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Get The World's Most Powerful Training Program That Has Revolutionized The Way People Make Professional Lace Wigs

The Lace Wig Training System™ 2020 Edition

Lace Wig Mentorship (Live) 1

Hi, Marquetta Breslin here.

Do you or a loved one suffer from hairloss and dream of looking "normal" again? Are you in the beauty business and would love to learn how to grow your clientele without breaking the bank?

If you want to learn how to make stunningly beautiful lace wigs that look unbelievably natural, and how to take your career to the next level and beyond, then this message is for you.

Throughout the years, my students have experienced profound success ⏤ life-changing success ⏤ with the Lace Wig Training System. Many of you have told me it has completely transformed your businesses and your lives.

Whether you\'re making wigs for family, friends, fun, or profit, the Lace Wig Training System offers everything you need to become a true Lace Wig master.

It Started When My Mom Was Diagnosed With Cancer.

I developed the Lace Wig Training System for one purpose: to help my mom cope with hair loss due to the side effects of chemotherapy. I wanted her to feel beautiful when she looked in the mirror. I wanted her to feel confident when she stepped out for the day.

Most of all, I wanted to give back what cancer had taken from her.

Eventually, I decided to share my system with others and something incredible happened.

The Lace Wig Training System became much more than a daughter\'s wish to help her mother. It completely revolutionized the beauty industry. Now, tens of thousands of beauty professionals from all over the world (in over 70 countries) have purchased the system and mastered the art of making lace wigs!

But Access to This Training System is Extremely Limited.

This is not some ploy to get you to sign up. I only open the doors 1-2 times per year to limit the number of students I can allow into this program. I want to give more attention to every student, and prefer to keep it intimate.

That's why you'll need to make a decision soon. Take some time to read this page. No other system is quite like this. Look at everything you get. Most of all, watch the video of what other students have said about my training. I would love to count you among my next group of students and hopefully even see you in person.

You will be glad you made the jump. It will change your life. I've seen it happen again and again.

With Love,

Lace Wig Mentorship (Live) 2


Meet Master Wig Maker

Marquetta Breslin

Marquetta Breslin is the creator of the Lace Wig Training System and Coaching Program. Together with her husband Ricky Breslin, she is the co-founder of Breslin Media Group, LLC and the author of several top-selling books, including "Million Dollar Stylist", "Fully Booked", and "What They Don't Teach You In Cosmetology School."

For close to two decades, Marquetta has taught thousands of students from around the world with her courses and live events. She has educated some of the industry's top professionals including Oscar-nominated makeup artists and Vogue Magazine Editorial Stylists. Some of her personal clients are celebrities, professional athletes, politicians, and multi-million dollar business owners.

But Marquetta Wasn't Born Into Success.

A broke college dropout, Marquetta learned the power of self-discipline, courage, and hard work while in the United States Air Force. It's also where she learned she had a passion for hair. While braiding hair for her dorm colleagues, she started building a clientele, graduated from tech school, and met the person who later became her partner both in life and in business, Ricky Breslin.

Today, Marquetta Breslin is not only a master lace wig maker and a licensed cosmetologist. She is also a passionate educator, consultant, and speaker whose systems have reached more than 100,000 customers in more than 100 countries. What started as a small business from a tiny 600-square-foot apartment while in the military grew to become the worldwide phenomenon it is today.

She has taught countless individuals on how to make stunningly gorgeous lace wigs, build hugely profitable businesses, and reach levels of success many have thought unattainable. She has changed the lives of so many people...

... The next one could be you!


Lace Wigs Are Hot Right Now!

It\'s No Secret, Celebrities Love Lace Wigs!

Lace wigs are a fast and easy way to change up your appearance and give yourself beautiful and exotic looks. Because of all this publicity, lace wigs are more popular than ever. And not just among celebrities... Women from all walks of life are using lace wigs and frontals to improve their appearance and feel better about themselves.

Naturally, some people buy and wear them because of medical reasons such as hair loss from cancer treatments or alopecia. Others buy and wear Lace Wigs because their hair simply won\'t grow as long as they would like to wear it.

Many buy and wear them because they just want a new look or they want the ability to have "multiple looks." It\'s fun to wear your hair long and straight one day, and then have a cute bob the next day!

Quality lace wigs add a ton of variety and versatility to the way you look. Let's face it: high quality, undetectable lace wigs simply look gorgeous! But get this... A top-quality, custom-made hairpiece can cost as much as $15,000.

