Create Beautiful Lace Wigs & Frontals From Scratch!

From Oscar Nominated Makeup Artists to Stylists All Over The World, This Is THE System Responsible For Teaching Thousands The Art & Skill of Professional Wig Making...

My mom was at the dentist's office when it happened...

My aunt had just put Mom's hair up into a nice little ponytail, and my mom had taken my brother to get his braces removed. While sitting in the dentist's office, she reached up to rub the back of her head and an entire handful of hair came out.

When she got back home, my aunt shampooed my mother's hair. It all matted up into a big ball and came completely out...

All of my mother's beautiful hair came out in just one wash.

And she did not just lose the hair on her head. She lost her eyelashes and her eyebrows too. She lost everything. Her cancer treatments had destroyed her beautiful hair.

Now if you've never had cancer of known someone who has, it may be hard to relate to this, but breast cancer is a particularly difficult cancer for women to cope with. And it's not just the obvious physical challenges it presents. The real toll of breast cancer on a women is the emotional toll.

Just imagine losing one or both of your breasts, and then you hair on top of it. As a woman, you've now lost two of the most important things that make you a woman. It can be so devastating to your self-image and identity.

My Mother Is the Strongest Person I Know, But I Could Tell She Still Missed Her Hair…

My mom has had a very hard life. She has suffered (and survived) physical and mental abuse, drug addiction, divorce, crushing poverty, breast cancer, and countless other challenges in her life.

Yet through it all, my mother has maintained an amazing and youthful love of life. And as she dealt with breast cancer, she kept a great attitude, saying, “I don’t care about my hair. As long as I’m still alive, that’s all that matters.”

Truth is, her hair loss actually bothered me more than it did her!

But from time to time, when she didn’t know I was looking, I could still see that the loss of her hair bothered her.

And that became my inspiration for learning about the world of Lace Wigs... I wanted to help my mom feel good about herself again!

But The Story Doesn’t End There… (In Fact, That Was Just The Beginning!)

As I watched my mom and other women like her cope with hair loss caused by chemotherapy, I made up my mind to do everything in my power to develop a way to do something about it.

I wanted to figure out a way to make high-quality Lace Wigs available to any woman who wanted one. The problem was…

Lace Wigs Are Extremely Expensive!

So I decided to do something that no one had ever done before. I wanted to develop a system that would allow any woman to make her own professional quality Lace Wig.

So I began to study… I read every book I could get my hands on and invested thousands and thousands of dollars attending workshops and classes taught by the absolute top wig makers in the world.

These were NOT the low-quality “Lace Front” classes and courses you often see advertised online and in magazines. My instructors actually came from the theater and film world, where masters of the craft have been making Lace Wigs for over 100 years.

But as I began to develop my Lace Wig Training System, I started to realize that it would do so much more than help women facing cancer. This project also grew into a way to help women lift themselves out of financial stress and struggle, crawl out of the kind of debt and poverty my mom faced much of her life, and build a new future for themselves and their children.

That’s right -- the high-paying skills I’m about to give you can absolutely transform your life!

Lace wigs are expensive for a reason. And the reason is that there is a huge demand for them… from the cancer patient like my mom all the way to celebrities like Tyra Banks.

Why Celebrities (and Many Other Women) Will Pay Thousands of Dollars For a Professional Quality Lace Wig

It’s no secret celebrities love Lace Wigs. Lace Wigs are a fast and easy way to change up your appearance and give yourself beautiful and exotic looks.

As you can imagine, with all this publicity, Lace Wigs are more popular than ever. And not just among celebrities... women from all walks of life are using lace wigs and frontals to improve their appearance and feel better about themselves.

Naturally, some people buy and wear them because of medical reasons such as hair loss from cancer treatments or alopecia.

Others buy and wear Lace Wigs because their hair simply won’t grow as long as they would like to wear it.
And many buy and wear them because they just want a new look or they want the ability to have “multiple looks.” It’s fun to wear your hair long and straight one day, and then have a cute little bob the next day!

