Marquetta Breslin's “Legacy” Braiding & Weaving Package!

For 13 Years These Videos Were Shipped As Physical DVDs To Over 55 Countries All Over The World & Have Been Responsible For Changing Lives!

I Was 13 When It All Began...

At 13 years old I started braiding my own hair out of desperation. My Mom at the time was a single mother and was not able to pay for me to get my hair braided so I was determined to have my hair braided.

So since my hair was already braided I decided to reverse engineer each braid and figure out how to put it back in. I will be honest with you, they were the worst looking braids I'd ever done, but I kept practicing until I perfected it.

Years later I developed my technique and during Basic Training I began to develop a clientele! I was very excited and after getting married my husband Ricky encouraged me to teach others.

So for 13 years we produced Braiding & Weaving DVDs that taught people from all over the world how to do different techniques. We shipped DVDs, but now we took those DVDs and put them in a digital format.

You can benefit instantly from the techniques that are still relevant today!

Braiding & Weaving Package


Here's What You'll Get In The Braiding & Weaving Package…

M3 Marketing System

Ever wished you knew everything Marquetta Breslin and her husband Ricky Breslin knew about building an online business and getting unlimited clients? Now you can! The M3 Marketing system isn't even available for sale to the general public and hasn't been for 8 months. But in the Master Package you'll get it!

You get 3 hard hitting DVDs in this set, they are “Marketing”, “Mindset”, and “Monetization”. You must have all 3 to be highly successfull and Marquetta and Ricky hold NOTHING back. Once you watch the M3 Marketing System, you'll wonder how you survived without it.

10 Styles For Your Child

Learn how to do 10 quick and easy hairstyles for kids on this DVD. Learn how to blow dry the “no tears” way, learn two different ways to detangle the work every time, the correct way to do a perfect blowout, and a whole lot more!

Four Hairstyles In One (Includes Learn How To Do: Kinky Twists, Cornrows, Weaves, & Micro Braids)

Learn How To Do: Kinky Twists

One of the most sought after styles for the summer, Kinky Twists are beautiful and versatile. Learning how to do Kinky Twists will allow you to offer this service to your clients, family and friends. In this DVD you will discover the tricks to flawless Kinky Twists. Learn step-by-step how to create Kinky Twists everyone will rave about!

Learn How To Do: Cornrows

Cornrows are at the forefront of styling. There are so many things you can do with learning this skill. Many weaving techniques require a cornrow base, so learning how to cornrow is very important! On this DVD you will discover how to do perfect cornrows. Learn step-by-step how to create cornrows your friends and clients will absolutely rave about!

Learn How To Do: Weaves

Weaves are the most popular style for every woman! In this DVD I demonstrate how to sew-in a partial weave to add length and volume to your clients hair. You will discover the tricks to a flawless Weave. Learn step-by-step how to create a weave your clients and friends will rave about!

Learn How To Do: Micro Braids

Micro Braids have been one of my favorite styles to wear since I was a freshman in high school. This style is versatile, beautiful, and can be worn many different ways. Micro braids can be long, short, curly, wavy, straight, medium, or small. In this DVD you will discover the tips and tricks to flawless Micro Braids. Learn step-by-step how to create Micro Braids your friends and clients will rave about!

Weave Compilation: Vol 2

On this DVD you'll discover how to do a Skin Weft Weave, and a Full Head Weave. These are some of the most asked for weave styles on the market. Now you'll know how to create these styles just like Marquetta!

Weave Compilation: Vol 3

On this DVD you'll learn how to do a Quick Weave, Curly Weave, and Interlock weave all on one disk! These are some of the hottest styles on the market today and Marquetta will walk you through step by step how to do each one perfectly!


I created the Extensions exclusively with the beginner in mind. I wanted to make sure that everyone could learn how to do a weave, even if they had absolutely no experience at all.


Fusion is where the money is at! In just 30 minutes you'll learn the first thing you must do before you even think of doing Fusion, the correct tools you will need to ensure your success, the difference between too much, and not enough glue, the proper way to add length and volume to your clients hair, proven strategies for professional finishing touches, and a lot more!

Become A Master Wig Maker

Ever wish you could make quick, beautiful wigs? Now you can! On the Become A Master Wig Maker DVD you'll discover how to prepare the hair prior to creating the custom wig, the proper way to close the top of the wig, the right way to ensure proper spacing for each track, secrets to keeping the tracks in place, the correct way to protect the clients hair from the bond, and more!


But Wait…There's Something I Forgot To Mention…You Get 3 Bonus Videos!

Net Weave

In this easy to follow DVD you'll discover how to create a beautiful Net Weave. Almost nobody creates a Net Weave the correct way. Let Marquetta show you how to create a beutiful Net Weave the right way that comes out beautiful every single time!

Invisible Part Weave

In this easy to follow DVD you'll discover how to create a beautiful Invisible Part Weave. Most people have no idea how to do an Invisible Part Weave the right way, and fortunately after watching this DVD you'll know how!

Styling Secrets

Finally learn how to use all of the tools of the trade properly! You'll learn how to properly use a flat iron, round brush, marcel iron, how to properly blow out the hair using a round brush and so much more!

Get ready to start your learning journey today!

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