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Marquetta Breslin

From: Marquetta Breslin
Las Vegas, NV

Success in business will absolutely transform your life… 

But creating that success is not always the easiest thing in the world. Sometimes things are great, sometimes it’s a challenge just to get through the day.

You can either ride this “roller coaster” by yourself, or you can do it with the help of a community who believes in you, who is excited for you, who wants to see you become the best version of yourself that you can.

That’s what my new Inner Circle is all about.

It’s about creating a resource, a place to gather, a worldwide family of hair and beauty professionals who are committed to the journey of doing what they love and prospering because of it.

Marquetta Breslin

The Power of the Community Inside the Inner Circle Is A Rising Tide That Lifts ALL BOATS

In business, you don’t learn a whole lot when things are going well. You know what you’re doing is working, but you don’t always know why or how long it’s going to last.

It’s when things get tough that the lessons start to come. These are valuable lessons, powerful lessons…lessons that you can take with you into the future.

What these lessons are NOT, however, is EASY. Not usually. Not the good ones.

With the lessons come things like frustration, doubt, and sometimes even a little bit of fear. You KNOW you have what it takes to make it, but for some reason, things just aren’t quite playing out the way you thought they would.

If you’re walking on the path alone, it’s tempting at times like this to slow down, stop, or maybe even to turn back. When you’re stuck in your head and your heart is feeling the pain, giving up on your dreams is a choice a lot of people make. 

But that’s NOT what people like us DO.

Instead, we surround ourselves with the people and the energy we need to help us keep moving forward, even when we’re dealing with challenges. 

We connect with others who are on the journey, some ahead, some behind, so we can get perspective on our situation and understand that “THIS TOO SHALL PASS.”

And we continue to educate ourselves with valuable information that will help us improve our craft, sharpen our skills, and develop a powerful mindset to take out into the world.

We might even figure out how to have some fun along the way.

I created The Inner Circle for all of these reasons. To connect, to inspire, to empower, to educate, and to entertain! Because if you’re not having fun on the journey, then you’re really missing out!

What I’m Bringing to the Table

When I do things, I REALLY SHOW UP. And the Inner Circle is no exception. Here’s a short list of some of the things I’m bringing to the table on our journey together.:

  • The 38 years of combined “in the trenches” experience that my husband Ricky and I have in the hair and beauty industry. I’ve been there and I’ve done that. There’s a LOT I can share to help you avoid making unnecessary mistakes.
  • The more I learn, the more I realize how much there is to learn. I’m choosing to BE THE EXAMPLE of the teacher who never stops being a student. This is the real secret to success. I decided a long time ago to NEVER STOP LEARNING or to stop making big investments in help and guidance on my journey. Whether that’s a $10,000 one-day event or a $2,500 1-hour phone call, I’ve done both, and much more. I practice what I preach. My goal is to help others embody this mindset of eternal learning in their own lives so that amazing things can happen.
  • A real heart-driven mission, powered by my years of hard work in the industry and the connections I’ve made to bring together a dedicated group of people on this journey towards TRUE success in business and life.
  • ZERO FEAR OF HARD WORK. I’ve written three books, with book #4 and book #5 on the way. I’ve presented sold-out seminars all over the United States, I’ve created multiple 6-figure launches, I charge and get $6,000 per consulting day, I created and sold businesses, and have made 7 figures in more than one niche. This doesn’t include the millions of dollars I helped generate on the consulting side for other people with my husband. Am I “tooting my own horn” here? Yes! Because I want to show you what can happen if you’re not afraid to work hard in the direction of your dreams. Don’t EVER LET ANYONE tell you your dreams are “unrealistic,” or “impossible.” It’s just not true. And you’re certainly never going to hear that from me in the Inner Circle.

So let’s get to the specifics. As a member of my Inner Circle…

Here's What You Get

1. Loyalty Badges

This is a badge that goes next to your name that shows everyone how long you’ve been a member of the Inner Circle.  Not only does this serve as a reminder to YOU about how much you’ve put into this journey, but it also helps the folks just getting started see some of the veterans they could reach out to for a helping hand.