Quality Lace Wigs add a ton of variety and versatility to the way you look. And let’s face it… high quality, undetectable Lace Wigs simply look gorgeous!

But get this... A top-quality, custom-made hairpiece can cost as much as $15,000. Even a good one can cost from $1,000 to $5,000.

But what most women don’t know is that they can save all of that money by learning to make their OWN lace wigs. Plus, you can actually MAKE a lot of money too… if you choose to.

With all of the demand, there is plenty of opportunity for women like you to learn how to make lace wigs -- and then sell those wigs for a healthy profit.

So whether you want to learn to make Lace Wigs and Lace Frontals to help those battling cancer, alopecia or some other form of hair loss… make your own lace wigs, custom closures, or frontals to save money and still look like a million bucks… or make them to sell to others and earn serious money from home or your own salon… now is the time to learn!

What Most Women Don’t Know About Lace Wigs…

There’s a lot of misinformation about Lace Wigs on the Internet, so let’s take a couple minutes to go over a few basic questions:

What is a Lace Wig?

  • Lace Wigs are not new. They’ve actually been around for well over 100 years. And many of the most skilled craftsmen and wig makers come from the theater industry.
  • At its most basic level, a Lace Wig is simply a wig made with a lace foundation. Strands of human or synthetic hair are tied to the lace mesh, resulting in a wig that (when made correctly) looks like natural hair growing from the scalp.
  • Quality Lace Wigs look much more natural than machine-produced wigs, and because of that they are also much more expensive. (But the superior look, feel and natural beauty of a professional Lace Wig are well worth the price.)

What is the difference between a Full Lace Wig and a “Lace Frontal”?

  • A Lace Frontal is simply a wig worn at just the front of the head.
  • There is often confusion (even among some professionals) when using the term “Lace Frontal.” Many people who don’t truly understand the process of creating a full Lace Wig mistakenly call all Lace Wigs “Lace Front Wigs” or “Lace Frontals.”
  • Fortunately, my Lace Wig Training System shows you how to create BOTH full Lace Wigs AND Lace Frontals.

Who can wear a Lace Wig?

  • Absolutely anybody can wear a Lace Wig. Men or women, young or old. White or black.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are completely bald or if you already have long beautiful hair and just want a different look–you can wear a Lace Wig.
  • But what really bothers me is the level of misinformation out there about who can wear Lace Wigs and how to wear them.
  • For example, many women believe that to apply or wear a Lace Wig, you need to cut off part of the front of your hair! This is 100% false. Nobody needs to do that… All you need to know is the RIGHT way to draw the hair back at the hairline. My system teaches you that and so much more.

Will wearing a Lace Wig hurt my natural hair or scalp?

  • Only if you wear it the wrong way, wear it for too long, or use the wrong adhesives.
  • If you follow my system and create your own high-quality Lace Wig or Frontal, then you should have absolutely no problems whatsoever
  • My system shows you EXACTLY how to apply and wear your wig, how long you can leave your wig on, what adhesives to use, how to clean and care for your wigs and so much more…
  • You’re going to know so much about Lace Wigs when you are done that other women will be paying YOU to help them apply, remove and clean their wigs.

Can I really make my own Lace Wig? And will it look professional?

  • Absolutely! Anybody with two good hands can, with a little patience and practice, learn everything needed to make beautiful and professional Lace Wigs.
  • And with my Lace Wig Training System, it gets even easier.
  • Unlike other courses, seminars or workshops, I start you from the very beginning. You do not have to know the first thing about wigs, or even hair for that matter. I take you by the hand and lead you all the way from pre-school to a Masters Degree level.
  • As you’ll see in just a minute, not one single step is left out. So when you follow the easy, step-by-step method I lay out for you, you will quickly be creating your very own full Lace Wigs and Lace Frontals in no time. Regardless of your current level of experience!

Why not just buy a Lace Wig that was made in China?

