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If You’re a Stylist Who Is Working Way Too Hard For Way Too Little Money, Then This May Be the Most Important Page You Ever Read...

I know you are very good at what you do. I know you love the beauty industry. And I’m sure you are very talented.

But if I may be so bold... 

What Good is Talent if No One Knows You Exist?

If you are like the thousands of stylists I have mentored, you're fed up. You put in your time, “paid your dues”, built your client base, and transformed hundreds of clients only to come to the shocking realization that you’re still struggling and still “just surviving.”

You took the right courses, got the right certifications, and connected with the right people. Then, you stood behind that chair for hours and hours, dealt with the pain in your feet or your shoulders — and by the end of the day, when you’re tired and worn out, you go home wondering if it’s all worth it.

Listen carefully: that all changes today...

That’s because there is a reason why some stylists succeed at making (and keeping) a lot of money and most stylists end up broke, in debt, or worse. 

And in the next few minutes, you’re going to learn...

  • How to move into the top 1% of all stylists: the kind of people who make money...even when they are not behind the chair.
  • How to build your business around your life (and not the other way around).
  • And how to run your business in your own way, on your own time, and with a big smile on your face.

I know that sounds impossible, but (as you will soon see) the secrets have been in front of you the whole time. Now it’s your turn to find out how to become a Million Dollar Stylist. But first...


It’s Time to Ditch the “Broke Stylist” Business Model

 You’ve been told that to be successful as a stylist, you need to get licensed, open a salon or rent a chair, build a client list, get paid… and then (literally) lather, rinse, repeat.

The problem with this model is: to make more money you have to have more clients. So you went ahead and got more clients, and now you’re standing there behind that chair 12-hours a day, with barely enough time for lunch.

I’ve been there. Done that. And then I got a dose of reality.

I looked around and realized that almost all of the very talented, very busy stylists I knew were also broke. That didn’t make sense to me until I realized that the model itself was broken. You see... 

A Broken Business Model Creates Broke Stylists

You see, all the women I knew were getting paid for what they did.

Hours in.
Dollars out.

But when I looked at the most successful people in the beauty industry—people making hundreds of thousands of dollars (and even millions)—those people were actually working less because they were getting paid for what they KNEW instead of what they DID.

That’s when the lightbulb appeared over my head...and the rest they say is history. I quickly transformed my business model and wouldn’t you know it….

  • I started making more money
  • I started working less
  • And I really started to enjoy life

All because I changed a few simple things… the same things that I am going to share with you in my upcoming event because I just decided “enough is enough.” 

You see…

  • You work too hard to not be paid well. 
  • You’ve put in too much time not to be successful. 
  • So I just decided to open the kimono and unveil everything. Every tip, strategy, marketing hack, and more.

That’s why...

You’re Invited to Purchase The 2-Day Live Zoom Event Recordings Designed to Transform Your Business So You Can Make More (Way More), Live More, And Have More Fun!

Here is what you can expect in this life-changing event...

Module #1

How to Charge What You’re Worth

I can say with 100% certainty that you could be charging more. How can I be so certain? Simple. I have coached stylists from all around the world and to date, almost no one was charging their worth. 

So, yes, I am 100% certain you could be charging more.

Want proof? If you’re frustrated with the size of your savings (or if you don’t have any), then that is irrefutable evidence you could be charging more...period. Bottom line, you were created to be amazing and your bank account should reflect that.

In this module, you will discover…

  • How a simple shift in your mindset will instantly transform how the people in your life see you. They’ll treat you with more respect, ask you for expert advice, and value you more. (Hint: the key to how people view you starts with how you view yourself. Most of the stylists I know are their “own worst enemies” in the negative talk they bring into their lives.) You will learn how to completely eliminate this negative mindset...which is going to bring more power, peace of mind, and prosperity.
  • How to transform your biggest obstacle to success into your most powerful weapon!
  • How to erase the “play small” programming the world has installed in your mind. Most stylists don’t realize just how deep this “brainwashing” goes. If you had parents, went to school, or ever watched TV, then there’s junk in your mind that’s keeping you from succeeding! Time for that to go… and in this event, I will show you how.

