The Lace Wig-Making Industry’s PREMIER Training Event:

In Just Three Days, You’ll Get The Skills And The Mindset You Need To Achieve Real Success in the World of Lace Wig-Making

July 25-27, 2022 | M Resort Spa Casino

Las Vegas, NV

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Marquetta Breslin

Special Invitation from Marquetta Breslin

There are only two types of people in the lace wig industry:

Those who make lace wigs and those who make real money making lace wigs.

If you want to create success in the lace wig industry, consider this your invitation to the year's event: Lace Wig University LIVE!

In only three days, you can completely transform the trajectory of your success in the world of lace wigs.

“Starving Artist” No More

There are way too many great lace wig makers who struggle simply because they don’t know how to use their skills to create material success. This is not something you learn at school, and it’s not something you learn at home.

That’s why so many end up being “starving artists” with a ton of talent and no way to put food on the table. They can work hard, and they can make a great wig. Still, they’re one step away from knowing how to put all of that together to create success.

During the three-day Lace Wig University LIVE!, it’s my goal to show you how to leverage what you know and what you can do to create the life you want.

Marquetta Breslin

Walking On The Road of Service

While it’s easy to get excited about success, never forget why we’re doing this work: we’re doing it to serve.

There are countless men, women, and children whose lives can be enriched with the talents of someone who can make a beautiful lace wig.

  • Sure, this can lead to money… sometimes a lot of it.
  • Sure, this can lead to recognition… sometimes even fame.
  • Sure, this can lead to all of your dreams coming true… and more.

But those things are not the real goals. That’s not where you aim. You aim to put your skills in service of something much bigger than you and what you want.

Everything else gets created because you pursue the real goal.

This might sound crazy if you’re struggling to make ends meet. I’ve been there! And I know that if you want to create success in the lace wig industry, the answer is to learn how to serve more and serve better.

And that’s what we’re going to focus on at Lace Wig University LIVE!

So here’s how the three days are going to play out…

Day 1: Skill Upgrade

During “Day 1” of Lace Wig University LIVE!, I’ll be walking the room and watching as you sit at a table working on a wig with your tools. I’ll spend time teaching, inspiring, and showing you what it takes to make lace wigs at the highest levels. 

My goal is simple: to make sure the skills you bring to your work are where they need to be to create real success.

While there are a few shortcuts you might discover on your journey to success, there’s no substitute for doing the work required to master the art of making a lace wig. You’ve got to put in the time if you want real freedom.

 So that’s where our journey will start: With me teaching. With you doing. With all of us learning together.

DAY 2: The “Hidden” Blueprint For Success

In business, you don’t get what you think. You don’t get what you deserve. You get what you believe and work for. This combination of belief and work is what controls how much success you create.

Most people are raised to believe that success is something other people achieve. They are told that they probably don’t have what it takes to be great, either directly or indirectly. They’re pressured into things like “being realistic,” not getting their hopes up, or that it’s better to be “safe” than sorry.

I’m sure the people who say these things are all well-meaning. But I have a name for this approach. I call it, “playing not to lose.” If you want a guaranteed way to fail at the game of business, this is what you do. You play not to lose.

That’s the way you fail before you even begin.

What I know is this: you cannot outachieve your beliefs.

You will never push beyond those limits. So if you want to achieve something big, part of the work is to remove the limits keeping that possibility from your reality. What does one of these limits look like?

It’s that little voice that tells you it’s not possible. The one that says you just don’t have what it takes. The one that tells you that you’re going to find some way to screw it all up.

I’m here to tell you that voice is not you. That voice was put there to keep the real you playing small.

What’s going on in between your ears and what you’re feeling in your heart has everything to do with the level of success you create. When you change that, you can change everything!

At Lace Wig University LIVE!, we’re going to invest a lot of time into making sure you walk out of here with the real you, the one that is on this earth to do something important, ready to play big.

DAY 3: “Making It Happen”

Without action, nothing matters. But you can’t just go out there and do anything and expect success. You need a strategy. You need a map. You need to understand how to create bigger results with less effort over time.

 On “Day 3” of Lace Wig University LIVE!, we will dig into how to “make it happen.” You’ll learn how to go from a lace wig maker with great skills to someone who’s able to create success.

 We will talk about strategy, systems, marketing, business, and more. At first, it might seem like a lot goes into this, but you’ll learn to speak a new language: the language of business success.

Meet Two More Experts I’ve Invited To Help You On Your Journey

In addition to me leading you on this journey towards success in the lace wig industry, I’ve invited two other experts to help. These two gentlemen will help you rewire your mindset and get yourself tuned up for real success.

Ed Rush

Ed Rush

Ed Rush is a long-time friend who you probably remember being on my show. Ed is a former F-18 fighter pilot who left the military and developed a system that helped him make $8-Figures in less than ten years as a consultant. He's coming to the event to show you how to instantly dial in a Millionaire Mindset, break through obstacles, and charge what you're worth.

Mike Waters

Mike Waters

Mike Waters is a community leader, working with many different organizations to enhance and educate people on health and fitness. Over the 20 years as owner of Phase 1 Sports, Mike has worked with Super Bowl Champions, professional athletes, and high-level executives. Mike continues to operate one of the most successful youth programs in the United States.