As a maker of top-quality custom wigs, this is the most common concern you’ll need to overcome. And the answer to this question is three-fold…

Fit, quality and looks.

Fit: Even if you or someone else takes all the right measurements and sends everything overseas to a custom wig maker in China, there are so many little steps that can go wrong.

And since you’re thousands of miles away and unable to have your wig fitted directly to your head, the odds of it having a perfect, natural and comfortable fit are very slim.Here’s something to consider: if you buy a $10 hat and it doesn’t fit, you can just throw it away.

But if you spend $500 or more on a custom wig and it doesn’t fit, you’re going to have to live with it and either deal with the discomfort or try to “stretch” it to get a good fit.

Quality: The other problem with less costly wigs is the quality. Some of the companies that mass-produce Lace Wigs use the most inexpensive materials and hair they can find. In addition, the density of the hair is not quite right (it’s usually too dense to look natural), the hair doesn’t lie properly, and the wigs simply don’t last as long.

The truth is that you’ll probably go through five lesser-quality wigs in the same amount of time it takes a good-quality $1,500+ wig to wear out. So which one is REALLY less expensive? A good friend of mine told me once “quality always costs less in the long run!”

Looks: And the final problem simply has to do with how unattractive and unnatural many of these lower-quality wigs look.

We’ve all seen them… they make it obvious that the wearer has a wig on! Which defeats the purpose, of course. After all, you are buying a wig to look better, right?

A good-quality, professionally made custom Lace Wig or Frontal is absolutely undetectable. Even up close it should look completely natural, just as if the hair was growing out of the scalp.

(By the way, here is something most people don’t realize: Even if you are ordering your custom wig from a U.S.-based company, if it costs less than $1,000, 99% of the time it is being made in China!)

There Is Huge Demand For Women Who Can Make Lace Wigs! Here’s Where It’s Hiding...

Plenty of women would love to have a top-quality Lace Wig made for them. So once you get this skill under your belt (anyone can do it, really), then you can easily turn what you know into extra income.

In fact, the number of ways and amount of money you can make with your new skills are limited only by your imagination. But here are four primary markets of Lace Wig Buyers you can focus on...

BIG MARKET #1 - As we’ve already discussed, there is a large and growing need to make custom wigs for cancer patients as well as those suffering from alopecia or other medical hair loss conditions. The best part about creating wigs for this market (besides the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping to restore someone’s dignity) is that insurance companies will often pay you to create the wigs!

Here is a valuable tip: The key to getting paid by most insurance companies is to NOT call your creation a “wig.” You need to name your finished product a “cranial prosthesis.” That’s it… the “big secret” to getting paid by insurance companies.

BIG MARKET #2 - Celebrities, singers, actresses and models. This is where the big bucks can be found. Once you get good and develop a reputation for creating top-quality Lace Wigs and Frontals, breaking into this high- end market is easier than you might think.

And all it takes is selling a handful of wigs in this market to make a huge income. Celebrities think nothing of paying $15,000 or more for a custom piece.

BIG MARKET #3 - The biggest market for Lace Wigs and Frontals is everyday women like you and me who just want to look their best. With more and more women discovering the liberating power of being able to change their hair as often as they change their outfit, the market for custom Lace Wigs has never been better.

Many women now own multiple wigs, and with their widespread acceptance, it seems the demand for quality, custom Lace Wigs is growing every day.

BIG MARKET #4 - Theater troops, television studios and even movie companies. Wigs are very commonly used in theater, TV and movies, and guess what? Somebody has to make them… it might as well be YOU! Plus, imagine how it will feel to be watching the next major awards show and see a star walking down the red carpet wearing one of YOUR creations!

How to Make $50- $275 Per Hour Making Lace Wigs

As I practiced and developed my system, I made two big discoveries:

Discovery #1 - Anybody can learn how to make lace wigs and frontals. You don’t need any natural-born talent -- just the right training!

