How Do I Attend A Live Event?

Registering is easy as 1, 2, 3!


Step 1: APPLY! If you’d like to come to one of Marquetta’s events, you simply need to fill out the form on that event’s page and let us know. Marquetta’s events sell out very quickly and we have an application process so that she can make sure that every single person in the event is there, ready to learn. 


Step 2: REGISTER! If your application is picked, our team will send you an Event Agreement for you to fill out to pay your registration fee and finalize your registration for the event. The Agreement will have all the information you need about the event to arrange travel and accommodations so that you can check those costs before deciding to register. We believe in full transparency so everything from the dates and times of the event to our cancellation policy is detailed on the agreement so that you know EVERYTHING beforehand. 


Step 3: ATTEND! Once you turn in your completed Event Agreement, our team will process your registration fee, add you to our Official Guest List, enroll you in that Event’s Information Section in your Member Center Account, and send you a confirmation email. That’s it, you’re all set!


You can find a list of Marquetta’s upcoming events here: