will “crawl over broken glass” to purchase. We’re going to cover everything from where to get supplies, to how to prepare, all the way to creating the most realistic stunning wigs imaginable.
  • You’ll learn everything you need to know about ventilating — everything! — from the simple single knot to double split knots, and more! Listen, there are multiple different ventilating techniques — not just one. Knowing when to use each method is the KEY to making a natural-looking piece.
  • If you are new to lace wig making, you’ll leave as a skilled creator. If you’ve been doing this for years, you will find a new level you never knew was possible.
  • Understand the subtle differences between fake-looking wigs and absolutely stunning ones. (This is important because once you know the difference you’ll be able to create wigs so realistic that no one will know your client is wearing a wig!)
  • Master hairlines that are so natural-looking, your clients will say they can’t believe their very eyes!
  • Insider tips and resources on how to make, modify, and repair wigs. In this segment, we also cover things like hair, adhesives, and customizing factory wigs. These “little things” are so important they can literally make the difference between a beautiful wig and something looking “off the rack.”
  • Discover how to turn lace wig making into a lucrative side-business, or full-time business, worth thousands of dollars a month.
  • You’ll ALSO get my best marketing secrets, including some of my insider social media tips so you can get paid well to create the wigs of your dreams. You get the latest and greatest, “what’s working now” marketing strategies that you can implement in your spare time.
  • PLUS, there is access to a recorded Q&A session. Students “picked my brain” in an environment where I told you EVERYTHING. (Some of the insider stuff is going to blow you away).

All this and a whole lot more is waiting for you at this closed-door, intense (but easy-to-follow) 3-Day Virtual Lace Wig Mastery Program. 

Registration will be open for a limited time, so be sure to join today. I'm personally walking you through the entire wig making and marketing process ⏤ and revealing everything you need to know to build your own successful, in-demand, expert lace wig business.

Lace Wig 3-Day Program

Here Is What You Can Expect During This Rare Event...

Phase 1

Mastering Ventilating, The Real Secret Behind
Gorgeous, Natural-Looking Wigs!

Ventilating is the process of tying the hair to the lace to create a knot. Doing that multiple times is what makes a beautiful wig come together. But it's also the process almost everyone gets wrong. Learning how to ventilate THE RIGHT WAY is the most critical step in the wig-making process.

When you're watching these recordings, I’ll guide you through this critical process so you can get it right. And don't worry, you'll always be able to rewatch. This skill separates the professionals from the “pretenders”, so you can be on top of your game and create “Wigs with a Wow-Factor.”

Whether you want to make full lace wigs, customize wigs, or do repairs, this phase will give you the knowledge to take your skills to the next level. And the best part is (like riding a bike), once you learn, you’ll have these skills FOR LIFE

Phase 2

Virtual Education With Marquetta Breslin! This Is Where You
Go From Where You Are To "Wig-Making" Expert

In Phase #1 you'll learn in-depth about ventilating. In Phase #2 you learn about repairs, customizations, and foundation making.

Here's why all three of these items are so important.

Repairs are a big moneymaker and I already have students who just repair wigs and profit greatly. And with the current wig shortage, it's such an in-demand skill that needs to be met.

Next is customizations, it's extremely important that you learn how to create beautiful, semi-custom wigs with your new wig customization skills to save you time and your client's money. Some clients only want customized wigs, make sure you know how to provide this service!

The last thing in Phase 2 is foundation making. This is a highly sought-after skill that requires accuracy and a strategic approach to get great results every time that you're clients will love. I'll teach you step-by-step how to create beautiful foundations, you don't want to miss this.

Phase 3

A Closed-Door, Tell-All,
"Pick Marquetta's Brain" Q&A Session

You've got questions, Marquetta has answers! In Phase 3, you'll have access to a recording of a private, closed-door, no-holds-barred question-and-answer session unlike any other. No question or answer was off-limits. Students picked Marquetta’s brain and got real, straight honest answers. No sugar-coating.

Whether it's wigs, marketing, business, personal, parenting, or any other question you can think of, Marquetta answered them and did not hold back. 

The only agreement we all have is that none of this information is ever made public. I shared proprietary information that only my paid customers get and I hold nothing back. 

Phase 4

Social Media Marketing, The Secrets To Finding Happy
Clients Who Pay You Over and Over Again!

What good is having a skill so in demand if no one knows you exist? Phase 4 is all about MARKETING. You'll discover how to attract paying clients, how to build your social media platform in a way that makes selling effortless (while staying true to yourself), how to get people to market for YOU using a few little-known techniques, and so much more!

You’ll also learn the best way to transform strangers into friends, friends into customers, and customers into long-term, loyal clients. Finally, you’ll get a systematic plan to market your lace wig making services that makes you the only logical choice for clients to do business with.

PLUS 3 Additional Bonuses!

The Ultimate Vendor List + Walkthrough Video ($199.00 Value)

Get private access to Marquetta Breslin’s personal list of handpicked vendors. These vendors were carefully selected because Marquetta has either personally used them, or they were highly recommended by close friends or students she trusts.

You'll get instant access to over 27 vendors for you to choose from for wigs, bundles, closures, and frontals!

Along with The Ultimate Vendor List, you’ll get an exclusive “walkthrough video” with Marquetta Breslin where she’ll take you on a deep dive on exactly what to expect when working with vendors, the right questions to ask, and so much more.

Yes, the Ultimate Vendor List is priceless, but when you add Marquetta Breslin walking you through the entire process, you’ll be unstoppable!