Discovery #2 - Once you’ve learned the process, you can make a high-quality lace wig in about 20 hours. With experience, you could make two lace wigs in a week. The best part? You could sell each wig for $1,000 up to $5,500, and possibly even more. (Celebrities pay $15,000 and up!)

So if you price your wigs on the low end, you’d be making $50 an hour ($1,000 / 20 = $50 an hour). And you priced your wigs in the mid-range -- say $3,000 each -- you’d be making $150 an hour. And if you priced your wigs on the high end, you’d be making $275 an hour or more! ($5,500 / 20 = $275 an hour.)

Of course, many people just want a little extra income on the side, and so they make one lace wig a month and pocket an extra $1,000. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

But it gets even better when you realize that...

You Can Make One Wig and Get Paid For It Over and Over and Over!

As I mentioned, one of the biggest markets for Lace Wigs is the theater, television studios and movie studios.

And while theaters and studios DO buy many, many wigs, what most people don’t know is that often these companies actually rent the wigs, mustaches, and beards they use.

So if you make wigs for theater, TV, or Hollywood, you can actually earn money from the same wig or other hairpiece many times over!

That means you do the work once and get paid over and over again. How cool is that?

As you can see, the potential for starting or growing a Lace Wig-related business is huge right now. And the best part is that there is far more demand for custom-made Lace Wigs and Frontals than there are skilled individuals to make them.

Now that you know who you can make Lace Wigs for and why they will buy them, let’s talk a bit about the system that is going to give you the skills to do it!

Introducing...The "Legacy" Lace Wig Training System!


(For visual purposes only. This is a digital training system. There are no physical products delivered.)

The result of years of intensive work, study, filming, editing, writing and effort, my Lace Wig Training System is by far the most complete, comprehensive and easy-to-follow system for learning to create high-quality, professional Lace Wigs available anywhere, at any price.

Over the past few years, I’ve literally been obsessed with learning everything there is to know about the art of making Lace Wigs. And as part of my obsession, I’ve invested over $20,000 in my own education, buying every book, video, course, seminar and workshop I could find. Paying thousands to study with some of the top masters of the craft.

But I did not stop with just studying. Learning from the best, I took the fundamental skills they taught and through countless hours of practice, refinement and experimentation, I improved upon them and made them my own.

This is unlike any Lace Wig or Lace Frontal course you may have seen or heard about before. Many of the techniques, tips, tricks and shortcuts I teach, I developed myself. You can’t find these techniques anywhere else!

However, just developing and mastering these techniques was not enough. I wanted to develop a system that could help others do what I do. It’s one thing to know how to DO something, but it’s something totally different to know how to TEACH it.

So I’ve spent the last two years developing a system to quickly, easily and effortlessly transfer these high-paying skills to YOU.

The Lace Wig Training System really WORKS!

And it works for anyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional hairdresser… a salon owner… a cosmetologist… or a mom who wants to make some extra money or even make a full-time income…

Now you, too, can discover how to easily create professional, beautiful and undetectable Lace Wigs and Lace Frontals from the comfort of your own home!™

Lace Wig Training System


Here’s just a sample of what you’ll learn as you watch each of the classes included in your system…

Lesson 1: Getting Started

In this Lesson, you’re going to discover...

  • How to make your first Lace Mustache. (This is the best quick and easy practice you can get for making a full Lace Wig.)
  • The right way to make a custom pattern from scratch. (Done right, your piece will look and fit perfectly on your client.)
  • My personal blocking method. (The way you “block” your lace onto your wig block can make your job much easier.)
  • How to dye the lace to perfectly match a client’s skin color. (This is a step that many wig makers don’t succeed at. But I’ll show you the quick and easy way to get it right every time!)
  • My dressing techniques. (You can do everything else right, but if you don’t dress your wig properly, it simply won’t look natural.)
  • A fun little ventilating exercise that, if done only a handful of times will almost guarantee that you will NEVER snag your lace with your ventilating needle. (Skip this exercise and you risk snagging or even tearing your lace.)
  • And much more…

Why make a mustache? I know you probably never thought you’d be making a mustache (I know I didn’t), but it’s important to start with smaller projects before moving up to Lace Frontals or full Lace Wigs.