Even a "Good" Wig Can Cost $1,000 to $5,000!

But what most women don\'t know is that they can save all of that money by learning to make their own lace wigs.

Plus, you can actually make a lot of money, too, if you choose to. And it's not just in making high-quality lace wigs, but also in customizing them, coloring them, and repairing them. With all of the demand, there is plenty of opportunity for women (and men) like you to learn how to make lace wigs ⏤ and then sell those wigs for a healthy profit.

So whether you want to learn to make Lace Wigs and Lace Frontals to help those battling cancer, alopecia, or some other form of hair loss… make your own lace wigs, custom closures, or frontals to save money and still look like a million bucks… or make them so you can sell to others and earn serious money from home or your own salon…

... Now is the time to learn!

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The Four Keys to Lace Wig Success

1. Wigs aren't supposed to look like wigs. The most beautiful wigs are so realistic and natural-looking that no one can tell they're wigs. As the saying goes: "NOT seeing is believing." Clients are willing to pay more money for wigs that don't look like wigs. That's why in this system, you'll learn the correct way to making gorgeous wigs so undetectable that no one can tell they are wigs in the first place.

2. There is a way to ventilate properly. There's more to wigs than just adding hair. Frontals and closures are known for their detail and transparency, and are virtually undetectable when done right. Only those who are trained to ventilate properly, like the way Marquetta teaches you in this system, are able to make the hair look so natural that they look as though it's growing right from the scalp.

3. The right materials make a huge difference. Frontals and closures are in such high demand right now because they make wigs look stunningly real and beautiful. But there are different types of materials to make wigs. Not all laces are created equal! Your choice of hair, lace, and other materials can make wigs that are not only beautiful and undetectable but also reliable and comfortable.

4. Learning the "business" of making and selling wigs. Being a hairstylist or beauty professional, you know what it takes to be successful in business. You need clients! But you want happy clients who come back to you and refer other clients to you. Wig making is not only a way to make more money in your business. It can also create a process that allows you to consistently attract ideal clients... Clients you love to work with as much as they love your work. And the best part is, you don't need to be a hairstylist or a beauty professional to create a lace wig business!

Why Custom-Made vs. Custom-Ordered?

Even if you take all the right measurements and send everything overseas to a custom wig maker in China, there are so many little steps that can go wrong. And since you\'re thousands of miles away and unable to have your wig fitted directly to your head, the odds of it having a perfect, natural, and comfortable fit are almost impossible.

If you buy a $10 hat and it doesn\'t fit, you can just throw it away. But if you spend $500.00 or more on a custom wig and it doesn\'t fit, you\'re going to have to live with it and either deal with the discomfort or try to "stretch" it to make it work.

Less Costly Wigs Are Often Poor Quality.

Most companies mass-produce lace wigs using the most inexpensive materials and hair they can find. The density is not quite right (it\'s usually too dense to look natural), the hair doesn\'t flow properly, and the wigs simply don\'t last as long.

The truth is that you\'ll probably go through five lesser-quality wigs in the same amount of time it takes a good-quality $1,500+ wig to wear out. So which one is really less expensive? Quality always costs less in the long run!

Plus, They Look Unattractive And Fake.

We\'ve all seen them. A wig that looks obvious defeats the purpose. After all, it's supposed to make you look better, not that you're wearing a wig or hiding something. Right? A good quality, professionally made custom Lace Wig or Frontal is absolutely undetectable. Even up close, it should look completely natural, just as if the hair was growing out of the scalp.

(By the way, here is something most people don\'t realize: even if you're ordering your custom wig from a USA-based company, and if it costs less than $1,000, chances are it's being made in China!)

The Four Primary Markets For Lace Wigs

BIG MARKET #1: There's a large and growing need to make custom wigs for people who suffer from medical hair loss, whether it's from cancer treatments, alopecia, or other medical conditions. The best part about creating wigs for this market ⏤ besides the personal satisfaction you get from helping someone in need ⏤ is that insurance companies will often pay you to create the wigs!

Here's a valuable tip: the key to getting paid by insurance companies is not to call your creation a "wig." Call it a "cranial prosthesis." That's the "big secret."

BIG MARKET #2: Celebrities, singers, actresses, and models. Once you get good and develop a reputation for creating top-quality Lace Wigs and Frontals, breaking into this high-end, high-paying market is easier than you might think.