Module #2

Million Dollar Pricing Strategies

The problem with most business training is it stops at mindset. So you get all jazzed up and excited, but then you don’t have the next steps to make the mindset a reality. You see this all the time with the “law of attraction” crowd who sit around all day thinking about money, but they never have any.

That’s why this module is so important because you are going to take the Mindset breakthrough you experienced in Module #1 and put it into practice with a totally new Skillset. You’re going to learn how to take your new empowered belief in yourself and couple it with the skills to really boost your income.

That’s because...

Mindset + Skillset = Money

In this module, you will learn….

  • The 4 Pricing Models that will completely transform how you charge. (Hint: most stylists have one pricing model: “sit here in my chair for a few hours and then pay me $ (whatever).”) The bonus to these breakthrough pricing models is you will get paid more and your clients will stay with you forever!
  • The Eight-Letter Word that you need to become if you have any plan on reaching $6- or even $7-Figures as a stylist.
  • How to get clients who stay with you forever, pay premium prices, and refer new clients to your business.

Module #3

Magnetic Client Attraction

The key word in this module is ATTRACTION. The most affluent stylists magnetically (almost magically) attract the right clients into their business. This starts with how you view yourself, then quickly moves to how you present yourself. Then you build systems around your business (that do a lot of the work for you) and voila… you’re making a lot of money… and having a lot of fun.

In this module, you will discover…

  • The Simple Sentence you can use to get people to refer great new clients to you automatically.
  • How to build a “client getting system” ONCE and have it deliver great clients to your chair over and over and over again.
  • How to charge fees that most other stylists would call crazy high. When you hear this strategy, at first you’re going to think it’s too easy to be true. But when you try it, you’re going to see how much money you can make with this small (but powerful) change.

After you implement this module, the other stylists you know are going to wonder how you’re making so much in so little time!

Module #4

How to Attract Affluent Clients who Pay, Stay, and Refer

This is the CORE Module in this entire system because I am going to show you how to instantly, magnetically, and easily attract clients with money. Listen...I know you love doing hair, but doesn’t it get old working with cheap people who can’t pay you or people who complain?

  • In this module, you will learn how to passively attract affluent clients. These are people who you probably already know who would pay you more (way more) than your current client base.
  • Oh, and here is a little insider secret: most stylists don’t think they have the skills to deal with affluent clients, but let me just say from experience… it’s a LOT easier to work with someone who has money than it is to work with your friend or family member that’s waiting on you to give them a discount. People with money are easier to work with, they hardly ever complain, and they actively tell their friends about you.

So you can still style your auntie's hair (in your spare time), but why not build your actual business around people who are willing to pay premium prices?

Module #5

How to Make Money in Your Sleep

The average stylist’s business model is: Work and Get Paid.

The Million Dollar Stylist’s business model is: Work and Get Paid, Get Paid, Get PAID, GET PAID, GET PAID!

So let me be blunt: you’re never going to make a lot of money until you create passive income streams. Just imagine waking up every morning with more money in your bank account than you had the night before.

That’s possible for you, but not if all you do is hair.

In this module, you will…

  • Discover the 6 Hidden Income Streams that could potentially bring you another $20,000 - $100,000 this year.
  • Find out how to set your product line on auto-pilot so you get paid consistently every month without doing anything. (I know stylists who are making $1,000 to $10,000 a month or more with “passive product income.”)
  • Learn how to create mini live or virtual events that not only create a wave of cash but also grow your business with new clients. (Hint: you can do this 100% on social media if you want to)

Module #6

The Secret to Working Less (And Making More)

I will get right to the point: you have a limited amount of time each day and it makes sense to use that time to do what you love. Most stylists I know are frustrated because they built a business that owns them and not the other way around. They don’t see their kids (or grandkids) as much as they would like because they are tied to a chair and the unpredictability of the random client schedule and people always “running late.”