Also, if you ever decide to do projects for cancer patients, men lose all facial hair, and that includes their mustaches. So it’s very possible that you may be asked (and paid) to create one.

And the great part about starting with a mustache is that it’s fantastic practice for making a full wig. You have to practice almost every major step in the wig making process. And if you make a mistake on this small project, it’s no big deal. So I recommend EVERYONE begin by making a simple mustache. And remember, as I told you earlier, you’ll actually be able to RENT your finished product to theater, television and movie companies.

Lesson 2: Custom Lace Frontal

In this Lesson, you’re going to discover...

  • How to make your very first custom Lace Frontal from scratch.
  • Every tool you’ll need, what each tool does and how to properly use it.
  • How to create your custom Lace Frontal pattern. (And I show you all of the pitfalls and mistakes to avoid.)
  • My personal ventilating method. Ventilate THIS way and you’ll save tons of time and effort. Plus your finished Lace Frontal will look 100% natural and be undetectable!)
  • How to properly prepare the hair before you begin ventilating. If the hair is not prepared using this method, your ventilating efforts will be wasted.
  • The correct way to integrate the Lace Frontal with a weave. Since most of the time you and your clients will be wearing a Lace Frontal with a weave in the back, it’s critical to know how to make them work together. (Get this wrong and it doesn’t matter how good your Frontal turns out, because the hair still won’t look natural.)
  • A neat little trick using an eyebrow pencil that will guarantee your wig is perfectly centered EVERY TIME you attach it.
  • My secret ingredient that I put on my clients’ hairlines as a “scalp protector.” (This will protect your clients’ skin from damage or irritation while wearing your wigs.)
  • And much, much more…

If you follow all of the easy steps I lay out, at the end of video #2 you’ll have in your hands your very first, 100% complete Lace Frontal. This one video takes you through each and every step in creating an entire Lace Frontal that you can actually go out and wear - or even sell!

You can start making money right away after watching this video. Many people have created profitable businesses just from making Lace Frontals alone!

Lesson 3: Lace Wig Measurements & Patterns

In this Lesson, you’re going to discover...

  • The CORRECT way to measure a client’s head. (Many of the methods others use are simply inaccurate. The key to a good fit begins with a good measurement.)
  • How to prepare a client’s hair for measurement. If you overlook this critical step, your client’s wig won’t fit right and all your hours of work will be wasted.
  • Exactly how to create a custom Lace Wig pattern from scratch. Getting the pattern right is critical for creating your custom cap.
  • My personal pattern making techniques. I’ve developed my pattern and cap making techniques personally, and you won’t find them taught ANYWHERE else! (These techniques are going to set the standard for the entire industry.)
  • And much more…

Getting your wig measurements just right is a crucial part of the process, so this video is essential to your training.

Lesson 4: Lace Wig Foundation & Ventilating

In this Lesson, you’re going to discover...

  • How to make your first custom Lace Wig foundation from scratch!
  • Four different ventilating techniques, how to do them and when to use them. Knowing the right way to ventilate is the cornerstone of making a natural-looking wig.
  • How to properly sew your cap. Sewing your cap becomes a breeze when you follow this quick and easy method.
  • Your different lace options and when and where to use each of the different types of lace. Choosing the proper lace for your project can make a big difference in the quality of your wig, the time it takes to ventilate, and the durability of your finished product.
  • How to create a “part” in the hair of your wig if the client requests one. To really master this craft, you need to know how to make the hair do exactly what you want it to do. This segment will show you how!
  • The hands-down easiest method for custom-fitting the cap.
  • And much, much more…

All of the videos in my system are critical, but this videos is one of the most important. video #4 is so important because creating the foundation and ventilating will be the backbone of your entire project.