And all it takes is selling a handful of wigs in this market to make a huge income, too. Celebrities think nothing of paying $3,000 - $15,000 for a custom piece.

BIG MARKET #3: The biggest market for Lace Wigs and Frontals is everyday people like you and me who just want to look their best. With more and more women discovering the liberating power of being able to change their hair as often as they change their outfit, the market for custom Lace Wigs has never been better.

Many women own multiple wigs. With their widespread acceptance, the demand for quality custom wigs is growing every day. (Let's not forget men who want to regain the confidence they once had before going bald, too!)

BIG MARKET #4: The performance art market is exploding! It's actors, studios, movie companies, and even cosplayers. Wigs are very commonly used in the theater, TV, movies, and cosplay, and the demand for quality is increasing.

And guess what? Somebody has to make them. It might as well be YOU! Plus, imagine how it will feel to be watching the next major awards show and see a star walking down the red carpet wearing one of your creations!

Inside The Lace Wig Training System™

The result of years of intensive work, research, and recording, the Lace Wig Training System is by far the most complete, comprehensive, and easy-to-follow system for learning how to create high-quality, professional lace wigs available anywhere, at any price. Many of the techniques, tips, tricks, and shortcuts I teach I developed myself.

You can\'t find them anywhere else.

However, just developing and mastering these techniques wasn't enough. I wanted to teach others to do what I do. So I\'ve spent years developing a system to quickly, easily, and effortlessly transfer these high-paying skills to YOU.

Best of All, It Works For Anyone.

It doesn't matter if you're a professional hairdresser, a salon owner, a cosmetologist, or a mom who wants to make some extra money. I created this system for anyone who wants to earn $50-$300 an hour making custom wigs. No experience? No problem. Anybody can learn how to make high-quality lace wigs and frontals.

You don\'t need any natural-born talent ⏤ just the right training!

Over time, you can be making as many as 2-3 wigs a week. The best part? You could sell them for as little as $500 up to $5,000 and possibly even more. Celebrities pay up to $15,000! Of course, some people just want a little extra income on the side, so they make one lace wig a month and pocket an extra $500 - $2,000.

You Get An Unfair Advantage, Too.

With the rising popularity of lace wigs, the potential for starting or growing a wig-related business is huge right now. But there is far more demand for custom-made Lace Wigs and Frontals than there are skilled individuals to make them.

So the timing will never be better than right now to get in on the ground floor of this booming industry. The skills you will develop are lifelong skills that can pay dividends for years and years to come! Once you\'ve learned and mastered these skills, they are yours. You have them for life! And nobody can ever take them away from you.

So let's take a look at everything you get in the Lace Wig Training System...

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The Lace Wig System™

Master Lace Wigs, Even if You've Never Made a Wig In Your Life

Only $795 Now $395!

The core Lace Wig Training System was filmed in beautiful 4K Ultra High Definition so you\'ll never miss a single detail, step, or instruction. You\'ll discover how to make realistic Lace Wigs, closures, frontals, and more, even if you\'ve never made a wig in your life!

But here's something else you get.

You\'ll learn my ­brand-new \"Hybrid Wig Method,\" exclusive to the Lace Wig Training System. Once you master this method, you\'ll create the most realistic wigs on the market.

You'll also discover how to repair any type of wig.

This skill alone will make you stand out among other beauty professionals. Most people send their wigs to overseas vendors for repair. The turnaround time is weeks. What would it mean to your business if you could repair wigs onsite? The answer is simple. Quick turnaround time equals more paying customers.

And that's just the beginning, there's so much more, keep reading!

Bonus #1

3- Day Ventilating & Marketing Bootcamp

$1,295.00 Free!

It all goes down April 19-21 in Las Vegas, NV at the Sunset Station Hotel & Casino. Included in your 3-day live event will be a hands-on Ventilating Bootcamp. Ventilating is the key to customizing, and creating lace wigs, closures, frontals and more!

Not only will you learn how to ventilate at this bootcamp, you'll also get two intense, back-to-back days of marketing with me! You'll learn how to build your business from the ground up. Throughout the bootcamp, you will work ⏤ on an intimate level ⏤ with other wig makers from around the world, as well as with me and my team of professionals.

