Announcing A New System For “Making It” In The Hair Industry Without Breaking Your Back Behind The Chair!

Stop Living Paycheck To Paycheck And Start Living The Life Of Your Dreams!

What Is A Million Dollar Stylist?

A Hair Stylist's Roadmap to Building the Business of Your Dreams and Doing What You Love


Million Dollar Stylist Live (Legacy) 1

This proven and empowering program will provide you with the knowledge, resources and support, so you can...

  1. Take full responsibility for your success as a hair stylist.
  2. Learn the truth about what it takes to succeed (and the real work that needs to happen).
  3. Start to take action immediately toward a more rewarding (and profitable) career.
  4. Achieve the success you deserve.

Remember, these are the secrets and processes that we’ve spent years and years learning. And we’re happy to share them with you… but only with you.

What the Average Hair Stylist Doesn’t Know That They Should Know

Your world doesn't have to be about standing behind a chair for 12 hours. It's just not necessary. Make it YOUR world, one in which you are:

  • Making the rules. (You say when you’re going to work, for how long, and for whom.)
  • Finally in control of your life and your future.
  • Sought after for your services.

And let me tell you, if that’s something you haven’t experienced before, it’s a beautiful, life-changing reality!

Just because the average hair stylist is chasing a nightmare, that doesn’t mean you have to follow that same model. However, since you’re reading this letter, I’d guess that you’re far from average. And I have a hunch that deep down, you know there’s a better life out there for you.

It doesn’t matter where you start or what your current circumstances are. The actions you take and direction you’re heading is what matters.

Million Dollar Stylist


So...What Do You Receive In This Amazing Program for Hair Stylists Like You?™

Lesson 1: Setting the Stage for Success

In this Lesson, you’re going to discover...

  • What the life and work of a Million Dollar Stylist looks like.
  • Why becoming a Million Dollar Stylist means a lot more than just being a good stylist.
  • How a simple shift in your mind will instantly transform how the people in your life see you. They’ll treat you with more respect, they'll ask you for expert advice, and more!

Lesson 2: Million Dollar Stylist Mindset Secrets

In this Lesson, you’re going to discover...

  • How to transform obstacles to success into your most powerful weapon! (HINT: It’s all in your mind.)
  • How to use your thoughts to “program” reality.
  • How to build the mindset of a Million Dollar Stylist, even if you’re frustrated, broke, and unhappy.
  • How to erase the negative "self-chatter" that’s keeping you from succeeding!

Lesson 3: Transforming Your Craft

In this Lesson, you’re going to discover...

  • Why you could be selling yourself short and how to make big moves in the world based on that understanding.
  • The eight-letter word that you need to become if you have any plan on reaching the land of the Million Dollar Stylist.
  • Why the “best stylist” is rarely the most successful one.
  • The real difference between an “average” stylist (who makes about $10.82 per hour!) and a Million Dollar Stylist.

Lesson 4: Attracting Clients On Demand

In this Lesson, you’re going to discover...

  • How to build a “client getting system” ONCE and have it deliver great clients to your chair over and over and over again.
  • How to keep great clients happy so they KEEP coming back. We’ll show you keep high paying clients!
  • How to charge fees that most other stylists would call crazy high. There’s only ONE obstacle keeping you from doing this now — and soon you’ll know what that is.
  • How to instantly shift the perception your clients have of you. If you want to stop being viewed as an order taker and want to be treated like a real hair professional, you need to understand this strategy.

Lesson 5: Get More Done In No Time

In this Lesson, you’re going to discover...

  • The systems you need to build to do the work so you don’t have to!
  • How to protect yourself from "time vampires" who drain your life.
  • The ONE step you must take every day (you could fit it on a simple scrap of paper) that will boost what you get done more than just about anything else.
  • How to get MORE done without working like a crazy person.

Lesson 6: It’s Your Turn To Lead

In this Lesson, you’re going to discover...

  • How a hair stylist leader acts, speaks, and walks through life -- You CAN be a leader.
  • Skills you’ll need to inspire and empower others to help you through your Million Dollar Stylist journey.
  • How to be a more effective steward of what you’ve been given. Million Dollar Stylists put the resources they’ve been given (talent, skills, time) to better use than anyone else.
  • Think you don’t have what it takes to be a leader? We’ll show you how to get that idea out of your head and see the truth about who you are really meant to be.