I can’t wait until you finish this video, because if you’ve followed my directions up to this point, you’ll have your first full Lace Wig ready to wear. This will be one of the most satisfying moments of your life!

Lesson 5: Lace Wig Preparation & Attachment

In this Lesson, you’re going to discover...

  • How to prepare a client’s hairline for attachment. Many people do this incorrectly and it can negatively affect the way your wig comes out.
  • The correct adhesives and tapes to use. There’s a lot of misinformation out there and this is vital. These are the ONLY adhesives you should allow to touch your clients’ skin!
  • How to match the adhesive and tape you use to a client’s particular body chemistry. (Almost nobody else understands or even talks about how important this is, but it can make a big difference for you and for your clients.)
  • My personal attachment technique. This is SO important; if you don’t do this step right, you could lose hours of hard work.
  • The easiest and most effective taping method you’ll ever find anywhere.
  • And much more…

Preparing and attaching your finished wig properly makes all the difference. In this video, you’ll learn everything you need to know to do it and do it right.

Lesson 6: Lace Wig Removal & Cleaning

In this Lesson, you’re going to discover...

  • How to properly remove a Lace Wig. (If your wig is not removed properly, you can actually damage it in the removal process. Teach your clients this technique and you’ll make sure their wigs last and stay looking great.)
  • How to clean your wig the right way. So many people clean their wigs incorrectly, so knowing this information is vital.
  • My preferred method for de-tangling the wig after cleaning. Most people do this incorrectly and wind up losing hairs from their wigs as a result. This method prevents that.
  • The best way to remove the adhesives from a client’s skin and the wig itself. The way you remove the adhesive is going to depend on what type of adhesive you used (hard bond or soft bond). I’ll explain the difference and how to do each properly.
  • And much, much more…

Additional Included Items

Lace Wig Training System Workbook 1

Workbook Module 1

In Module 1 you’ll get…

  • A detailed introduction to hair. (You’ll discover more about hair than you ever thought you would know!)
  • Information about the different types of hair available for wig making and how to choose the best type for your particular project and client.
  • Illustrated instructions on how to dye the hair.
  • An explanation of the different types of lace available and when to use each type.
  • Step-by-step, full-color, illustrated instructions on the different types of ventilating.
  • Detailed information about hair densities and how to adjust the density of different parts of your wig to look 100% natural.
  • An expanded explanation of patterns and pattern making.
  • A step-by-step checklist for creating custom wig Frontals.
  • And much, much more…

These are high-quality, full-color, in-depth training workbooks that will fast track your learning. And they’re not too long, which means you can read them pretty quickly.

Lace Wig Training System Workbook 2

Workbook Module 2

Module 2 compliments your videos by explaining…

  • Wig measurements and how to do them properly, step-by-step.
  • Wig patterns and the seven critical steps to follow when creating them.
  • Your custom foundation, including how to check your measurements, stitch your lace and ventilate the wig.
  • Wig preparation and attachment. How to apply the adhesives and attach the wig.
  • Additional detail about the different glues and tapes you can use.
  • Detailed step-by-step checklists for removal and cleaning.
  • And so much more…

Lace Wig Training System Workbook 1


Just like any other highly paid skill or profession, wig making has its own “language.” And without a guidebook to help you translate and decipher that new language, it’s easy to get lost or confused.

That’s why I created this fantastic full-color glossary of wig making terms. Inside you’ll discover over 170 words with easy-to-understand definitions.

But don’t worry; there’s no need for memorization or flashcards. I’ve made every part of my system easy to understand so that anyone can master this and sound like a seasoned pro.

Lace Wig Training System Workbook 2

Quick-Start Checklist
Before takeoff, every airplane pilot uses a checklist to make sure he’s completed each task in the right order. This keeps the plane -- and the passengers -- safe. And it allows everybody to reach the correct destination on time.

If airplane pilots benefit from using checklists, then you can too. This is why I created a step-by-step Quick-Start Check List for you. The SEQUENCE in which you learn new information plays a huge role in how well you understand things.