That’s why a CORE part of the Million Dollar Stylist system is to show you how to maximize your time for maximum impact, income, and lifestyle.

In this module, you will discover…

  • How to “block schedule” clients so you get at least ONE extra day a week off. What would you do with all that time? Some of my students use that time to rest, enjoy their families, learn something new, or travel.
  • How to create super-fun systems that do the work for you so you don’t have to! Ask your average stylist about “systems,” and they’ll probably look at you like a crazy person and say “I just cut hair”. Systems include scheduling, follow-up, and referral-getting… which can all be automated so you make money passively.
  • How to master the art of saying “No.” Being perfectly honest: how much of your day is spent on things you DON’T want to do? If you are like most of my students when they come to me, it’s a lot. One of the secrets to freeing up more time is to strategically say “no.” (And one of the side benefits of this is that people will respect you and your time MORE!)
  • PLUS, my friend Ed Rush is going to show you the fighter pilot principles for getting more done, faster, and more effectively. He mastered these principles in the cockpit of the F-18 and then again in his 7-Figure business. Why not learn from someone who knows how to get things done?

Module #7

How to Create Your Own Money Miracle, Get Out of Debt, and Live the Life of Your Dreams

Spoiler alert: how you think about money will determine whether you have any. Most broke stylists go from paycheck to paycheck with no money to show from the last month. They are like “weigh stations” for money. The money just flows right through them onto another destination.

But what if there was a very simple way to get completely out of debt, pay off everything, and have money for what wanted (including that vacation you’ve been wanting to take)? 

That’s because in this Module I am going to show you how I have helped thousands of people crush debt and KEEP MORE MONEY.

In this module, you will discover…

  • What to do about “debt” and how to get on the fast track to absolutely erase it from your life and business.
  • How to set up the flow of money through your business (and your life) so that it stops being a source of fear and anxiety.
  • How to master the energy of money and use it as a positive force in your business. (Doing this will put you into a very select crowd… no matter how much money you have in your bank account!)

Module #8

The Social Media Money Machine

Ready for a huge tip? When someone hears about you, do you want to know what they do first? (Hint: it’s probably what you did when you heard about me too. 🙂 )

Answer: they go check you out on social media.


First, they want to make sure that you’re not a crazy person, but after that, they just want to know if you’re real. If what they see is “under-whelming” or if your platforms are nothing but random pictures from a barbecue 4 years ago, then you’ll most likely never hear from them again.

This is the single reason most stylists LOSE thousands of dollars every week without even knowing it.

So inside of this module, I am going to show you my social media secrets that have been responsible for hundreds of thousands of fans, millions of views, and millions of dollars.

You will...

  • Get the insider tips and tools to explode your following and generate more fans, plus, I will show you the single strategy to get more comments, likes, and shares. 
  • Get my “Simple 7 Questions” you can immediately post on your Facebook page that will rapidly accelerate audience engagement (Hint: this is also one of my “go-to” strategies for getting more Shares.)
  • How to position your social media platforms so you become an online celebrity. ⇐ Pro Tip: this is the key to charging more for your products and services.

* Meet Your Instructors *

Marquetta Breslin Mentorship

Marquetta Breslin

Marquetta Breslin is the co-founder of Breslin Media Group, LLC. She is a licensed cosmetologist, educator, and author of Million Dollar Stylist, Fully Booked, and What They Don't Teach You In Cosmetology School. She has educated some of the industry's top professionals, including Oscar-nominated makeup artists, Vogue Magazine Editorial Stylists, and many more. Marquetta has been featured in Sophisticate's Black Hair Magazine, BNB, Business 2.0, NBC, CNNMoney. com, NBC, and ABC. Her custom lace wigs have graced celebrities, cancer patients, politicians, and Hollywood feature films. She is the creator of systems such as "Lace Wig Training System," "Cutting Mastery," and "Million Dollar Stylist®," which have reached more than 100,000 customers in more than 70 countries. She is also a professional speaker and trainer, mainly at live events, such as her 2-Day Lace Wig Bootcamp and Million Dollar Stylist® LIVE!