Color Mastery ($99.00 Value)

Filmed in beautiful 4K Ultra High Definition so you’ll never miss a single detail, step, or instruction, Color Mastery is the most comprehensive training for hair color to date. In just 13 modules, you'll learn everything you need to know about coloring hair.

You'll also discover how to use the color wheel, basic color theory, how to color correct, and so much more.

Do you know what to do if your client's hair turns out too brassy? Krista tells you exactly how to correct color so you don't have to guess. Krista and I also break down different classifications of color, color theory, formulations, and so much more!

Plus 2 additional bonuses!

  • The Business Of Color - How To Add An Additional $1000 Per Month To Your Business!
  • Q&A Video With Krista and Marquetta

With this bonus, you'll have the knowledge to understand how color works so you can apply it to your business.


Cutting Mastery ($99.00 Value)

Cutting Mastery is the complete how-to system for understanding how to the fundamentals of cutting hair.

This system will provide all the "know how" you need to give your clients the best haircuts they've ever had!

Here's what's included...

  • Cutting 101 - You'll learn the most important thing you must understand before you even pick up your shears, the top 10 haircutting tools you'll need to get started, and so much more!
  • Cutting 201 - You'll get to peek over my shoulder and I go in depth into two of the most basic cuts, how to determine where your client's hair naturally parts, and more!
  • Cutting 301 - Discover the one haircut you need to master before you even think about doing a 45 degree cut, many different tools, tips, and tricks, and so much more!
  • Cutting 401 - Discover how to properly use the razor to achieve a softer look on your cuts, how to add texture to your cuts, and so much more!
  • Plus Shears & Face Shapes Booklet, Handouts & Quick Start Guide

With this bonus, you'll be well on your way to being able to cut wigs with ease!


Here is What Makes This Event
Different Than Any Other Training You Attend

  • This is NOT your typical wig-making virtual event and the traditional way of making lace wigs. You will become intimately familiar with the Marquetta Method,™ a unique wig-making system that’s been tested, refined, and perfected over years and while traveling and teaching this skill to my students all over the globe.
  • This is NOT an event where you won’t be able to see what I’m doing. We have a three camera setup. One camera is specifically dedicated to a close up shot of all of the ventilating techniques you’ll need to learn. That way, you catch on fast, you can move on to more advanced techniques. And if you are a slow learner,  you can refer back to the recording as much as you need to.

See What Marquetta's Students Have to Say



So by now, you’re probably wondering how much this is going to cost.

Events like this can run thousands of dollars. 

But this event is simple. All you pay is $495 $147!

Think about it - all it takes is selling one great wig and you paid for the training and all the rest of the money you make is yours to keep. You could spend years learning all this information and getting this kind of hands-on training.


Enroll Now with 100% Peace of Mind Guarantee

So Register Now. And if you are not completely BLOWN-AWAY and on the path to creating stunningly beautiful wigs with confidence, just let me or my team know, turn in your materials and we will give you a 100% refund...and we can still be friends.

Listen - I know this is going to be the event you're still talking about 10 years from now. You just need to experience it to believe it.

God Bless,

3-Day Virtual Lace Wig Mastery Program 1



On Day #1, we started with an advanced understanding of wig-making and then we start with the virtual training, where you can go at your own pace. You can come in with any experience-level and you’ll leave with the skills to create beautiful wigs. 

On Day #2, we went deeper and honed your expertise. Then, we shifted gears and go through my BEST marketing ideas so you can get paid for your work.

On Day #3, we will dig deeper into marketing! Then, you’ll have time to pick my brain to ask me as many questions as you’d like.

If you are new, I will teach you everything you need to know. 
If you have experience, you’ll leave with more advanced skills and knowledge.

Yes. I am so confident in this training that if after the first day, you are not completely BLOWN-AWAY and on the path to creating stunningly beautiful wigs with confidence, just let me or my team know, turn in your materials and we will give you a 100% refund...and we can still be friends.

You don’t have to have supplies in order to participate however, if you want to follow along with Marquetta as she’s teaching you can absolutely do that. Inside your member area, you’ll see a tools checklist that you can use as a guide to purchase what  you need should you choose to follow along with Marquetta.

You are purchasing the recordings of a recent live virtual event. Your access begins immediately, and never expires! 

Not at all. Some of our students choose to buy the Lace Wig Starter Tool Kit and follow along with Marquetta. Some of our students watch the recordings and get their Lace Wig Starter Tool Kit later. It’s entirely up to you.

We highly recommend taking the 3-Day Virtual Lace Wig Mastery Program even if you attended the 1-Day Virtual Lace Wig Bootcamp. And the reason is simple, Marquetta teaches at a much deeper level within this event due to the fact that it’s three full days. She’s able to comprehensively cover many more aspects of wig making, marketing, and many other details that are critical to you that simply can’t be taught in one day.

To Recap, Here’s Everything You Get!

  • VIP Access to the 3-Day Virtual Lace Wig Mastery Program Replays!
  • Phase 1: Mastering Ventilating - The Real Secret Behind Gorgeous, Natural-Looking Wigs
  • Phase 2: Hands-On Practical Application - This Is Where You Go From Where You Are to “Wig-Making” Expert
  • Phase 3: Recording Of The Questions And Answers in a Closed-Door, Tell-All, “Pick Marquetta’s Brain” Q&A Session
  • Phase 4: Social Media Marketing - The Secrets To Finding Happy Clients Who Pay You Over and Over Again

Go ahead and register to access the recordings of this amazing, three-day event. You will not be disappointed.

Marquetta Breslin

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