There are 10 quick and easy steps on this checklist. If you follow them in the right sequence, you will be creating Lac Wigs and Frontals in no time. All you need to do is follow the Quick Start Check List. It tells you exactly what to do, in what order. Simple!

Lace Wig Training System Workbook 1

Professional Order For Makes Order-Taking Easy!

When you are ready to begin selling your own Lace Wigs and Lace Frontals, you need to have an order form. So to save you time and money and make sure that you have EVERYTHING you need to get your own Lace Wig business off the ground quickly, I’ve included this Order Form.

This is the only order form you’ll ever need to use with your clients. It’s the exact same form I use with my own clients. And it asks for all of the information you will need to begin making their custom Lace Wig.

This Order Form makes it fast and easy to take orders!

Lace Wig Training System Workbook 2Recommended Reading List

As part of my research and personal quest to master every part of the wig making process, I’ve literally bought every single book on the topic of hair and wig making that I could find. Some books in my personal library are almost 100 years old!

But rather than making you read hundreds of dusty old books, I’ve handpicked a select few of the absolute best titles. These are the books I personally recommend if you want to be serious about wig making. These books truly helped me along my way when I started, and I know you’ll love them also.

But while these books are “recommended reading,” they are NOT “required” reading. Everything you need to know about making Lace Wigs is contained in the 6 videos and 2 workbooks. These books are just “extras,” in case you are like me and want to expand your understanding even further.

Lace Wig Training System Workbook 1

My Personal "Tools Checklist"

With so much conflicting information out there about what tools and supplies you need to make Lace Wigs, it’s easy to become confused -- or worse, wind up wasting money on things you just don’t need.

That is why I developed this valuable Tools Checklist for you. Not only do I tell you exactly which tools you need, but I tell you which stores offer the best deals on them (so you never spend more money than you need to).

And you’re going to be surprised by how many of these you can get in a single 30-minute trip to your local Wal-Mart! Trust me… you DON’T need to spend a fortune on tools!

(This one handout alone will probably save you hundreds of dollars in otherwise wasted money!)

Are You Lazy Like Me?

One of the biggest concerns I had when I got started was the amount of work and time I thought it would take to create my first Lace Wig.

But to my surprise, the process was actually much easier and faster than I had imagined.

And even better… over the past few years of perfecting my methods, I’ve discovered many, many timesaving tricks, techniques and shortcuts that have made it even easier and faster to create beautiful, top-quality Lace Wigs.

It actually pays to have a bit of a lazy streak in you like I do, because it forces you to figure out the simplest ways to get things done. Personally, I think most human progress and our greatest inventions have been made by “lazy folks” who simply were trying to find an easier way to get more done in less time!

3 Simple Steps to Make Your Very First Lace Wig…

The steps that go into making a high-quality Lace Wig are quick and simple…

Here are the three basic steps and approximately how long they take:

Step #1 - First, you take your measurements and create the pattern of your client’s head and hairline. This takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

Step #2 - Next, you block your pattern and lace on your wig block and stitch your lace. This takes about 30 to 45 minutes.

Step #3 - The final step is the “ventilating” process (tying the hair to your lace). This is the step that many people think is hard.

But in fact, ventilating is fast and easy when you know how to do it right and you know my “time-saving tricks.”

Did you know that there is a special type of lace you can use for part of your wig that can cut HOURS off of the ventilating process?

In fact, if you are using the same type of lace for your entire wig (a mistake many people make), not only are you wasting time and effort, your finished product won’t be nearly as durable or good-looking.

This Is Just ONE of the Dozens of Timesaving Tricks and Tips I Teach in My System!

Once you get the hang of ventilating (and it’s super easy to do), you can easily complete an entire wig in less than 20 hours.

And while “20 hours” may sound like a lot of time, it actually flies by, because you can do all kinds of other things while you are ventilating!

