Fully Booked Wigmaker: The World’s Quickest, Easiest, Most Effective “Client Getting” and “Client Keeping” System To Create More Profit And Peace of Mind!

Discover How To Build A Client Attraction System That Can Change Your Life

I Helped Her Make Over $50,000.00 With Custom Wigmaking

Yes, there is money to be made in the wigmaking industry, but you must be willing to invest in yourself.

One of the best feelings you get as a teacher and mentor is seeing the success of the people you've worked with. Seeing the growth in people who come to you at the beginning stages of their career unsure of what to expect, scared of failing, yet vulnerable and willing to let you do what you do best is amazing to me.

I almost always see things they don't see in themselves, and it's my job to bring that out and to show them the way God sees them. When they finally step into their calling and they are flourishing, that's when I know I've done my job.

A few days ago, Toria Demps (a former student and graduate of my business mentorship program) sent an email to her list, which I happen to be on. The subject was, "She helped me make over 50K with custom wig making❣️". 

The truth is, aside from how I helped Toria, there are thousands of other wigmakers out there who are struggling with how to get and keep clients who are willing to invest in their hair pieces until now.

Introducing Fully Booked Wigmaker:

The World’s Quickest, Easiest, Most Effective “Client Getting” and “Client Keeping” System To Create More Profit And Peace of Mind!

Fully Booked Wigmaker

Inside Fully Booked Wigmaker, you'll...

  • Learn about something I call "The Oprah Effect". It will change the way you look at your business and approach your content.
  • Learn my top strategies to help you position yourself as a client-attraction magnet. 
  • Learn how to create, not procrastinate.
  • Discover how to be everywhere. This is the key to leveraging your social media to book clients.
  • Discover how to use old-school methods that still work today (and maybe even more effective)!
  • Know how to turn calls into cash by using a simple method I called L.I.S.T.E.N.

And that's Not It, You'll Also Learn How To...

  • Attract clients that are in direct alignment with what you offer.
  • Build your own sales force of raving fans!
  • Learn how to multiply your clients with ease and not feeling salesly.
  • Make more money booking clients.
  • Plus, you'll get amazing bonuses that will help catapult your business to massive success.
Fully Booked Wigmaker

Here's The Video Training Modules Inside This Simple System…

Module 1:

Show Not Tell: How To Turn Clients Into Even More Clients


Inside Module 1, You'll…

  • Discover how to build trust with your prospective clients through something I call "The Oprah Effect". 
  • Consistency Is Key. Most people show up when they feel like it with no strategy or value provided. After learning my simple techniques for consistency, you'll never worry about this again.
  • No More Chasing Clients. It's important to show up where your clients already are! Learn how to position yourself to magnetically attract clients that will pay your prices and enjoy doing so.
  • Learn How To Be The Authentic You. One of the hardest things for people to do is authentically be themselves. The problem comes from a world of people living in false pereption. In this module, you'll learn how to be authentic, flaws and all, with no fear or judgement. 

Module 2:

How To Be Everywhere: Simple And Effective Ways To Get The Word Out


Think of this module as your new superpower. 

You'll Learn…

  • Effective ways to leverage social media to help attract the right clients to your business.
  • My simple geotargeting strategies as well as the different advertising methods on social media that will keep you booked months in advance.
  • Plus, the great news is that you'll learn how to use effective old-school strategies that still work to effectively communicate with potential clients...I will share with you the single best strategy that works in my business like a charm!


Module 3:

From Call To Close:
How To Get The Appointment BOOKED


The phone can be your best friend or your worst enemy. There's a science to effective communication to make clients feel comfortable with you as the trusted advisor in the wig business. In this module, you'll discover...

  • How To Cultivate The Mindset Of An Expert. You're not selling, you're leading, but you need to understand and feel that. When you feel and understand this, it means you don't NEED the sale. And not being in the position of "needing" is the key to everything.
  • Do you know what to say when the phone rings or the text comes in? Let me show you how with a simple strategy I call L.I.S.T.E.N. 
  • How To Lead Clients To "Yes!" Scared and confused people don't buy. I've personally walked students through booking $4,000.00+ wig clients with my proven strategy to book the client and have them saying "yes!" before you're even done speaking.



Module 4:

Creating the Client Avalanche: How to Turn Clients into Even More Clients


Ever wanted to learn how to multiply your best clients? In this module, you'll learn how to do that plus much more!

You'll discover...

  • Where the money is really hiding and how to get it. Learn how to build your email list, and how to effectively communicate with your subscribers so you leave paid, and they leave happy!
  • Learn how to get clients on demand that you choose to work with.
  • Finally, I’ll show you how to teach your clients to refer others to you to build your own salesforce of raving fans!

And That's Not All, You'll Also Get These Amazing Bonuses...

Bonus 1:

Coaching & Consulting Masterclass


One of the easiest and best ways to add income to your current business is to host small group coaching and private consulting to your business. If you're not doing this, you're not only leaving money on the table, but you're not helping those who you can help.

Coaching and consulting is an art and science. I'll teach you both so you'll know exactly how to package and sell your new coaching and consulting packages so your customers are happy and you get paid your worth.

Bonus 2:

Make Your Own Product MasterClass


You should be making roughly 10-20% of your income in your own branded products. Why are you selling other people's products? I'll show you how to design, order, and grow your own brand while effortlessly still doing your normal business activities.

Inside this MasterClass you'll discover...

  • The 100% fullproof easy way to create your own branded product.
  • How to create your own product in less than a month.
  • How to have a beautifully branded product line you can believe in and sell with ease.


Bonus 3:

Local Ad Targeting MasterClass


A lot of your wigmaking clients will come to you in the city you live in. To be successful locally, you must own Instagram, Facebook, and Google within a 50-mile radius.

In this bonus, I'll show you how "Geo-Fence" a 50-mile radius around your location so you turn into the only logical choice when it comes to wigmaking services.

The name of the game is consistent leads and happy customers, this is what you'll discover how to achieve in Local Ad MasterClass.

Bonus 4:

Downloadable MP3 Files of All Video Training Modules & Bonuses


You'll have access to all the Fully Booked Wigmaker training and bonsues in MP3 format. This is great because you'll be able to listen to all the training on your phone or computer in the comfort of wherever you work best.

All .MP3 files are high quality and professionally produced.

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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions...

This course is for you if ANY of the following are true for you…

  • You have a brand or business you want to grow.
  • You are struggling with getting and keeping clients.
  • You want to be able to charge your worth.
  • You want to be more successful in the wigmaking industry.

No, in fact, some of my best students show up with no brand or business at all. If that’s you, the great news is when you follow my lead, you’ll be getting clients in no time.

If you do have an existing business or brand, Fully Booked Wigmaker will simply accelerate your success and create more certainty while freeing up a lot of your time.

I can only think of a few reasons.

This program isn’t for you if…

  • You have no plans of ever taking action.
  • You are unwilling to get out of your own way so you can help people.

If any of these are true for you, then Fully Booked Wigmaker wouldn't be a great fit.

That said…

  • If you are an action taker
  • If you like helping people

...then this is for you.

You will have unlimited access to the Fully Booked Wigmaker course in your Member Center for life.