I'll review your work and offer feedback that will help you enhance your skills as a Lace Wig Master. Make no mistake. You WILL BE inspired and transformed. The live event is free and exclusive to Lace Wig Training System owners. Your only cost is a $49 registration fee to secure your spot at the live event.

Important Note

Important note: This is a very in-demand live event. You must bring your own tools. Instructions for which tools to bring will be located inside your Member Center. Regarding the live event, for those who purchase the Lace Wig Training System, you'll have until March 15th, 2020 to enroll in the 3-Day Ventilating & Marketing Bootcamp. After this day, we will allow past students who weren't able to make the event to be able to register, so act fast. Limited seating is available and it's first come, first served.

 Lastly, the event is first come first served. We can only allow 150 people to attend the hands-on ventilating portion of the event on April 19, 2020. Once we sell out that day, we will open up April 22nd, 2020 to another 150 students and those students will simply attend the 3-Day Ventilating & Marketing Bootcamp from April 20-22, 2020.

Bonus #2

Attachment Mastery

$395.00 Free!

For this bonus, I teamed up with Bold Hold owner, Tamika Gibson, to bring you the best course on attachment that's ever been created. Bold Hold Lace Wig products are in my opinion second to none, and who better to teach you how to use them that the creator herself Tamika Gibson!

Years ago when I started making lace wigs for my Mom, one of the hardest things to find was adhesive that was strong but didn't react to her chemotherapy or medications. Her skin was quite sensitive, too. Bold Hold Lace Wig Products are, in my opinion, the best in the business. They are safe, easy to use, and have an amazing hold!

This training will be released 30 days after you enroll in the class.

Bonus #3

Wig Hacking & Hair Enhancements

$395.00 Free!

Just as there's more than one way to skin a cat, as they say, there's more than one way to accomplish different things with wigs! In this amazing, one-of-a-kind bonus, I teamed up with Celebrity Wigmaker Daniel Koye to film Daniel's process for shortcutting hair color, cutting techniques, and so much more. You get tons of insider tips and tricks!

Daniel reveals so many insider tips and tricks, this is easily one of my favorite bonus classes and worth the entire price of the Lace Wig Training System alone!

Having been put in situations where he's literally had minutes to customize a hairline, Daniel has so much to offer you when it comes to wig hacking. But that's not all. Daniel and I also sat down to film a bonus video called, "How To Break Into The Union," where Daniel shares all of the behind the scenes secrets to breaking into the Union to work on Broadway and in the TV and Movie Industry.

This training will be released 30 days after you enroll in the class.

Bonus #4

1-Day Wig Customization

$395.00 Free!

Learning the skill to customize wigs doesn\'t require you to sit for hours behind the wig block. That's worse than having to start from scratch! But you can take some of these skills and apply them only when needed. Toria Demps has done just that!

Toria started training with me years ago and has now developed her own unique technique for customizing wigs for her clients in a matter of hours!

I brought Toria into my studio to teach you exactly how she does this to save you time and to save your clients way more money!

This training will be released 30 days after you enroll in the class.

Bonus #5

The Business of Wig Repairs & Restoration

$395.00 Free!

Being able to repair and restore wigs for you and your clients is just as important as being able to make them. No more sending your wigs off for weeks to get them repaired. No more running the risks of getting them back done wrong, poorly fixed, or with repairs that don't last long ⏤ upsetting your clients even more!

Carmelesha Matthewson is sharing her techniques, tricks, shortcuts, and strategies for repairs and wig restoration with this brand new bonus course you don't want to miss. Some of my students have started their own wig repair business just with this bonus alone!

This training will be released 30 days after you enroll in the class.

Bonus #6

How to Make Your First $10,000 With Lace Wigs!

$395.00 Free!

In this new intimate video training, I walk you through my step-by-step formula for generating your first $10,000 making Lace Wigs, frontals, and more. Unlike other courses out there, this is not coming from someone who merely teaches the lace wig making business...

... I live and breathe it every single day!

You'll discover how to attract paying clients who are eager to work with you, how to build your social media platform in a way that makes selling effortless (while staying true to yourself), how to get your happy customers talking about you again and again, and so much more!

You\'ll also learn the best way to transform strangers into friends, friends into customers, and customers into loyal, long-term clients by using this single communications tool!

Finally, you\'ll get a systematic plan to market your lace wig making services that makes you the only logical choice for clients to do business with.

This training will be released 30 days after you enroll in the class.

