Praise and Testimonials


“The Million Dollar Stylist System Will Change The Way You Earn An Income And Enhance Your Career As Long As You Do The Work”

Finally a program that helps stylist live life 'AFTER THE CHAIR.' The Million Dollar Stylist System has everything you need whether you are working inside of a salon or want to pursue other interests outside of the salon. The information is so easy to understand and Marquetta and Ricky’s advice is exceptional. As a licensed barber and locktician in this business for 14 years, I highly recommend the Million Dollar Stylist system to every stylist. The Million Dollar Stylist System will change the way you earn an income and enhance your career as long as you do the work.
Adriane Lee
Los Angeles, CA


“I Will Never Have To Worry About Working For Someone Else Again!”

I listened to the Million Dollar Stylists course in my car numerous times on my way to work. I’ve listened so much that I now know the course by heart! I can now walk into my full time job knowing that I have a plan and I will be able to pursue my dream and make enough money to support me and my two kids.  When I purchased this course I was at my ending point with working the corporate dream of my bosses. I know that after going through this course I will never have to worry about working for someone else again! I can now utilize my creative time for my business and not someone elses. Thank you Ricky and Marquetta for everything you do!
Catuani Caruth
Chicago, IL


“I Quickly Gained 3 New Clients. And The Best Part Is, All Of Them Have Rescheduled”!

I am happy to report that since I purchased your Million Dollar Stylist program, I quickly gained 3 new clients. And the best part is, all of them have rescheduled! They loved their hair and the complimentary scalp massage. I also charged premium pricing and just as you and Ricky said, my clients didn’t question my new pricing because they realized the value of what they were receiving. I cannot thank you and Ricky enough for answering my prayers with the MDS program! Your program has answered so many questions for me and is sending me in the direction I have always wanted to go but simply didn’t know how. Anyways, I just wanted to share the great news with you and Ricky both and to say thank you again. Before this program I was ready to give up on the hair industry altogether, but now I have the knowledge that I need to succeed. Thank you, thank you , thank you!
Donna Jenkins
Lexington, SC


“This System Has Helped Me Create A Whole New Mindset!”

I recently purchased the MDS training system and I have to say I was blown away. There was so much useful information that helped give me direction and insight into that big question we all eventually ask ourselves in regard to our careers, "What next?" The "Vault" is filled with amazing and invaluable information. I'm looking forward to focusing my career on the things I am passionate about and expanding my income in the process. This system has helped me create a whole new mindset! I am looking forward to the new journey ahead and future successes. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Breslin for all that you do in education.
Shanel Dow
El Cajon, CA


“This Is The Perfect System To Brand Or Re-Brand A Hairstylist Or A Salon Owner”

The Million Dollar Stylist System is phenomenal. This is the perfect system to brand or re-brand a hairstylist or salon owner. I feel that anyone in the beauty industry can and will benefit from this product in more ways than one. You just have to implement the knowledge that you learn from this system. I am beyond satisfied with my purchase. The MDS System makes me look at how I can do business in a whole new prospective. The MDS System has taught me that I can build my business and take it has far as I want to with hard work and implementation.  Oh yea, and the vault is a huge bonus!
Mareka Johnson


“I Have Listened To The Entire Set At Least Seven Times!”

I have really enjoyed the Million Dollar Stylist System. I have listened to the entire set at least seven times! I’ve listened at the salon, on my iPod, while my clients are watching television, while driving in my car, and at bedtime. I have started implementing some of the information and advice that you have given, such as reading books that were recommended and redoing my website. I want to thank both of you so much for all you do!
Eleanor Shivers
Marietta, GA


“I Love You Guys So Much For This Words Can't Even Explain...”

Hey Mrs. & Mr. Breslin I purchased MDS on February 4, 2014.....And it's been sitting on my dresser since then until last night 3/23/14! I had been praying and asking God over the last year to prepare me for what's next because I'm ready Lord! And in my spirit I felt that change was coming.The feeling was so indescribable...It felt scary...So scary that I'm like Lord I don't know was about to happen but I feel the change in my stomach(weird huh).... So I started to have supernatural encounters with people that I'd least expect.....One phone call from a young lady I've been knowing for over ten years whom I hadn't heard from in months! She called me an said Monica I was in LA and your presence is needed here girl lol! As we talked for hours she began to give me marketing tips and I said girl I have the slightest clue as to how to market! Then I had a ah ha moment where God spoke to my spirit and said; watch MDS.....I came home and did my regular routine with my children! Later that night at around 9pm or 10pm I popped in the first cd and OMG to my surprise big things does come in small packages......I couldn't stop listening.....I popped in one after the other until I reached the 6th one and fell asleep listening lol(deep).....I really don't think you understand the magnitude of blessings that will be bestowed upon your family (screaming to God be the glory)......I woke up the next morning wanting more and also having a totally different mindset other than what I knew! Everything that I've been asking and trying to reaching out to big named stylist was right before my eyes(unbelievable).....I love you guys so much for this words can't even explain this feeling of relief! I've always said I don't want to retire just being a hairstylist! It's soooooo good I told my husband that when he gets in from out of town he has to listen to this! I know it's gonna be a long journey and is gonna take discipline, hard work and consistency but I'm ready and scared all at the same time! Implementing is key......I'm ready to be a producer....Keep doing your thang.....And I'll keep you updated with the changes as they occur.....Thank you, Thank you, Thank you......Love you guys whole heartedly?
Monica Davis

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