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I’ll never forget that eye-opening day in 2011 when I saw my picture on Social Media. It’s a moment I’d like to forget.

I was mortified. Here’s why.

My foundation was the wrong shade, my eyeliner was too thick, and I looked like a raccoon. And that black lip liner with the clear lip gloss in the middle…. What was I thinking?

One of the reasons I went to cosmetology school was the opportunity to learn professional makeup techniques. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. In fact, the curriculum barely covered the basics of makeup application so I tried to teach myself. Big mistake.

After the Instagram fiasco, I knew I had to find a solution for people like me who wanted to specialize in makeup artistry. You see, the demand for professional makeup artists is going through the roof. However, too few people are properly trained to do the job.

Fortunately, I found the solution I’d been looking for. If you’d like to become a makeup artist, too, read on.

I’d like to introduce you to Fifi – one of the best makeup artists I know – and her course…

Foundations Of Makeup


Foundations of Makeup is your ticket to becoming an in-demand makeup artist. Fifi will give you 11 lessons of pure GOLD that you won't find anywhere else.

Here's A Small Sample of What You'll Discover...

  • Essential questions to ask your clients. Get this wrong, and you could potentially send your clients to the hospital!
  • What you must have in your makeup kit. You'll be shocked when you see how little you really need to create flawless looks that your clients love!
  • How to contour and highlight for different face shapes. The same techniques do not work on everyone. This course will show you the how and why.
  • You MUST understand color theory if you want success in the makeup industry. You'll learn the simple and easy way to apply color theory to your makeup applications.
  • Brows can make or break a face! You'll learn from the brow expert herself how to create beautiful brows that fit any face.
  • Matching foundation is the hardest skill for most makeup artists to master. In this course, you'll learn a foolproof way to match foundation to ANY skin tone!

Plus, you get 2 extra bonus videos....

Bonus #1: Bronze Smokey Eye ($49 Value)

In this video you'll learn step-by-step how to create a bronze, smokey eye! I’ll show you how to match foundation, contour, and highlight for flawless results. This is 1.5 hours of pure content and can change the entire look of your client. Most people get this step wrong!

Bonus #2: Classic Smokey Eye ($49 Value)

In this video you'll learn step-by-step what most makeup artists consider the hardest look in the business! In just under an hour, you'll learn how to create a beautiful smokey eye that your clients will love. Most makeup artists completely overlook the importance of blending and using the correct colors to get the best result. Fifi explains EXACTLY how to create the perfect smokey eye for every occasion.

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The only thing standing between you and becoming the best makeup artist you deserve to be is becoming an expert through the Foundations of Makeup course.

So now it's up to you....

You can go down the slow, agonizing road of trying to learn makeup techniques from YouTube or Instagram, or you can start putting the strategies you’ll learn in this course into use immediately to build your clientele and become and in-demand makeup artist.

Your purchase is 100% guaranteed. So order now to create beautiful makeup looks like the pros!

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