Bonus #7

Ultimate Lace Wig Q&A Session

$750.00 Free!

After you order the Lace Wig Training System, as a member you'll have the opportunity to ask questions via a simple form within your Member Area until your 60-day mark after the launch ends.

I'll compile a list of questions from all students and make an interactive video where I take the time to answer everybody's questions ⏤ yours and your fellow students! Whether the video takes an hour or 6, I'll leave no question unanswered. You get to hear my answers to all your questions.

I charge $750 per hour for consulting. This bonus alone is worth almost twice as much as the price of the course.

You must submit your questions within the next 60 days of purchase. The recorded video Q&A session will be uploaded the following month.

Bonus #8

Free Certificate of Completion

$199.00 Free!

I take your success very seriously.

After the training, you\'ll have the ability to take a 100-question quiz to assess your knowledge of the Lace Wig Training System. Once you pass this quiz, I\'ll grant you access to print your very own Certificate of Training to hang on your wall. This is a $199.00 value, but you\'ll get it free.

The Lace Wig Training System brand and training is internationally known and respected. This Certificate of Completion lets your clients know that you've been through the best lace wig training in the industry.

This bonus will be released 60 days after you enroll in the class.

Bonus #9

How To Bill Insurance Companies For Your Lace Wigs

$199.00 Free!

Most people don't know that insurance companies will cover the cost of the policy holder's "cranial prosthesis" (AKA lace wig). Of course, you have to know what you're doing, but this is a huge untapped market that almost no one is taking advantage of. (Those who do, do it wrong, never get paid properly, and eventually give up on insurance companies.)

In this private video training, you'll learn how to bill insurance companies for your wigs. However, there is a right way and a wrong way. Don't be left in the dark wondering if you did it right.

This training will be released 30 days after you enroll in the class.

Bonus #10

Wholesale Lace Wig Tool List

$199.00 Free!

Imagine being able to look "over the shoulder" of someone who's been in the business for years, has learned (and been burned!) through trial and error, and gathered a goldmine of resources ⏤ a secret list of top suppliers who are high quality, affordable, fast, and amazing.

In this bonus, you learn the exact companies I use to order my wholesale lace wig tools. This private information is normally reserved only for paying seminar attendees...

... People who paid up to $3,995.00 a seat to attend!

I leave no stone unturned. I open my private "contact list" to members of the Lace Wig Training System. You'll now be able to use the very same companies I use when ordering tools, lace, and more!

Bonus #11

The Ultimate Vendor List

$99.00 Free!

This is my personal list of handpicked vendors. These vendors were carefully selected because either I've used them personally or they were highly recommended by close friends and students who I trust. I also update the Ultimate Vendor List list regularly so you always get the most up-to-date information.

Most people think I'm crazy for giving away what many charge for. I simply don't believe in holding back from any of my students. So, I'm giving you the Ultimate Vendor List. You'll find over 20 vendors for you to choose from for bundles, frontals, wigs, and more!


Super Bonus!

Punching, Knotting, Hairlines, & More

$349.00 Free!

Get 8 brand-new bonus courses not available anywhere else! I flew Gemma Dillon back to my studio from London just for these courses. You'll learn how to do hair punching, natural hairlines, knotting directions, and so much more!

  • Course #1: How to Front a Factory Wig
  • Course #2: Hair Punching
  • Course #3: Knotting Directions
  • Course #4: Natural Hairlines
  • Course #5: How to Use Galloon
  • Course #6: How to Use Glue Tabs
  • Course #7: How to Cut the Underlace of a Double Lace Foundation
  • Course #8: Cap Construction and Hairline Customizations

I don't cut any corners when it comes to my Lace Wig Training System. I've spent and continue to spend thousands of dollars flying instructors into my filming studio in Las Vegas. I spend thousands more on food, hotels, and miscellaneous expenses just so you can have only the best when it comes to my lace wig training.

This training will be released 30 days after you enroll in the class.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Countless people have literally transformed their lives, their businesses, and their livelihoods with my training. But saying this alone is not going to be enough, so let me share with you what a few people said. These were 100% unscripted and recorded live.

This video is a few minutes long, but it's worth it.

These are actual students who speak from the heart and tell us exactly how they feel about their training. They will tell you that it's unlike any training they've ever taken before. They will also tell you that Marquetta goes above and beyond to teach you how to take your business to the next level.