Where It’s Happening And When

If you can’t tell by the picture, know that this location is amazing. Just consider it a vacation because that’s exactly what it will feel like. And being that we’re doing this in the middle of the summer, Las Vegas will be more alive than ever! 

How To Make Your Reservation While Spaces Are Still Available

We’re hosting Lace Wig University LIVE! in a big, beautiful part of the M Resort Spa Casino. But this invitation is going out to a lot of beauty professionals. So if you’re serious about being there, make your reservation sooner rather than later to make sure you don’t miss out.

General admission is $49, and a select number of VIP tickets are available for $199.

VIP tickets include VIP admission with priority check-in, a custom gift bag full of surprises, special event seating, one private evening Q&A session, a post-event private training via ZOOM, and a custom journal and pen. 

Success Is Not An Accident;
It Happens By Design

The truth is, success doesn’t happen by chance. It is something you engineer. You need the belief, the skills, the strategy, and the action. Those are the four ingredients.

We will cover all of those things at Lace Wig University LIVE!

See What Past Live Event Attendees Are Saying

I’ve had live events all over the United States with thousands of attendees. Make sure to watch this short video to see what just a handful of people are saying….


Now that you’ve heard from past attendees, let’s wrap up everything by talking about some of the most frequently asked questions. Make sure to read through all of the FAQs. All of the most common questions are right here….

We will follow all of Nevada’s laws regarding COVID-19. Currently, there is no mask mandate per a February 10, 2022 directive signed by Governor Steve Sisolak. We will not require any of our attendees to wear a mask, but please feel free to wear one if you feel more comfortable wearing one. There will never be any judgment from us. Also, we will not be enforcing social distancing during the event. If you are uncomfortable attending Lace Wig University LIVE! due to COVID-19 concerns, we kindly ask you to come to a future event.

Lace Wig University LIVE! will happen on July 25-27, 2022, at the M Resort Spa Casino.

The event will start at 9:00 am PST each day and end between 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm each day.

There will not be a Livestream option. You must attend in-person to experience the event.

There will not be recordings of the event made available to the general public. If you come to the live event, there may be an option to buy recordings of the event, but only if you’re an attendee.

No problem. We know life happens. If you can’t make the event, please Contact Us  prior to July 18, 2022 for a full refund of your ticket price.

You do not need to be licensed.

The Lace Wig Starter Tool Kit is available on our website. We do plan to have these kits available at the live event but due to global supply chain issues, we can’t guarantee we will have them in stock.

Once you register, you will get a confirmation email that will enroll you in Marquetta Breslin’s Member Center. Inside the Member Center will be all of the details you need to successfully attend Lace Wig University LIVE!

You are not required to stay at the hotel. There are plenty of hotels within 15 minutes of the M Resort Spa Hotel.

Yes! Once you buy your ticket, your coupon code will be inside the Member Center.

Lunch isn’t provided, but there are plenty of options to eat inside M Resort Spa Hotel.

We do not cover travel and accommodations.

On Day 1 of the live event, you will be doing a look and learn with Marquetta Breslin. You will be watching and ventilating on your own. You’ll discover Marquetta’s ventilating techniques and much more. We recommended you bring a Ventilating Needle, Needle Holder, Wig Block, 4” X 6” Piece of Lace, Hair For Ventilating, Scissor, Rat Tail Comb, Straight Pins, and a Hammer. If you aren’t able to bring tools with you, we will have tools for sale at the event but can’t promise we will not be sold out. If you don’t have tools and can’t buy them from us, you can always watch and learn.

Anyone can attend the live event. However, each person must purchase their own ticket.

If you can’t come to the live event, simply Contact Us prior to July 18, 2022 and we will refund your ticket price.

There is not a payment plan available for Lace Wig University LIVE! However, there are two different admission options available. You can choose General Admission or the VIP Admission option.

A Money-Back Guarantee Like No Other

My guarantee is simple and unlike anything you’ve probably seen before. It’s simple, buy your ticket, come to Las Vegas, NV for Lace Wig University LIVE!, spend all three days with me, and if you don’t feel that this is the best live event you’ve ever attended in your life, I’ll refund your ticket price and give you $100 for wasting your time. It’s that simple.

Get Your Ticket Now Before The Event Fills Up….

Get your ticket now to secure your spot at Lace Wig University LIVE! Please note that VIP space is limited.

General Admission

  • General Admission to Lace Wig University LIVE!

VIP (Limited Seats)

  • VIP Admission to Lace Wig University LIVE!
  • Special Gift Bag
  • Special Event Seating
  • Private Evening Q&A Session
  • Post Event Private Training via ZOOM
  • Priority Check-In
  • Custom Journal & Pen

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I promise you that you’ll leave our three days together with more clarity, confidence, and energy for building success in the lace wig industry than you’ve ever had before… EVER.

Get your ticket ASAP. If you’re thinking about getting a VIP ticket, act even faster because those seats are limited and will sell out. 

I can’t wait to see you in Las Vegas!

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Marquetta Breslin

Marquetta Breslin