For example, you can watch TV, listen to music, and watch videos (I recently watched the last season of Desperate Housewives on video) while ventilating.

The Opportunity And Demand For Quality, Custom Wigs Are Massive!

Lace Wigs are just beginning to really take off in popularity, and with more and more famous people, artists and celebrities proudly wearing Lace Wigs, the next few years are going to bring a huge increase in demand.

So the timing will never be better than right now to get in on the ground floor of this booming industry. The skills you will develop are lifelong skills that can pay dividends for years and years to come!

Once you’ve learned and mastered these skills, they are YOURS… you have them for life! And nobody can ever take them away from you.

Another (and even more important) reason I’m making my personal system available is because I truly believe that it can change the lives of many, many women -- you included!

You Get All 7 Components of The Lace Wig Training System…

Your Lace Wig Training System comes with:

  1. All 6 High-Quality Training Videos…
  2. Two Detailed and Illustrated, Full-Color Workbook Modules…
  3. A 20-page Glossary of Wig-Making Terms…
  4. A Super Simple Quick-Start Checklist...
  5. A Professional Order Form for Taking Orders…
  6. The “Recommended Reading” List…
  7. My Personal Tools Check List...

And It’s All Yours for $19,901 Less Than I Invested in My Own Lace Wig Making Education…

Like I told you earlier, I’ve invested over $20,000 of my own money into learning and mastering the things I’m about to give you.

In fact, as part of my multi-year obsession with learning everything there is to know about mastering this art, some of the books I’ve bought are almost 100 years old. One of the books I bought was printed in 1918 and I paid over $300 for it.

Fortunately, you don’t have to buy $300 books, courses or workshops because I’ve done it for you. I’ve distilled all of the wisdom of the past 100 years of wig making and over $20,000 of education into my easy-to-follow, step-by-step system.

And it’s all yours for only $599.95 $99.


Lace Wig Training System… $599.95 Only $99

That’s it… I’m giving you over $20,000 worth of training and the experience I’ve gained over thousands of hours of wig making for $599.95 $99.

Now, I think I’ve done a pretty good job explaining what you’re going to get and how it can change your life, but if you’re still at all skeptical, remember…

You Are Protected By a 100% Money-Back Total Satisfaction Guarantee

Listen, I want you to be as confident as I am that my system will work for you. But just in case you have any remaining doubts whatsoever, I want to make the decision foolproof for you.

Get the videos today and get started now! Watch the videos, learn all my shortcuts and techniques, read the workbooks. Go over the handouts.

After that, if for some reason you don’t think my system will change your life forever, you have 30 days and get a full, no-hassle refund, and we part as friends.

No questions, no conditions, no problem.

Opportunity Is Knocking… Will You Answer?

There has never been a better time to learn how to make Lace Wigs and Frontals. There has never been a better time to start your own wig making business and make money on demand, from the comfort of home.

Nothing else offers you the in-depth, step-by-step, learn-at-your-own-pace method that The Lace Wig Training System gives you. And no other product, course, seminar or workshop covers EVERY step you need to master like The Lace Wig Training System does. NONE.

Ordering Is Easy!

For Fastest Service: Have your Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express card handy and click on the secure order button below.

Fill in the online form and submit your order.

P.S. Because I’ve designed every part of this system to build on the previous steps and videos, you really do go from “pre-school” to a Masters Degree level, quickly, easily and effortlessly.

The video training modules are so easy to follow and understand, that if you can press “play” on your video player, you really can gain all the knowledge you need to begin making your own Lace Wigs.

P.P.S. If you’ve read this far, you know that you have a strong interest in creating beautiful Lace Wigs and gaining the skills that will give you the life you really deserve. All that is left to do now is to take the first step. If you want to…

  1. Help others facing life-changing medical conditions to regain their dignity and identity…
  2. Save a ton of money by creating your very own beautiful and professional Lace Wigs that your friends will think you paid THOUSANDS for…
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… then you owe it to yourself to take full advantage of this offer.

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