Ed Rush

Ed Rush - Fighter Pilot, 7-Figure Coach & Advisor

I have invested millions of dollars in training, education, and help in my business. My rule is simple. If I can learn something the easy way, I will. If there is a way to shorten the learning curve, I am game. Nowadays it takes me 10 minutes to do what most people take 10-years to learn.

That’s because I surround myself with experts. That’s why I personally hired former fighter pilot (and 5-Time #1 Best Selling Author) Ed Rush to help me in my business. You’ve probably seen Ed on my live shows. He’s an expert at helping business owners make more money in less time. Ed is my other lead instructor in Million Dollar Stylist LIVE. He’s made over $10 million dollars and he is going to show YOU how to get paid what you’re worth.

So I know you’re much is this going to cost? 

An event like this could easily go for $5,000 or more. Between us, If all you did was add another $1,000 a month to your income, it would be worth $12,000 this year alone. But I am going to give you a great deal.

I know you haven’t fully achieved your mission and I want to be there to help you make more and take more time off.

So your total investment is only 1-Payment of $147.

Once you place your order, you'll instantly get Recordings To...

  • Module #1: How to Charge What You’re Worth
  • Module #2: Million Dollar Pricing Strategies
  • Module #3: Magnetic Client Attraction
  • Module #4: How to Attract Affluent Clients who Pay, Stay, and Refer
  • Module #5: How to Make Money in Your Sleep
  • Module #6: The Secret to Working Less (And Making More)
  • Module #7: How to Create a Your Own Money Miracle, Get Out of Debt, and Live the Life of Your Dreams
  • Module #8: The Social Media Money Machine

PLUS...You're Backed by My 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Here's how this works…

Watch the Million Dollar Stylist LIVE! recordings in full. You have an entire 30 days after your purchase to go through it and give it a serious try. If after watching all of the lessons and absorbing all of the life-changing training Ed and I teach you, if you are not totally blown away, simply contact us for a full refund, no questions asked...and we can still be friends.

It's that simple.

I've trained people from all walks of life, all over the world on how to completely transform their income and you'll be no different. It's my personal promise.

I'll see you on the inside!

God Bless,

Marquetta Breslin Signature

Marquetta Breslin

P.S. The Single Most Important Question to Ask Yourself

The question isn’t really “Are you ready to get on the road to making more money and taking more time off?”

The real question is “Who is going to stop you?” The only person who can stop you is the one who you see staring back at you every morning when you look in the mirror.

Despite what you’ve been told by just about everyone out there in the world, YOU are designed for greatness. You are designed with the ability to achieve levels of success you might not think are even possible.

I can say this with confidence because I’ve experienced this very same journey you’re about to begin.

I know you can go from just about any type of circumstance and drastically improve your situation… fast.

I know because I’ve lived it.

I know you can develop skills that catapult you into levels of success your family and friends would never think you could achieve.

I know because I’ve lived it.

I know you can go from nothing, with zero hope for changing that, and completely transform your life into something most people only dream about.

I know because I’ve lived it and I’m STILL living it.

Come join me on a journey that is going to change your life!


To Recap, Here’s Everything You Get!

Instant Access to All the Modules

  • Module #1: How to Charge What You’re Worth
  • Module #2: Million Dollar Pricing Strategies
  • Module #3: Magnetic Client Attraction
  • Module #4: How to Attract Affluent Clients who Pay, Stay, and Refer
  • Module #5: How to Make Money in Your Sleep
  • Module #6: The Secret to Working Less (And Making More)
  • Module #7: How to Create a Your Own Money Miracle, Get Out of Debt, and Live the Life of Your Dreams
  • Module #8: The Social Media Money Machine

Go ahead And Purchase Now. You will not be disappointed.

I look forward to seeing what you do with this information!

Marquetta Breslin

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