Lesson 7: End Money Headaches Forever

In this Lesson, you’re going to discover...

  • What to do about “debt” and how to get on the fast track to absolutely erase it from your life and business.
  • How to set up the flow of money through your business (and your life) so that it stops being a source of fear and anxiety.
  • Does a Million Dollar Stylist believe that money leads to happiness? You’ll find out.
  • How to master the energy of money and use it as a positive force in your business. (Doing this will put you into a very select crowd… no matter how much money you have in your bank account!)

Lesson 8: Grow Your Money Tree

In this Lesson, you’ll discover...

  • How to create new income streams based on what you love that have NOTHING to do with spending 12 hours each day cutting hair!
  • How to increase your income by spending less time behind a chair.
  • How to help more people, make more money, and work on your own terms… without ever leaving your house if you choose not to!
  • How to develop the ability to “see” opportunity that other people completely miss.

Get Exclusive Access To The Million Dollar Stylist Vault Packed with Documents, Training, Tools, and Resources!

Million Dollar Stylist Live (Legacy) 2

Over the years Ricky and I have been on our Million Dollar Stylist journey. We’ve created, collected, refined, and tweaked a TON of valuable documents, training, tools, and resources that can catapult your journey to becoming a Million Dollar Stylist.

And as a bonus Lesson in the system we’ve created, we’re going to give you access to a HUGE list of these valuable tools.

This vault represents an enormous shortcut on your Million Dollar Stylist journey. If you want access to the fast track, you’ll find it here.

Here’s a rundown on what you’re going to find inside “The Million Dollar Vault...”


The “Salon Automation” Package

Million Dollar Stylist Live (Legacy) 3When you’re running a salon, you have a choice: You can either do business the hard way or you can run a business the smart way.

With the “Salon Automation” Package, you’ll get my best secrets (that took years to learn) for automating your salon and to help you avoid expensive and frustrating headaches and mistakes.

Inside the package, you’ll get…

temp-icon-calendarWeekly Employee Training Schedule – Rock star employees can make your life a whole lot easier, and this schedule will help you make sure they’re always getting better.

temp-icon-calendarEmployee Binder – We’ve done it for you and have given you everything you need to get a new employee up and running in your salon.

temp-icon-calendarGoogle Review Sheet – With this simple and straightforward review sheet, we’ll give you a powerful tool to get your name ALL over Google® and create a steady stream of clients walking in your door.

temp-icon-calendarOpen & Close Checklist – Make opening and closing your salon a breeze with our proven checklist.

temp-icon-calendar“I Understand” Agreement – By making every new employee read through and sign this document, you’ll cut your chances of drama in the salon to virtually zero!

temp-icon-calendarFull Employee Contract – Lawyers can charge thousands of dollars to put together contracts that protect you and your salon. Luckily, we’ve done it for you and have a “ready-to-go” employee contract where you can just fill in the blanks and be done!

temp-icon-calendarNo-Gossip Policy – Letting gossip run wild in your salon can hurt your salon. Make sure you don’t fall into this business-killing trap by using our “No-Gossip Policy” document.

temp-icon-calendarClient Agreement – The client agreement is a simple document your client will sign that will set the client relationship off on the right path. Most people don’t manage clients correctly. This document will fix that problem!


Run Your Own Seminar Package

Million Dollar Stylist Live (Legacy) 4If the thought of making $8,000 - $18,000 in a single weekend excites you, then you’re going to love this package. Why? Because we’ve taken everything we’ve learned over the years about how to present high-end seminars for people who love to learn about hair, and we’re going to give it ALL to you.

In this package, you'll get all of the tools, techniques, and “how-to-do-it” info you need to make your own seminars a success.

Inside the "Run Your Own Seminar Package" you’ll get in-depth training on…

Start SeminarsHow To Easily Name, Create, and Price Your First Seminar to make your seminar a success, you need the most successful recipe to get the name and the price just right. We’ll walk you through how to do it.