2. Custom Emojis

As a member, you’ll get access to custom emojis to use in comments and live chat! If you want to have a little fun, blow off some steam and do it with style, these Emojis will be ready to go!!

3. Monthly LIVE Inner Circle Meeting

Meet with me, Marquetta Breslin, and other Inner Circle Members, every month for a 90-minute live meeting on YouTube. During that meeting, I’ll share behind-the-scenes business information, personal stories and advice, instructional videos, special guest speakers, the book of the month, and so much more to help build your business, grow your personal brand, upgrade your life and walk with God.

I’ve got a TON OF STUFF PLANNED for these meetings!. And I am super excited about sharing it with you! Just to be clear, these Inner Circle Meetings are private and access is limited to Inner Circle members only.

4. 15% Off Online Classes And Live Events

Get 15% off any online classes, live events, virtual events, and more! Depending on where you’re at in your journey, these savings alone could “pay” for your Inner Circle membership.

5. Marquetta’s “Book Of The Month” Club

Readers are leaders. “Reading” is the price you pay for putting your mind and heart on an upward journey of constantly being “upgraded.” We’re going to bake that into the core membership in the Inner Circle. Each month, you’ll read the same book I’m reading and then, at the LIVE Inner Circle meeting each month, we’ll discuss the big takeaways and how the book can apply to your business and personal life.

Who Is This For?

To make sure the Inner Circle grows into the type of Community that will add real value to your life over the long haul…and fulfill the vision I have for this in my heart , it’s important to be really clear who it’s for and who it’s not for.

First, it might be FOR you if…

You Make Under $250,000 Per Year
If you haven’t cracked the $250,000 per year mark, you are the perfect fit for the Inner Circle. 

You Want To Move To The Next Level in Business and Life
This means you’ve got to feel that drive for “
more” in every area of your life. You want to wake up a better version of yourself tomorrow than you are today.

You Want To Sell More Products & Services
Selling happens when you serve. So I’m looking for service-driven professionals who want to serve even more!

You Want to Increase the Influence You Have in the World
“Influence” is the opportunity to inspire, empower, guide, and direct those you serve. I’m looking for people who want that and who want to grow that force every day.

Who Is This Not For?

While the Inner Circle is technically “open to all”, here are a few traits that might make your time there extremely uncomfortable and unproductive. So if any of these are true for you and you’re not willing to revisit them, then it’s best that you just sit this one out:

  • If you think the world owes you success.
  • If you’re afraid of working hard.
  • If you’re unwilling to STOP thinking small wherever you’re currently doing that.
  • If you think the world is out to get you and you refuse to take full responsibility for your life.

Understand THIS: The Inner Circle is a VICTIM FREE ZONE. Life has happened to all of us. The only thing that matters is how we serve the world with what we’ve been given. That’s the focus of the Inner Circle. To do the best we can with what we’ve got and to come together to help each other keep walking the walk to success.

Join Now, And Your Price Will Never Go Up

I created the Inner Circle to be a community that any serious business person would find completely practical to join.

So that’s why enrollment in the Inner Circle is only $19.99 per month. 

There’s no contract, no fine print, no required time you have to stay. You stay inside for as long as your membership is blessing your life.

The good news is that, with this current Charter Membership offering, you can lock-in the price of your membership NOW, for as long as you keep it active. Even if the price is raised for new members, your rate will never change.

What Others Say About Marquetta Breslin

A Final Word…

In a world where people are more divided than ever, the Inner Circle is a place you can come and KNOW you will find others who are walking the same path as you are…

…others who are excited by the world of hair and beauty…

…others who are not afraid to talk about what’s important to them and the values they hold dear…

…others who are willing to lend a hand in tough times and to help you celebrate when things are great.

The Inner Circle is my tribe. And I sincerely hope to see you on the inside!

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