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Answers to Common Questions

Yes! The Lace Wig Training System is an Online Class with a bonus 3-Day Live Event that you can register for. You'll have immediate access once you place your order.

We offer a payment plan of 4 payments of $99. Payments are scheduled to be automatically drafted on a monthly basis on the same day of the month that your order is placed.

All of the details are inside of your Lace Wig Training System online class. You submit an application to let us know that you want to come, and we send over your Acceptance Package so you can pay your $49 Registration Fee and finalize your registration.

This is a special bonus event and there are no future dates made available. We encourage everyone to attend as it is a life-changing event. However, if you aren\'t able to, that\'s okay! You can still learn from the Online Class and if there are seats available at a future class you'll hear about it as a paid student.

The videos do not expire and the only way you would ever lose access is if you were on a payment plan and missed a payment. If that happens, our system restricts access until you are caught up.

No. You are not required to be a Cosmetologist to purchase the Lace Wig Training System. In the United States, Lace Wig Making is considered manufacturing and you aren\'t required to have a license to make them. However, some states do have different requirements for different parts of the process. We always recommend checking with your State\'s Board of Cosmetology or area\'s equivalent authority for more information on their requirements.

Yes! The way Marquetta teaches inside the Lace Wig Training System, you can learn as a beginner or an advanced student.

Tools are not included, but Marquetta provides a Wholesale Lace Wig Tools Suppliers List that makes it easy to obtain the tools and supplies. Marquetta also sells toolkits, which you may buy after you enroll.

No! You can begin learning immediately after your order is placed.

Everyone learns at their own pace. That\'s the beauty of the Lace Wig Training System. You can learn at your own pace and on your own schedule. You can go as fast or as slow as you would like!

The sale ends at 10:00 pm PST on February 28, 2020.

The $49 registration fee allows us to cover the costs of the hotel venue, the costs of additional trainers that help Marquetta, and allows us to secure your seat at the event as space is limited.

There is a small "Tools Checklist" with 9 simple items you need to bring located inside of your Lace Wig Training System online class.

Yes, you can still get your Certificate of Completion even if you don't attend the 3-Day Ventilating & Marketing Bootcamp. To get your Certificate of Training,  you simply need to pass a 100 question test with a 80% or above.

Join Thousands of Students Worldwide!

Marquetta Breslin's training has touched thousands of customers in more than 100 countries around the world. Many students have flown in from across the globe to attend one of Marquetta's live events. Now is your chance to count yourself among a growing community of members who want to learn and grow. We're all one, big family! Will you join us?


You're Backed by Our

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Here\'s how it works.

Go through the entire Lace Wig Training System from start to finish. You have an entire 30 days to go through it and give it a serious try. If after completing all of the lessons and absorbing all of the life-changing training that my carefully selected expert trainers and I have taught you, simply contact us for a full refund, no questions asked.

It's that simple.

I've trained people from all walks of life, all over the world on how to create beautiful lace wigs and you'll be no different. It's my personal promise!


Questions? Call (800) 910-8703 | Text (702) 707-4173 | Email Us


Here's What To Do Next...

Now is your chance to be among the limited number of students to get the Lace Wig Training System 2020 Edition, and put it to work for you. I am so excited to see this system launch lace wig making to an entirely new level. I'm here to help you along the way. You can do this, and I\'m excited to be part of your journey. Now it's time to make a decision to move forward and order. Click the link below and join now. I can't wait to see you inside the Member Center and see you at the 3-Day Ventilating & Marketing Bootcamp.

Click the green "Buy Now" button below to order now.

✓ YES, I Want The Complete Lace Wig Training System

PLUS Over $4,000 Value in Bonuses!


Marquetta, count me in! I'm ready and eager to start. I want you to teach me how to create my very own beautiful, professional-quality Lace Wigs and so much more! I understand that doors are only for just a short time, so I'm taking fast-action now. I realize that your Lace Wig Training System and all the free bonuses are the fastest and easiest way to learn how to get started. I understand that...

  1. Once my order is successfully processed, I will have instant access to the Lace Wig Training System and all the training courses, and the bonuses (I understand that some bonuses will unlock after 30 days).
  2. My investment is only $5,860.00 $395, and I will have lifetime access to the system and all bonuses.
  3. The Lace Wig Training System is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If I'm not thrilled with my purchase, I can ask for a full, hassle-free refund within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked.

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