Negotiate Hotel ContractsHow To Negotiate a Seminar Contract with Hotels -- The last thing you want to happen is to present your seminar to a jam-packed audience and end up spending all of your profits because you made a mistake in your negotiations with the hotel. We’ll show you how to do this the smart way.

Welcome PacketsWelcome Package for Attendees Make a great first impression with your seminar attendees and save a ton of time because we’ve done this for you!

Done For You Certificates“Done-for-You” Certificates for Seminar Attendees -- You'll want your attendees to leave your seminar RAVING about how great it was. It’s the little details like this “Success Certificate” that really make this work.

Start SeminarsHow to Capture Great Success Stories on Autopilot! If you’re going to present an awesome seminar, then the best word-of-mouth advertising you can create is to get your attendees to spread the word for you. We’ll give you the proven process we use to sell out our future seminars!

Release FormRelease Form – Protect Yourself! You have to know what you’re getting into when you present a seminar. Otherwise, you can get into some hot (and expensive) water pretty fast. We’ll give you the document you need to protect yourself and your business. Our lawyer in Virginia created this form specifically for us, and you’ll get it for FREE!

Attendee ItineraryAttendee Itinerary – Done for You! Not sure how to put together a seminar that your attendees will love? We’ll give you the schedule to make it happen.

High Paying Coach ClientsGet High-Paying Coaching Clients from Your Seminar -- This is a HUGE secret. If you want to boost your income from seminars, then you need to learn how to transform your attendees into coaching clients. It’s a simple process when you know the secret!

Start SeminarsCost Breakdown – Know Your Numbers! There’s nothing worse than putting on a seminar where you actually lose money. Trust me… It’s possible 🙂 With our “Done-for-You” cost breakdown, you’ll have the facts you need to make your event a financial success.

Seminar ChecklistSeminar Checklist – Never Forget a Step during the Seminar Process! When you’re putting together a seminar, there are a million details to remember, but that’s easy with our simple checklist that will make sure everything that needs to get done actually DOES get done.

Start SeminarsHow to Create “Sold Out” Seminars with a Simple Web Page! You might not believe this is possible, but you will see how we sell sold-out seminars, and we will show you how to do it.

PLUS 7 Extra Bonuses!

Million Dollar Stylist Live (Legacy) 5The contents of The Vault alone are worth far more than the entire price of the program. But we’re not done yet!

Over the years we have grown our business through trial and error, and many of the things we've learned we've paid for. Dearly. Either with time, effort, or money. But you don't have to!

As a Member of Million Dollar Stylist, you’ll also receive 7 more bonuses including…

temp-icon-calendarMillion Dollar Stylist Required Reading List – You’ll get a list of the books you need to read to get on the road to success. These are books we've handpicked because they contain powerful truths and techniques, and we've successfully used them!

temp-icon-calendarHow to Save Thousands of Dollars on Merchant Account Fees – A merchant account is essential to run your business, but it can cost you a lot if you're not careful. You work hard for your money, and we’ll show you how to keep more of it in your pocket.

temp-icon-calendarCreate Awesome Videos with our Video Equipment Checklist – Presentation matters. And to make sure you look your best, we’ll give you all of the secrets we’ve learned to make your videos look great!

temp-icon-calendarOur Extreme Productivity Workflow – How do we accomplish so much? We’ll give you all our secrets. We have tons of tips and shortcuts that will shave so much time -- and stress! -- off your (soon to be) busy schedule.

temp-icon-calendarMarquetta’s Proven Direct Mail Piece to Get New Clients! – We’ll show you a simple way to use the good old U.S. Postal Service to get clients to line up for your services!

temp-icon-calendarOur “Fail-Proof” Personal and Business Budget – Keep your finances on track by using the world’s simplest (and completely foolproof) way to budget your money.

temp-icon-calendarOur Private Resource Directory – It’s not just about what you know; it’s also about who you know. As a Million Dollar Stylist Member, we’ll open our Rolodex® and connect you with the people who can get you and your business what you need to grow.

Access to “The Million Dollar Stylist Info-Vault” represents a shortcut of several THOUSANDS of dollars all on its own. And it’s ALL included with your order.

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